Spotify’s 2022 Wrapped is Here

Spotify Wrapped 2022

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End of year lists aren’t usually very interesting. They are mostly opinions of talking heads (like myself) about whatever the topic at hand and are there to fill a space during the slowest tech time of the year. But one thing that’s always fun, because it gives you the view of your own personal musical journey over the past 12 months, is a year-in-review music list from services like Spotify or YouTube Music or Apple Music.

For those who subscribe to Spotify, I’m here to tell you that your Spotify 2022 Wrapped is here.

What is that? Oh come on, you know. Spotify Wrapped is “your 2022 in review,” where Spotify tells you all about your listening trends for the year. You’ll see how many hours you listened to music, your most played song, your top 5 most played songs, the genres that dominated your sessions, and your listening personality. I’m apparently “The Adventurer,” a seeker of sound who searches for fresher artists. I listen to almost the same stuff for years upon years, so that’s weird. But hey, I’ll take it!

The biggest gift from Spotify Wrapped has got to be the “Your Top Songs 2022” playlist that can be saved and then used for the time being to help you re-live the past year before you dive into 2023. The list lives on all year and isn’t limited like I just made it sound, but you you should be an Adventurer, or something.

2022 Wrapped also gives you overall “best of” lists from Spotify that you might like. My 2022 Wrapped section offered me the “Best Hip-Hop Songs of 2022” since I listen to a lot of hip hop, as well as upcoming events for my favorite artists and other top lists of hits and podcasts and what not.

Spotify Wrapped 2022

How to view Spotify 2022 Wrapped:

The easiest way to view your own Spotify 2022 Wrapped is through the email that Spotify is sending out (mine just showed up as I was typing this out). That email includes an “Open Wrapped” button that will take you right in your personal experience.

If you’d rather not wait for that email, you can simply open Spotify to get started. On the main Spotify page, you should see a giant 2022 Wrapped section that you can tap into. It’ll run you through a slideshow of the highlights before letting you into your 2022 Wrapped page with playlists and other fun.

I listened to 950 different artists and streamed 23,000 hours of music. That’s wild.



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