Sergey Brin and Google Glass Stop by to Talk With the Wall Street Journal

Since Google I/O, we haven’t heard much about Google Glass, the eyewear computing project that Google co-founder Sergey Brin is heading. The most recent sighting was at New York Fashion Week, but no new details of availability or functionality came out of it. We did learn a couple of new things about the future of Glass today, thanks to a sit down between Brin and the Wall Street Journal

Google Glass Makes Fashion Runway Debut, Looks to Make Funny Looking Glasses Cool?

It’s funny to think back about how many people said Google Glass looked silly. Not so much the design itself, but how it made a human being look. Dumb. Nerdy. Geeky. Whatever you want to call that look above, I’ll take it. Recently, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg added the high-tech eye wear to her 2013 spring collection runway show and also used the devices backstage to record video of the event to make a film that gives an inside look at putting on a show such as this.

With Google Glass still not becoming available to even developers until next year, this is a pretty awesome way to get non-Android fanboys into technology such as this. Can’t say I feel the same for the other sunglasses pictured above. Plus one, Furstenberg.

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Google Announces Pre-Orders for Project Glass, $1500 and for I/O Attendees Only

What many were hoping for at this year’s I/O was more info and maybe even some hints on availability for Project Glass. Our dreams came true as Sergey Brin ran up on stage and presented us with the highlight of the show. With skydivers, bikers, and wall climbers, Project Glass completely stole our hearts.

As announced by Brin, Google I/O attendees will be able to pre-order Project Glass developer units (non-retail) for a whopping $1500. Once ordered, shipping is to take place next year, so it looks like we regular folks may have a ways still to go until we can also experience “Life Through Glass.” Can we expect that price tag to stick when Glass gets closer to launch or will it go down for the masses? We shall see.

Google Files Additional Project Glass Patents, Visual Augmentation Can See What You Miss

After going through the patent war over Android, Google is now being quick on the uptake with their snatching of patents towards their next big project; Project Glass. Recently, Google has submitted for a patent that allows the glasses to know what you are looking at and then provide neat little nuggets of information about what you’re seeing. Included in the filing is the notion of a light-up frame that would point you in the direction of something interesting. Hopefully you can turn it off otherwise be blinded as you walk around throughout the day.

Google also has some interesting uses for this patent when we are looking at a digital display. The Glasses could see the page you are reading and then fish for more information deeper in the website that you haven’t yet looked at; bringing up the most useful bits of info and showing it to you. All very interesting if it can be pulled off, but Google has the security of this patent down the road if they do get there.

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Photo Walk Featuring Project Glass Gives Us the Closest Look Yet at Google’s Glasses

We have been following Project Glass as closely as we can after the Google X team introduced to the world back in early April. Since that first video of what it could look like surfaced, we have seen actual prototypes in the wild on some of our favorite tech characters. This week though, we received the most up-close and personal look yet, thanks to a photo walk that a group of Googlers went on. Rather than use cameras the entire time, each member of the posse was given a pair of Google Glasses to wear.  (more…)

Video: Larry Page Rocks Google Glasses at Zeitgeist 2012, Says “Android is on Fire”

Recently at Zeitgeist 2012, Google CEO Larry Page gave a nice talk about Google, Android, and of course, those funky looking glasses he’s sporting. Page said he was really happy to be wearing a working pair of Google Glasses and that there is still a lot of work to be done on Project Glass. To see Larry and the Glasses in action, check out the full video down below – it’s actually quite the listen.  (more…)

Project Glass to Incorporate the Use of Gesture-Based Magic Rings?

According to a new detailed report from Patent Bolt, Google has recently been hard at work coming up with ways to revolutionize the future of mobile technology. Google’s vision of the mobile future could possibly sit with Project Glass, and they are coming up with even more ways to make it an out of this world experience. The newest design details depict a Ring, which serves as a marker for the Google Glasses. With the glasses and ring, Google describes the user controlling actions with a complete library of gestures and movements.  (more…)

Project Glass Photo Says “Boy These Would be Awesome While Playing With My Kids

Now this is a cool shot. Unless you have a smartphone duct taped to your face, shots like these are hard to come by. With Project Glass, pictures such as these will be more common and we can finally start capturing pictures of what we truly see with our own two eyes. It’s looking like a bright future for Project Glass and we wish we could throw cash at our computers and make them become available already.

Still no word on availability, but let us hope they’re making progress.

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