Google Glass Not Exempt, Gets the Teardown Treatment

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While I wouldn’t be caught dead tearing down a $1500 piece of hardware, there are others in this industry that live for the opportunity. Just like all of the other top tier flagship devices that have launched over the years, Google’s Project Glass recently met up with the teardown treatment. Using some special screwdrivers and tools, the device was broken down, revealing all of its insides and hidden gems. No unicorns or buckets of gold were found, but I guess that is to be expected. 

Instead, components such as the SanDisk memory was spotted, along with the Texas Instrument processor that powers the unit itself. All in all, the folks responsible for the teardown said it was surprisingly minimal in terms of design. It is Google, after all.

Check out some of the pictures they took down below of the teardown process.



Via: Catwig



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