Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper Brings a Taste of Android 4.1 to All Devices

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was announced just last week, so there’s a good chance that you are still waiting for any kind of sign that it will appear on your device. Luckily for you, a new live wallpaper has popped up in Google Play that should tide you over until you hear something a little more definitive.

The wallpaper is free and is based off the stock wallpaper that ships with Jelly Bean, but with a little added element. Much like Google’s easter egg hidden in JB, this wallpaper has little jelly beans floating across your screen. The wallpaper is ready for Android 2.1 and up so if you want a taste of JB, hit the link below.

Play Link

Flow Live Wallpaper, A Deliriously Mesmerizing Liquid Wallpaper

Here is another live wallpaper that will keep your fingers busy for a few minutes. It’s called Flow Live Wallpaper and costs $.99 in Google Play. With Flow, you choose from assorted scenes, then there is a jelly/water like layer that is added on top for your fingers to play with. What makes it special is that you can add your own photos to the wallpaper, which means you never get tired of the same boring scenes.  (more…)

Portal 2 Fans, Wheatley Has Arrived for Android in the Form of a Live Wallpaper

Portal 2 is a very popular game among the geek/nerd/tech community because it actually makes us use our brains. You don’t just go around shooting zombies or fighting dragons, but you have to test your brain power and be a wizard at problem solving. Everyone’s favorite character, Wheatley now makes his debut on Android as an awesome live wallpaper(more…)

Developers Create Ice Cream Sandwich Inspired Live Wallpapers, Now Available for Download

You can get a sense of how much people enjoy the look of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich when developers and theme artists are actually inspired enough to create work that mimics it. A team of developers by the name of Team Gummy over at RootzWiki has gone ahead and created three individual live wallpapers that play on the ICS live wallpaper named Phase Beam. By replacing the floating spheres with icons, it’s just another way for people to create a look of their very own. Install as you would any 3rd-party app, but do note that from what I experienced, you can only have one installed at a time.

Star Beam | Bio Beam | Root Beam 

Note: For those who may ask, the icons I am using are called ICS Plates and they can be found here.

Via: RootzWiki

Cheers Gary, Kejar31, and Team Gummy!

Circuitry Live Wallpaper Turns Your Home Screen Into a Stylish Circuit Board

A reader dropped Circuitry Live Wallpaper into our inbox just moments ago, and so far we are impressed. It has 6 color combinations available at this time, but it’s one of those apps we can see growing and allowing for full customization down the road. If you want your home screen to look like a matrixy-circuit board with style that changes each time you exit an app, I suggest grabbing this one.  (more…)

Pixel Rain, Pixel Rain! One of the Best Live Wallpapers on Android


Who knew that an Android live wallpaper would bring out my inner Prince?

So, Pixel Rain is by no means a new live wallpaper, but it’s one that every person with an Android phone should know about. It’s free in the market, gives you an excuse to shout out “I’m makin’ it rain!” at the club, and turns your phone into all sorts of wet ‘n wild pretty. The customizations here are as extensive as most of the other top tier live wallpapers, yet again, this one costs you nothing. Grab it, folks.   (more…)

Exodus Live Wallpaper Brings Custom 3D Blocks to Your Homescreen


One of our favorite live wallpapers of all time is still Light Grid by Joko Interactive. The number of customizable options that were included made toying with your wallpaper an entertaining art form. So when we were informed that they had a new release on the way, but with 3D elements, we jumped at it. It’s called Exodus Live Wallpaper and it brings a lot of the joy you experienced through Light Grid, only with 3D blocks that can be tweaked to your liking. It’s interactive to touch, meaning the blocks change direction with your swipe. Live wallpapers, another reason we love Android so much.  (more…)