Full Google Retail Stores to Open Up By Year’s End?

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google logo galaxy nexus

According to an “extremely reliable source” of 9to5 Google’s, the search giant will have their very own retail stores right in time for the holidays. The shops, which will open in a few major US cities, will be a great place for any Google fan to go pick up a new Nexus device, Chromebook, or possibly receive some hands-on help with their current Google product. Although, I doubt there would be any type of Genius Bar-type of kiosk, given it is the responsibility of the OEM’s to provide device support for Android. But that’s where the Nexus lineup of devices differ from say, the Galaxy series from Samsung. 

Regardless, the idea for retail stores actually came from a plan to get the public more aware of Project Glass. Much like anything else that would cost you anywhere from $500 to $1500, you are going to want to try the things on and see what you are getting into before you drop cash like that.

This sounds like an Android fanboy’s dream come true. Give anything to have a Google store open up in your neck of the woods?

Via: 9to5Google



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