Opera Software Acquires Skyfire Browser For $155 Million

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This morning, Opera Software, the makers of the popular mobile browser, went ahead and announced their purchasing of Skyfire. For now, Skyfire will still operate as an independent entity and continue to develop and support Skyfire Browser for its users. Over the next year and the years following, Opera wants to be able to utilize Skyfire’s ability to make video work on mobile browsers and would like to see the two companies create services together.  (more…)

Skyfire Is Looking To Save Android Users Money As Carriers Impose Tiered Data Plans

Skyfire came out with a set of numbers today showing that smartphone users can save up to $120 a year by using data efficient apps like their browser. If you recall our post showing Verizon’s data calculator, you can see that streaming video is what’s going to be really eating up your data on a month to month basis, but with Skyfire’s “Instant Optimization” video process, which compresses data by 75%, they can save you a ton on your monthly bill.

When watching video though their toolbar, Skyfire slims down data use exponentially, which is a good thing since Cisco is reporting that 53% of all data use in wireless networks in 2011 will come from video.

Luckily for most of the readers of this site who are existing Verizon customers, data gobbling won’t affect you.  We can’t say the same for new VZW customers though or anyone stuck on AT&T who will have to worry about spending 200MB of data on a single HD video.  Neat little infographic on data consumption can be found after the break.    (more…)

Skyfire 4.0 Released on Android, Premium Video Feature FREE to Verizon Customers

A new Skyfire (version 4.0) will be introduced today and includes a boatload of new features to make this a truly all-in-one browser experience.  In this latest update, users will notice a customizable “Skybar” with new Groupon, Twitter, Sports, News, Finance and Google Reader integration to go along with Facebook, Like, and Video options.

The biggest news here is the fact that Skyfire will be asking $2.99 for their video optimization feature going forward.  Before you freak out though, they’ve informed us that their current 3 million users will all be grandfathered in and will not have to pay the one-time fee.  Also, they are offering all Verizon customers the chance to get the fully featured Skyfire for free for a limited amount of time.  You can find it in the VZW section of the Android Market.   (more…)

Skyfire Version 4.0 “Pro Edition” on the Way, New Pricing Model and UI Enhancements

Skyfire version 4.0 which the company is calling their “Pro Edition” should be out in the coming weeks and is expected to be as good as ever.  With over 2.5 million downloads of their browser, it looks like the company has decided that it’s time to monetize it with some sort of a pricing model.  There will also be a new look and a bunch of “killer” features, that we have not yet been informed of.  This is an odd press release, I’m not going to lie.  I guess this would fall under the “teaser” category?

Anyone a big Skyfire user?   (more…)

Thursday Poll: What is your favorite Android Browser?

How have we not asked this question yet?  Shame on us.  With so many quality options out there for your Android browsing pleasure, we’d love to hear what your favorite is.  Is it Skyfire and their interesting take on Flash videos?  Firefox and their ever-evolving mobile version?  Dolphin, the standard?  Is xScope the innovator?  Or are we missing something fabulous altogether?

Let us know which browser you prefer, but beyond that, we want to know why it’s your favorite.  Why is this the browser for you?  If you could change anything in a browser, what would it be?

What is your favorite Android Browser?

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Skyfire Hits 1 Million Downloads, Adds Compatibility for DROID X, 2 and Incredible

Skyfire announced today that they’ve hit 1 million downloads putting them in the top 0.02% of all products in the Android Market.  We’re talking pretty elite company here.  You may remember Skyfire as our savior during those days when Android 2.2 release dates were still just rumors and we had almost zero opportunity to enjoy Flash video on websites.

They also announced today that their browser now works on the Droid X, Droid 2 and Incredible which were previously not supported.  Why would you use it over Flash in the stock Android browser?  Skyfire claims to save you up to 75% bandwidth over actual Flash.  Interesting enough.

Full press release after the jump.   (more…)

Video: Skyfire Beta 2.0 in Action

Sorry for the delayed post on this, but we’ve been a little busy playing with a new toy or two.  We are back now though!  And Skyfire 2.0 beta is what the people have called for!

If you are new to the Skyfire game, please ignore this post we did which included the leaked Skyfire beta.  Why you ask?  Because that version was almost pre-alpha compared to this latest release.  And yes, the new version includes the ability to play Flash video (sort of).  It does it in a round about way, but it definitely gets the job done.

There is one flaw though…the multi-touch is awful.  Is it a deal breaker?  Maybe.  See for yourself…


Download Link

Download: Skyfire Beta

I know how much you all love to get a hold of anything “beta” for Android and if you missed the Skyfire signup period last month then this one may have slipped by.  Luckily, our readers are the best and dropped us the .apk almost 2 days ago! (Sorry for the delay in releasing it to you!)

No review from me on this one as it’s appears to be a knock-off of Opera Mini 5 browser which did not receive the greatest of reviews from us.  There is no multi-touch, but it seems to run fairly fast.  I do like the multi-window view.  Give it a whirl.

*Note* – This appears to be incompatible with Cyanogen or JRummy v.6.

Download: SkyFire Beta 16694.apk (alt link)

Cheers Rocky!