Quick Look: Ringke Slim Case for Nexus 4 in Black, White, and Grey

Ringke Slim Case Nexus 4

After the back of my LG Nexus 4 cracked, prompting me to order another one, I decided to set out on a mission to find the best case for it. As you know, I have zero confidence in the glass backside, so even as someone who hasn’t used a case for more than a few hours at a time over the years, I am willing to give them a shot. If it takes covering up that pretty class backside to preserve it, then so be it. Today, we’re taking a look at the Ringke Slim case for the Nexus 4, a product made by RearthUSA.

I’ve been a fan of the Ringke Slim line in the past, so when I saw the posting for this at the ridiculously low price of $9.99, I jumped on three of them:  grey, black and white.  (more…)

Quick Look: Spigen SGP Leather Flip and Folio Cases for the Galaxy S3 (Update: Contest Winners Picked)

Since the Samsung Galaxy S3 on a variety of carriers including Verizon, has started to arrive on the doorsteps of many of you, we thought we would spend some time today to talk about a couple of your case options. Last week, we looked at the offerings of RearthUSA, but today are switching over to Spigen SGP. In hand, we have their Argos leather flip case and the Folio faux leather case, each in a handful of colors.

After you read through our thoughts on them, be sure to jump to the bottom to get in on some contest action. That’s right, you can win everything you are seeing today.  (more…)

Quick Look: Ringke Slim Lite and Tridea Galaxy S3 Cases [Contest Too] (Updated)

The folks over at RearthUSA were kind enough to send over their first set of Samsung Galaxy S3 cases, and since they created one of the better Galaxy Nexus cases of all time, we thought we’d give them a look. In our box of goodies was a Ringke Slim Lite case, Tridea Flip Case, and a Tridea Bumper. We slapped each of them on our white GS3, took some pics, and are ready to share some thoughts.

As a reminder, this is the beauty of the Galaxy S3 having one design and form factor across the globe. It doesn’t matter who is producing a case for this phone, it should fit. There aren’t slight thickness tweaks or screen adjustments or volume rocker changes – it’s the same exact phone no matter the carrier, it just runs on a different network. You may recall the painful accessory situation for the Galaxy Nexus and its LTE and GSM variants? That won’t be a problem here.  (more…)

Friday Poll: How do You Protect Your Android Phone?

We actually asked this same question a year ago, but the smartphone landscape has changed some. Now that massive screens are the norm – some as much as 5.3″ – and prices are in the $299 range on contract, we need to ask it again. Some would argue that bigger phones are less easy to handle and more likely to be dropped than something you can wrap your hand fully around. We are just curious if the “hummer” and higher price trends have altered your view of cases or screen protectors. For years I was never interested in a case and kept my phones completely naked, but this new Ringke SLIM is too good to remove. Screen protectors though, can’t do ’em.

What about you? Has the bigger phone trend and higher prices forced you to change your approach to device protection?

How do You Protect Your Android Phone?

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Hands-on with Seidio’s 3800mAh Extended Battery for Galaxy Nexus [Contest Too] (Updated: Winner Picked)

No that is not a military vehicle on your screen, that is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a Seidio 3800mAh extended battery attached to it. It might look like a tank, but it will certainly power your phone through a full day thanks to more than double the juice of a standard G-Nex battery which weighs in at 1850mAh. I picked one of these up (the NFC version of course), to see how big it really was in person, but also to give one away since they pack a $75 price tag. Before we reward one of our amazing DL community members though, let us talk about it for a moment so that others can decide if their pocket can handle one.  (more…)

Galaxy Nexus LTE Extended Battery Version of the Ringke Slim Case Now Available for Order

If you love covering up your Galaxy Nexus and making sure it’s nice and safe, then you may have seen our review of the Ringke Slim case. So far it’s our favorite out of all of the cases we have tried for the G-Nex, but now, it just got a whole lot better. Anyone using an extended battery might have learned that the slim case was not the right fit, so they have released a design specifically for people rocking the extra battery power.

Orders are available now and it will only run you a $20 bill. Not bad for the feeling of extra security for your Nexus device. Still using a case to keep your devices safe?

Order here.

Note: Photo above is the Slim case from our previous review, not the extended version.


Case Review: Ringke Slim for the Galaxy Nexus

I may have just stumbled onto the case of my dreams. Say hello to the Ringke SLIM in white for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. As someone who tends to go nekkid on the case front, this is exactly what I have been looking for. It covers the back to give me a new color without adding much bulk and leaves all of the physical buttons on the side fully exposed. Most importantly though, it doesn’t overlap on top of that big beautiful 4.65″ screen like so many others. It also has replacement rubber stoppers for the USB and headphone ports to give your bottom half a flush white look and to keep dust out, a leather inside so that it won’t scratch, and has a some sort of coating to make the back non-slippery.  (more…)