New Moto X on AT&T and “Pure Edition” Pre-Orders Start Tuesday – Moto Hint, Turbo Charger Too

Motorola announced this morning that the new Moto X – both the AT&T and “Pure Edition” models – will be available on pre-order starting Tuesday, September 16, along with the new Moto Hint and Turbo Charger. Moto will also re-stock the Moto 360, though it will again be available in limited quantities. Shipping dates will vary depending on the product you order will be provided at checkout, according to Motorola. (more…)

Motorola’s Unlocked Moto X Will be Called the “Pure Edition”

According to The Verge, Motorola’s upcoming unbranded and unlocked variant of the new Moto X will be called the Pure Edition. Not only will Motorola sell the Pure Edition directly to consumers through its own web portal, but users can rest assured in knowing that these pure devices will ship with no bloatware in sight. It’s Motorola’s pure Android experience.  (more…)

Comparison: iPhone 6 and Plus vs. Galaxy S5 vs. Galaxy Note 4 vs. Moto X vs. G3 vs. One (M8)

Apple is done showing off the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (official names), so we slapped their available specs into a chart below to show how they stack up against Android’s current flagship devices. The new Moto X and Galaxy Note 4 are as new as these new Apple devices, but the Galaxy S5, LG G3, and One (M8) are veterans at this point. Still, Android devices have pushed the limits of specs for years now, often upgrading specs here and there throughout the year with new models.  Apple still only gives us one (now two) phone(s) per year, but every so often, comes out swinging with a major upgrade, like they did last year with their 64-bit processor.

In the chart below, you will see Apple’s new storage scheme (they are skipping 32GB), the new bigger displays and their resolutions, inclusion of new chips like NFC, and the weight and size measurements of devices that are now on the same level as you favorite Android phones. You have to admit that it feels a little odd to have Apple in our oversized phone neighborhood, but the move shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Thoughts?  (more…)

Motorola: No Developer Edition Moto X for Verizon This Time Around

According to Motorola’s Punit Soni, there won’t be a Moto X Developer Edition for Verizon this time around. He didn’t elaborate as to why when asked about it, only responding with, “Unfortunately no” and “Sorry guys.” Read into those responses however you will, but the “unfortunately” strikes me as if there would be developer editions for all if he had his choice.  (more…)

Moto’s Punit Soni: Moto X (2013) Will Continue to Receive Updates “As Long as the Hardware Allows It”

Think your old Moto X or Moto G is looking a bit long in the tooth? There may be a bit of incentive to hang onto your last-generation handset. In reference to the capabilities of Motorola’s new/refreshed quartet of devices, Vice President of Product Management Punit Soni wrote in a post on Google+, “as long as the Hardware [sic] allows it [...] all that software will come to our existing users too.” (more…)

Chart: Moto X vs. LG G3 vs. Galaxy S5 vs. One (M8) vs. Nexus 5

We are fully into testing the new Moto X, with hopes of having a review up within a week or so, but before we get there, we wanted to do one last comparison that has become standard around these parts. Since the new Moto is a flagship that matches up quite nicely to the other flagships introduced this year from Samsung, LG, and HTC, we put together our standard comparison chart that matches each device up, spec-by-spec, to give you a general feel for their under-the-hood capabilities.

This is by no means the full story of the Moto X or its competitors (Galaxy S5, G3, One (M8), and even the Nexus 5), but this certainly shows the industry standard for the first half of 2014.  (more…)

Motorola’s Turbo Charger Will Give Your New Moto X 8 Hours of Battery in 15 Minutes

We mentioned this yesterday in our Moto X write-up, but wanted to make sure none of you missed it. Motorola created a Turbo Charger that will be sold separately (also as an add-on in Moto Maker) from the new Moto X, but it’s something you will likely want to buy.

Why, you ask? Because in just 15 minutes of time, the Turbo Charger can give you 8 hours of battery life. Think about that. Game changer? Certainly seems like it to me.  (more…)