Sprint Moto X Android 4.4.2 Update Approved and Ready to Rollout as Build 161.44.32

Sprint’s variant of the Moto X is next in line to receive the update to Android 4.4.2, according to Motorola support pages. The update is build 161.44.32 and includes the same upgrades as the 4.4.2 updates for T-Mobile and Verizon models.

You are looking at improved battery life, cloud printing support, and an email sync fix. The update likely isn’t all that big, so should it pop up, it may only take 10 minutes to install.  (more…)

Motorola’s Active Display and Assist See Minor Updates

Because Motorola separated out the best features from the Moto X and new DROID line as stand-alone apps, they continue to update them regularly through Google Play. Today, we’re seeing updates for both Assist and Active Display. Neither of the updates is huge, but they do fix bugs and introduce subtle features that will only help add polish to the experience.

With Active Display, users can now control whether or not the phone vibrates when tapping on a notification. It should also honor whatever the system vibration settings have been set at. With Assist, troubleshooting of drive mode audio issues when connected to Bluetooth becomes a reality, along with better handling of “available” status and the triggering of meeting mode.

Both updates are live on Google Play now.  (more…)

Mugen Power Reveals 2800mAh Battery Case for the Moto X

Middling or average battery life has been a complaint of Moto X owners since the device’s release. Despite hardware that doesn’t draw nearly the power of higher-end devices, the 2200mAh battery capacity often isn’t enough to get through a full day without charging.

The folks at Mugen Power recognize this; yesterday, the company revealed a 2800mAh battery case designed specifically for the Moto X. For $89.50, it’ll bump the combined capacity to 5000mAh (2800mAh case + 2200mAh internal phone battery), which should translate to 20+ hours of usage before needing a charge. Of course, the extended battery life also translates to added bulk through the case.

The case is $89.50, and is now available for pre-order. It’ll ship on March 14.

Any takers?  (more…)

Buggy Night is a Followup to the Windy Day Interactive Film for Moto X Owners

We recall a few months ago when Motorola pushed an interactive film called Windy Day to Moto X owners, and being the privacy-centric folks that Android device owners are, weren’t too happy Moto was sneaking around and installing apps without permission. Once people realized it was a simple cartoon, that was actually quite nice, they decided to lighten up to the idea. Now, Motorola has taken to YouTube this week to upload a trailer for the next film coming to Moto X devices titled, Buggy Night(more…)

Android 4.4.2 Update for Verizon’s Moto X Rolling Out to All

At the end of last week, just as the soak test for a new software update was beginning on Verizon’s variant of the Moto X, Big Red fully approved the Android 4.4.2 update by publishing a changelog. Here we are not even a full week later and the update is rolling out to the masses. The update was waiting for me as I awoke this morning, along with a couple of dozen emails from readers who had received the same love.  (more…)

Android 4.4.2 Update Approved for Verizon Moto X as 164.55.2, Here is the Changelog

Yesterday, we saw soak test invites go out for Verizon Moto X users – today, the update has been approved by the carrier. That doesn’t necessarily mean that mass rollout is upon us, and we’ll still likely see a soak test over the coming days, but clearly Verizon feels comfortable enough with the build to give it the green light.

The update is Android 4.4.2 as expected, build 164.55.2.  (more…)

Soak Test Coming for Verizon’s Moto X, Should be Android 4.4.2

Invites to a soak test for Verizon’s version of the Moto X went out moments ago, asking that participants check out an “early preview of a new software release.” With Verizon’s variant one of the last remaining without Android 4.4.2, I think it’s safe to assume what is in store. The update is considered pretty minor, but does bring the phone up to the most current version of Android.

We have already seen the update arrive on the T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular models. Before you get too negative about the timing of this one, keep in mind that Verizon’s was first to get 4.4, which was the bigger update of the two.  (more…)