Google Glass Not Exempt, Gets the Teardown Treatment


While I wouldn’t be caught dead tearing down a $1500 piece of hardware, there are others in this industry that live for the opportunity. Just like all of the other top tier flagship devices that have launched over the years, Google’s Project Glass recently met up with the teardown treatment. Using some special screwdrivers and tools, the device was broken down, revealing all of its insides and hidden gems. No unicorns or buckets of gold were found, but I guess that is to be expected.  (more…)

First Production Run of Google Glass to be Built Right Here in the U.S. of A.

project glass5

According to a report out of Financial Times, Google is set to keep the manufacturing of Google Glass very close to home, as it looks like they have chosen a facility in Santa Clara, CA to produce their first run of the hardware. Google has been less shy about pumping out American-made hardware, much like we saw with the Nexus Q, although we could see that affect the price. Given the Nexus Q had very limited functionality, that thing still cost a pretty penny at $300, with most analysts pointing to the “Made in U.S.A.” tag as the reason.  (more…)

#ifihadglass Results Are In, Google to Begin Sending Invites For Glass Explorer Program


Today is the day that Google begins sending out invites to winners of the #ifihadglass challenge. A few weeks ago, Google took to social networking sites, looking for ideas on how average people would use Google Glass if they had them. If your idea was good enough, you could receive an invitation to be an early user of the hardware, given you paid for them and could afford a trip to either San Francisco or New York to pick them up.  (more…)

Full Google Retail Stores to Open Up By Year’s End?

google logo galaxy nexus

According to an “extremely reliable source” of 9to5 Google’s, the search giant will have their very own retail stores right in time for the holidays. The shops, which will open in a few major US cities, will be a great place for any Google fan to go pick up a new Nexus device, Chromebook, or possibly receive some hands-on help with their current Google product. Although, I doubt there would be any type of Genius Bar-type of kiosk, given it is the responsibility of the OEM’s to provide device support for Android. But that’s where the Nexus lineup of devices differ from say, the Galaxy series from Samsung.  (more…)