Spotify Launches Free Personalized Radio for Android, As Long as You’re in the States

Spotify was apparently not content with only being one of the largest music streaming services in the States and have now set their sights on the personalized online radio sector. Long dominated by applications like Pandora, the latest update to Spotify brings a free radio section to the application, but it only works if you are in the United States at the moment.

Now, this does not mean that you can access Spotify premium, that still costs $9.99 a month to stream your music from your computer to your phone. However, Spotify’s plan may be to lure you in with the free radio and hope you will upgrade later on.

Do any of you pay for Spotify or use other music alternatives?

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Slick ICS-Based Spotify App Leaves Beta, Available for Download Now

Remember that new Spotify app that came out looking really nice and inspired by Ice Cream Sandwich a while back? That was just a beta test of the app, but now that Spotify has got all the kinks worked out they’re letting everyone in on the new application. And they’ve even added a few more tricks into the deal for you:

  • Play queue
  • scrobbling
  • Crossfade/gapless playback settings
  • Widget – control Spotify from the home screen
  • Folder support

The download is available now in the Play Store for those who want to get in on the music streaming action. We advise you stream now before those shared data plans kick in.

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Spotify on Android is Receiving a Makeover, Download the Preview Now


Spotify announced this morning that their Android app is about to receive a complete overhaul, but before it goes live in the Play Store, they want to give you a preview. So you can download it below and take it for a spin. In this latest version, you will find full support for Ice Cream Sandwich, a massive redesign (that is buttery smooth by the way), new navigation menu, more social fun, high-res artist imagery, and more.  (more…)

Rumor: Spotify Working to Bring Major Ice Cream Sandwich Update to Android Users

According to a recent report over at The Verge, sources close to the project are divulging info that Spotify has plans on releasing a major Ice Cream Sandwich update. News of this should make many Spotify users quite happy, seeing as how a lot of them have view the application as “unusable” due to countless bugs and crashes. Besides the rumor of them working on a new version, no other information was gathered on what it may look like or feature.

Fantastic, now we have another application to patiently wait for, again. Let the patience commence.

Still using Spotify?

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Sonos Controller For Android Receives Update: Better Tablet Support, More Spotify Features, and Slacker Radio Included


The Sonos Controller app for Android found itself a much needed update this morning, bringing it to version 3.6. Included in the update is support for more tablets like the Kindle Fire, more Spotify features (new releases and top tracks), and the addition of Slacker Radio to its music services.

If you own any of their HiFi speaker systems, be sure to update the software on all of your portable devices, but on your PC and Macs as well.

Our Sonos review.   (more…)

Check Your Inboxes, Spotify Invites Are Already Going Out

Spotify, one of the coolest streaming music services you’ll find, opened its invite doors to U.S. residents last week.  There were no details or hints given as to when they might start sending out emails to those that signed up, but it appears as if it is happening now.  ANd while we’ll admit that we are a little surprised to see it happening this early after all of those announced partnerships through companies like Motorola, we’re not going to complain.  So go check your inboxes!

And if you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to do so here.

Motorola Partners With Spotify in the U.S., Plans to Hand Out 10,000 Invites

Spotify launched in the U.S. this morning and they’ve decided to partner exclusively with Motorola to hand out 10,000 invites.  The service is essentially a closed beta right now, so this is your chance to sign up and get in the program early before the generally public.  Moto appears to be only asking that you fill out a simple form for now – how they are choosing these 10K though, is beyond me.  (Update:  It looks like it’s the FIRST 10K to sign up. Go, go, go!)   (more…)

Spotify Now Available in the U.S. on Android


Yep, it’s Spotify day here in the U.S. of A.  The streaming music service that has been taking the rest of the world by storm is now available to all of you.  Spotify allows its users to choose an unlimited number of their favorite tracks, make playlists out of them, listen to them offline and even enjoy them on mobile devices.  It’s not like Pandora…at all.  You can skip around, choose specific tracks, and never have to listen to the random no-name band that sort of sounds like the actual band you like.  While we’re new to it as well, we have spent a few minutes with it this morning on both our Sonos system and phone and can already see that this will be our next overused music service.

We should point out that in order to gain mobile access, you’ll need a premium account which starts at $9.99 a month.  There are free options though, if you are just looking to test out the service through a computer browser before making the paid leap.

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More info can be found at the Spotify website.  Everyone ready for this?