LG Introduces the WCP-300 aka the “World’s Smallest” Wireless Charger

lg wireless charger2

One thing we certainly love above LG is their infatuation with wireless charging and the Qi standard. After having released the Nexus 4 and Spectrum 2 here in the States with wireless charging built in, followed by the launch of the Nexus 4’s wireless charging Orb only a week or so ago, it’s clear that they aren’t interested in add-on wireless kits like Samsung has done for years. No sir, with LG, they want wireless charging built directly into their devices.  (more…)

LG Optimus G Pro Outed – Sports 5-inch 1080p Display, 3000mAh Battery, and Upgraded Processor

optimus g pro

So, we didn’t get the new Optimus G2 at CES as had been rumored a number of times. But that may be because the device will actually be called the Optimus G Pro and may arrive a bit later at MWC for all to drool over. According to a leaked slide, the device above is that device, one that will sport a 5″ 1080p display (the standard these days), a beefed up 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro, 32GB of internal storage, LTE, and a massive 3000mAh battery. The phone will be just 10mm thick, have a 13MP rear camera, and a 2.4MP front shooter.  (more…)

LG Optimus G2 Showing Up at CES With Snapdragon S4 Prime Processor and 1080p Display?

LG Optimus G Sprint

LG introduced the Optimus G back in November, but before the paint could even dry, its successor was already being rumored as the Optimus G2. With a 5.5″ 1080p display and new Snapdragon S4 “Prime” processor, the MSM8974 (quad-core with speeds of 2.0 – 2.5GHz), it’s certainly a step up on the spec front. The original rumor for this phone pegged it for a May 2013 release, but famed rumor monger DigiTimes thinks that LG will show it off at CES, next week. This matches up to a report out of GSMArena last week(more…)

Top 10 Android Phones of 2012

In 2012, we saw the Android smartphone world reach heights that I don’t imagine many predicted. On a spec front, 2012 was the year of quad-core processors, 2GB of RAM, HD displays, longer battery lives, and incredibly thin bodies. It seems like just yesterday that we were asking DL readers if they had a dual-core or single-core phone, yet here we are, with dual-core phones already becoming a thing of the past.

On a manufacturer front, 2012 was the year that Samsung proved that it really was the only big fish in a bowl full of minnows. We saw Motorola kick off its life as a Google-owned company, HTC struggle to make money even while releasing amazing phones, and LG take its turn as the face of the Nexus phone program.

In this post, I thought we’d talk a bit about all of that by listing out my top 10 phones of the year.  (more…)

5″ 1080p Successor to LG’s Optimus G Already Scheduled For May 2013?

Earlier this month, a mysterious LG device toting a 5″ 1080p display was benchmarked, with a model number of LG-F240K. Today, reports out of Korea show that a device called the Optimus G2, a successor to the Optimus G that just launched here in the U.S., could be ready for the market as early as May of 2013. Could this be that same mystery phone? On top of the 5″ 1080p display, it is also reported that the device will sport a 2GHz Qualcomm chipset which would be a major turn on for any potential buyers.  (more…)

LG Optimus G Review [Sprint]

Whenever we ask our readers to give us specs that they would like to see in a “dream device,” you would most certainly see a few, if not all of the Optimus G’s listed. Although, LG isn’t pushing the Optimus like Samsung is pushing the Galaxy S3 and you won’t see this device on all four major U.S. carriers. Customers on AT&T and Sprint will only see the device, but more importantly, the next Nexus device is rumored to be based around this phone, so it makes reviewing this device’s hardware and look somewhat more important than others.

If you’re on Sprint, let’s go over why this device may or may not be your next.   (more…)

LG Optimus G Review [AT&T]

When LG first announced the Optimus G, our jaws about hit the floor because of the specs. But as it inched closer to launch, most of us realized that this phone wouldn’t launch on all carriers in a way that we have seen from Samsung and their Galaxy S3, leaving us wondering if we should fully care or not. (This phone, is headed to AT&T and Sprint here in the U.S. (Verizon and T-Mobile customers will be left out of the party.) Thankfully, we have also all come to the realization that the next Nexus phone (possibly dubbed the Nexus 4) will be based off of the Optimus G, so whether or not this is coming to your carrier of choice, you should care about it. With that said, let’s talk about this device in a little more detail.  (more…)

LG Optimus G for AT&T Available November 2 for $199, Pre-orders Up Tomorrow

LG Optimus G

AT&T has finally announced availability and pricing for the LG Optimus G. The device, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, is set for launch on November 2 with pre-orders beginning tomorrow. The price on a new two-year agreement is set at $199.99. If you haven’t been following, the “Nexus 4” is based on this device, which features a beautiful 4.7″ HD IPS+ display and 2GB of RAM. It’s a beast device.

We are still awaiting details on Sprint’s variant, which differs quite a bit from AT&T’s. As a heads up, be on the look out for both device’s reviews this week.

Thinking about picking one up? It’s not a bad choice by any means.