NVIDIA CEO Hints at SHIELD 2, Should be Powered by Project Logan


In a recent interview with Engadget, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang was asked if the public could expect a new rendition of SHIELD sometime in 2014. Jen-Hsun replied that we should all expect a new SHIELD anytime a new Tegra chip is released, which should actually be fairly soon. NVIDIA already announced that the next Tegra chip, codenamed Project Logan, will be the first Tegra chip based on the same “architectural sophistication” that you see in a PC platform today.  (more…)

NVIDIA Announces GameStream for SHIELD, Launches October 28

nvidia ceo

Today, at a press event that took place in Montreal, NVIDIA’s CEO announced GameStream, a new standard for media streaming technology. GameStream combines the power of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX graphics cards and advanced WiFi technologies to deliver a super smooth, low latency gaming experience for mobile gamers. It’s not a device or a service you pay for, but it’s the PC game streaming service that is now out of Beta that SHIELD owners have used for about a month or so now. (more…)

NVIDIA, HP Partner Up to Bring Two Tegra 4-powered Tablets to Market


This morning, HP and NVIDIA announced two Tegra 4-powered devices, the HP Slate Pro and the HP Slate Extreme. Both are mid-sized tablets, the Pro sporting an 8″ HD display, while the Extreme features a 7″ HD display much like the old Nexus 7. For those keeping track of NVIDIA’s work, it is somewhat clear that HP used NVIDIA’s Tegra Note platform to build the Slate Extreme, as it is said to feature NVIDIA’s DirectStylus technology, 16GB of storage, and dual front-facing speakers.  (more…)

NVIDIA Announces Tegra Note, a Tegra 4-powered Tablet Platform for OEM Partners

Tegra Note

There has been buzz surrounding a Tegra Note tablet floating around for the past month, but with no official word from NVIDIA, it was all up in the air. Recently, a device named Tegra Note hit the FCC, so it was basically only a matter of time until NVIDIA made an official announcement. This morning, the company finally broke its silence and unveiled the Tegra Note tablet platform. But before you get excited and start lining up to buy one, you should be made aware that the device – the Tegra Note itself – will not be for sale through NVIDIA.  (more…)

NVIDIA Tegra Note (Tab?) Stops by the FCC – 7″ HD Display, Tegra 4 Chipset, Stylus


The Tegra Note from NVIDIA stopped by the FCC recently, showing off its pretty exterior and listing out its internals for the world to know. Before we jump into specs, we should touch on the device’s name. According to some reports, this tablet will be marketed as the Tegra Tab, but from the FCC filing, we still see the Tegra Note moniker. There are clearly a few prototypes of this device floating around, so until there is an announcement from NVIDIA, we are going with Tegra Note.  (more…)