Samsung Pay Heads to Gear S2 Watch Today

When Samsung introduced the Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic last year, they made it clear that these devices would at some point support Samsung Pay, allowing owners of each device to make mobile payments with their wrists. As 2015 came to a close, that feature never arrived on either watch and Samsung had to admit that the launch was pushed to 2016. We are now in the second half of 2016 and the only mobile payments happening on Gear S2 units seems to have been through a closed beta that Samsung hasn’t been very public about. Well, until today!

As of this morning, an update to the Samsung Gear app is adding access to Samsung Pay for the Gear S2. A Samsung support page even confirms as much, stating that “Samsung Pay Beta on Gear S2 will be available for anyone with a Gear S2” as of July 18 (today). We updated Gear apps and Gear S2 software everywhere we could and sure enough, the option to use Samsung Pay is indeed now there.  (more…)

Samsung’s Gear IconX Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Now Available, But Not in the US

Samsung’s Gear IconX wireless Bluetooth earbuds are now on sale in select markets, but unfortunately, none of those markets include the United States. Previously announced by Samsung that they would be made available for $199 in Q3 (July 1 to September 30), the company now claims that the ear buds will be “gradually” rolled out to additional markets across the globe.  (more…)

Photos Give Another Possible Look at Upcoming Galaxy Note 7

August 2 is coming up real fast, and on that day, we will get a real good look at what Samsung has in store for the Galaxy Note 7. Until then, we have to rely on images taken by leaksters. These photos are typically never high quality and usually feature plenty of shaky hands, but hey, that’s the business of leaking.

In the latest batch of photos, we see someone handling the device, showing it from different angles. While we cannot say whether this is the real deal, it does align very well with all of the previous leaks and renders we have seen. On the front there are the capacitive buttons, fingerprint scanner, plus that big and beautiful AMOLED display.  (more…)

Samsung Makes It Official: Galaxy Note 7 is Coming August 2

The rumors were spot in, as Samsung has announced this afternoon that they are hosting an Unpacked event at 11AM Eastern (8AM Pacific) on August 2nd to unveil “the latest in mobile innovation.” In case you haven’t been following along, that means that they will announce the Galaxy Note 7.

As you can see from the teaser image that they sent to us in an invite, we are getting the confirmation on this being the Note 7 through the “7 UNPACKED 2016” with an S Pen sitting above it and the circle of pen tips with the 7th lit up.  (more…)

Samsung Develops Slot That Supports Both New UFS 1.0 and MicroSD Cards

Last week, Samsung announced a new form of removable storage for devices like smartphones, DSLR cameras, action cams, and drones, that put the microSD format to shame. These new cards are built off the UFS 1.0 standard and are at least 5x faster than the microSD cards we all own and use today. By all means, these UFS cards should help to create the new standard for removable storage.

But what does that mean for the microSD card? What does that mean for future devices and storage? Will manufacturers have to choose to support one over the other? Will there be backwards compatibility? Does anything currently on the market support these new cards?  (more…)

Every US Olympian is Getting a Limited Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Edition

Samsung introduced a new variant of the Galaxy S7 Edge this morning, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Edition. To be presented to each US olympian headed to Rio, this device is the same Galaxy S7 Edge we all know, but comes with a unique coloring that matches that of the Olympic Rings. The Rings can also be found on the backside of the device.

The UI has also been outfitted with Rio 2016-themed wallpapers, dialer, and other various apps. If you are a fan of Rio 2016, even with the Zika, polluted waters, and the killing of a jaguar, you’re gonna want this phone.  (more…)