Moto X Leather: 1 Year In

The minute the Moto X (2nd gen) went on sale last year, with leather as an option, I bought one. I bought not only because I’m a fan of how Motorola creates a phone, but also because I was curious how leather would last and age on a smartphone. My hope was that it would age like wine, show character through daily wear and tear, and become as soft and beautiful as your favorite pair of leather boots or belt or jacket. If you are fan of quality leather goods, you know exactly what I mean.

So after buying a Moto X with a natural leather back on day one, I then spent the better part of three months using it as my go-to phone. I then presented it to you all after those three months to show you how well I thought it was aging. In fact, I called it nothing short of beautiful. But I’m a leather guy who likes the way leather ages. Not all of you loved it because you thought my phone looked dirty and wasn’t pristine. And that’s fine, we all have different tastes, even if yours are incorrect (Kidding!).

Now that the Moto X Pure Edition is available, with leather as an option, we have had a number of you ask for an update on my leather Moto X (2nd gen). You want to know if it held up over a year and if it’s still something I would consider.

Well, here you go. This is what it looked like on day one (phone on the left).  (more…)

Moto X Pure Edition Pre-Order Starts Tomorrow

As announced on Motorola’s social channels, pre-orders in the US for the Moto X Pure Edition will kick off tomorrow at 2pm CT (12pm PT, 3pm ET). According to a member of the Moto Makers group, orders will begin to ship on September 13.

Not only will the regular models be available to order, but customers can also start customizing the device on Moto Maker. Before it goes live, you can freshen up on all of the Moto Maker options right here(more…)

Moto X Pure Edition Will be Available Starting September 3 (Updated)

Motorola, via Twitter, just announced that its new flagship phone for 2015, the Moto X Pure Edition, will arrive September 3. Previously, Motorola would only state that the phone was coming in September, which left a few of us worried that it might not arrive until the end of the month. With September 3 now set in stone, you only have three more weeks to wait.

You have to be excited, right?  (more…)

Moto X Play Already Up for Pre-Order at Clove UK, Forget US Compatibility Though

The Moto X Play, Motorola’s new mid-range device that might be the battery king of the world, is now up for pre-order at Clove UK, with an expected ship date of around August 25. That’s only a few weeks away, in case you didn’t realize that we were already a week into August. At a price of £225.00, US customers are looking at roughly $348 should they decide to import one, because as you may recall from Motorola’s announcement of the X Play – it won’t be coming to the US any time soon.  (more…)