3D Image Live Wallpaper for Android Takes the Mystery Out of iOS’s New Parallax Effect

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One of the snazzy new features that iOS 7 users will be able to take advantage of once Apple has released it, is a sweet 3D-like homescreen/wallpaper. When titling your iOS device, the homescreen icons will appear to move around, allowing you a different viewing angle of whatever wallpaper is set behind them. It’s definitely neat, but definitely not new, either.

As pointed out on Android Guys, there’s already an app for that for Android! 3D Image Live Wallpaper allows for this same affect, enabling users to place any custom image as their wallpaper and get that same 3D effect that is shown off on iOS 7.

The app costs just $1.60 and after trying it out myself, will admit that it gives off a pretty cool effect to say the least. Make sure to pick it up so that when your iOS friends start trying to show off this Fall, you can say you’ve had it the whole time. Wink, wink.

And if you want a look similar to that of iOS 7, here is a wallpaper to plug into 3D Image.

Play Link ($1.60)

Via: Android Guys



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