Thursday Poll: Which Streaming Music Service Do You Use?

A paid subscription to Google Play Music is something I generally believe that I can’t live without going forward. I use it every single day. I listen to music streamed from the service while working, while in the car, if I’m cooking, and while I workout. I am constantly streaming music. My playlists change often. New music enters my rotation regularly (that I don’t have to pay extra for). And I often find throwback tunes to my wilder and much younger days that bring a smile to my face today. Streaming music services like Google Play are awesome.

Which brings us to today’s poll. Are you using a streaming music service? If so, which one?

There are countless services to choose from at this point. In fact, I narrowed the list down to what I would consider to be the nine most popular, half of which I myself haven’t even been able to try. From Google Music to iTunes Radio to Beats Music to Spotify, you have so many options that all offer somewhat different experiences. As I mentioned above, Google Play Music works for me, but there may be another service that fits your needs.

Let us know – which streaming music service do you use?

Which Streaming Music Service Do You Use?

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T-Mobile Surprises With Uncarrier 6.0 – Unlimited Music Streaming, New Rhapsody unRadio

T-Mobile started off the night with Uncarrier 5.0, an event that included announcements for their new Test Drive plan and new VoLTE and Wideband LTE markets. If you thought they were done there, you were wrong. They kicked off Uncarrier 6.0 before the show ended, a new “Music Freedom” movement that focuses on the music streaming you do from your phone. In short, they are making streaming from some of the biggest services not count against your data plan. Stream all you want, folks.  (more…)

Spotify Introduces Darker Theme for Android

Spotify announced a new update for Android this morning, one that introduces their new darker theme, along with refreshed typography and rounded iconography. In Spotify’s words, “Playing your favorite music has never look so good.”

Spotify notes in today’s announcement that they introduced a new feature called Your Music within the last few weeks because they know how much you love playlists. Your Music helps you save, organize, and browse your favorite tunes. Finally, they are improving the Browse feature to make it easier to find specific types of music, whether it be something to fall asleep to or the perfect playlist to “get you geared up for the big night out.”  (more…)

Sprint and HTC Introduce One (M8) Harman Kardon Edition, Give Spotify Away Too

This morning, Sprint and HTC announced the One (M8) Harman Kardon Edition, a special edition model of this year’s flagship that features a fresh paint job (mixture of black and gold), special audio enhancements, and includes a pair of Harman AE-S ear buds. This product announcement has been a “culmination of a months-long project” with the three players hoping to “redefine the way people listen to music on their smartphones.”

The device will be available May 2 for $0 down (plus tax) and 24 monthly payments of $28.34. If you do some basic math there, the phone will retail for somewhere around the $650 mark. With that in mind, the Harman Kardon AE-S ear buds retail for $149, so the whole package carries a solid value.  (more…)

Feature Request: Google, Don’t Make Music Listening on All Access an Individual Experience

Welcome to another edition of our feature requests. Last time, we asked Motorola to tweak its Active Display features to be a bit more like AcDisplay, to make things a bit easier to use. Today, our request focuses on Google Music All Access. We are humbly asking Google to let us get other people involved, because as The Beatles once said, we all get by with a little help from our friends.  (more…)

Report: Apple Debates Bringing Official iTunes App to Android

In an interesting story that broke late last week, it is being reported by Billboard that Apple is currently mulling over the idea of launching an official iTunes application for Android devices. At the heart of the report is a year-over-year drop in iTunes percentage of sales, as well as an 11% drop in music sales in the US.

As a new source of income, Apple will also attempt to launch a true on-demand service to compete against Spotify, Beats Music, and Google’s All Access, according to this report. (more…)