T-Mobile Moto X Update on the Way, What is It?

Motorola is inviting owners of the T-Mobile Moto X to participate in a soak test for a new software update. No other details have been provided to members of the Motorola Feedback Network. Keep in mind that the phone is already running the most current version of Android, which is 4.4.2. So what is it? Your guess is as good as ours.

We did see a Motorola exec tease something for this week, saying that his company has a release that we will “really enjoy,” but that could be app-related rather than firmware-related.

Once this update begins rolling out, we will try to find out what is new.  (more…)

Moto X+1 Reportedly Pictured in Chicago Subway, Could Sport 5″+ Display

A purported picture of the Moto X+1 has hit the web, said to be taken recently in a Chicago subway. The device, whatever it may be exactly, is clearly being used inside of a dummy box, which OEMs often use when an unreleased device is out for field testing.

The only true sign that points to it being Motorola property is the company’s logo which is spotted, albeit a bit blurry, in the top left corner of the device. We have seen this mark on all leaked images from Motorola for the past year. (more…)

Rosewood Replaces Walnut for Custom Moto X Orders (Updated: or not)

Update:  Motorola reached out to let us know that Rosewood replacing Walnut was a back-end bug or issue that has been fixed. In other words, Walnut is back, Rosewood is gone again.

Rosewood, one of the original “natural” backs shown off at last year’s Moto X launch, is now available as an option through MotoMaker. We aren’t sure why it took this long to get Rosewood in the line-up, but we should point out that it seems to have replaced Walnut. So if you had your sights still set on a custom Moto X with a Walnut finish, those days are over. Rosewood is here.

The finish is still an additional $25 add-on, just like Ebony, Teak, and Bamboo.  (more…)

Motorola Updates Contextual Services Too, Teases New Release Next Week

Motorola updated Contextual Services for the Moto X and DROID line this morning, in addition to the update to Modality Services that we saw yesterday. The update adds “support for location detection,” improves driving detection using audio (similar to what the Modality update did), and fixes bugs.

Motorola doesn’t appear to be done, though. In a post to G+, Mark Rose (senior director product management) told us to expect another release next week that Motorola thinks we will “really enjoy.” Tough to tell if it’s related to the updates to Contextual and Modality services or not, but either way, we have something to look forward to from Moto next week.  (more…)

Motorola Updates Modality Services With Better In-vehicle Detection

Motorola just pushed out an update to a new app for its current line of phones called Modality Services. Modality Services should help your Motorola phone (Moto X, DROID ULTRA, MAXX, or Mini) “respond more intelligently to motion, phone orientation (e.g. face up/down) and stowed state.” In other words, Modality Services know if your phone is moving, how its lying on your desk, and if you have it in or out of your pocket.

The update specifically helps with in-vehicle detection by using ambient audio signals.

As is noted in the listing for the app, it is best to keep Modality Services up to date because it works with Active Display and Motorola Assist.  (more…)

Verizon XLTE Phones, Tablets, and Hotspots

With Verizon XLTE expected to be announced on May 19, we have had a number of readers ask about which phones will be able to take advantage of the upgraded speeds. As you may have guessed, most of Verizon’s phones that have been released within the last year are compatible. All they need is support for Band 4 LTE, which is the AWS spectrum that Big Red is pumping into cities to create this XLTE coverage. Phones like the Galaxy S5 and S4, Moto X, DROID ULTRA and MAXX, and One (M8) are all going to be a part of the fun.

Below, you will find a solid list of the types of phones that will work with XLTE, courtesy of our sources.  (more…)

Video: Moto E vs. Moto G vs. Moto X

Who would have guessed that less than a year after Motorola gave us the Moto X, that we would have a whole family of “Moto” branded phones to compare. I sure didn’t picture it, yet that is exactly what we have. Thanks to last night’s unveiling of the Moto E, we now have three devices in total under the “Moto” name, the third being the previously announced Moto G. A fourth – the Moto 360 – will be here shortly.

Since we have three Moto devices, we decided to take a moment to compare them on camera. The differences here are subtle in some areas, then drastic in others. The Moto X, for example, has flagship features like Active Display and Touchless control, along with customizable options through MotoMaker. The Moto G and Moto E, on the other hand, have minimal software add-ons from Motorola and only swappable shells for customization.  (more…)

Moto X+1 for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint – Leather MotoMaker Options Pop-up Again

This whole Moto X+1 saga is quite interesting. Word of this mysterious device/promo/who-knows-what-it-really-is arrived through leakster @evleaks, along with word of new leather backs, but has since made another appearance on Motorola’s MotoMaker site for all to see.

While we don’t have a ton of info to add to this far-from-finished story, we have seen new references on Motorola’s own site through a cached page to the four colors of leather that were previously outed. We have also seen mentions of carriers and found the image you are seeing above with the name “Moto X+1″ and a direct reference to AT&T. (more…)