#TBT: It’s 2016 and We Still Want a LauncherPro Rewrite

Sure, it’s 2016, but my fingers are still crossed for a LauncherPro rewrite. Oh, who am I kidding, it’s not coming, folks. Back in late 2010, we hyped the LauncherPro app more than anyone, talked about updates, and even interviewed the developer, Federico Carnales, for the Tato Series.

What ever happened to LauncherPro? Well, it’s still available for download on Google Play, but as you can guess, it doesn’t see any support. Having recently used it, I can actually attest that it’s still pretty smooth, unsurprisingly. Near the end LauncherPro’s life, we were told a rewrite was coming for the app, which would include new features and tons of goodies. As we all know now, that rewrite never came and the developer essentially vanished.  (more…)

Tuesday Poll: Favorite Android Launcher Today Is?

I feel like it has been ages since we last asked everyone what their current launcher of choice was. Is everyone still using one of the old standards like ADW and LauncherPro or have you gravitated towards some of the more frequently updated replacements like GO Launcher? Is there a chance that some of you have adopted the current crop of stock launchers that Moto, Sammie and HTC are tossing out? I feel like there is some sort of new home replacement that is dying to be found that we just haven’t heard of yet. If you answer “Other”, please let us know in the comments which launcher you are using.

Favorite Android Launcher Today Is?

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Contest: Time To Get Into The Halloween Spirit, Win A Pro Theme From Koveleski


It’s almost time for the kids to go out and get pounds upon pounds of candy for just dressing up in a silly/cute costume and walking from door to door. No apples please, grandma! Koveleski  and Tha Phlash looks to be in the spirit already and has just released two themes that go perfectly for the month of October. Tha Jack-o and Tha Pumpkin work great with ADW EX and even LauncherPro Plus, so we’ve decided to spread the Halloween cheer through a little giveaway.

Update: We got our 5 winners! Congrats you guys, and thanks to everyone for entering! (more…)

ADW EX Receives Update, Android 3.2 Support and Other Minor Tweaks

Mr. AnderWebs has released an update to his extremely popular ADW EX home replacement app today, and the crowds of fans are happy. The changelog is somewhat minor, but it still leaves other home replacements in the dust as they play catch up. If you have been using ADW on your Honeycomb tablet, then this update is definitely right up your alley.  (more…)

Tip: Use LauncherPro and the New Blur App Drawer Together on Your DROIDX

Upgraded to Gingerbread on the DROIDX and love that new app drawer, but can’t part ways with LauncherPro?  We have a solution that’s built right into LP that will get you the best of both worlds.  All you have to do is…

1.  Long press on your app drawer.
2.  Choose Change shortcut>App groups>All apps.
3.  After that, pick an icon and your life with both the GingerBlur drawer and LP are  complete.

All good now?  Any other tips for new GingerBlur that we should let everyone know about?

Cheers Shawn!

App Of The Day: Simple Text

Saturday’s App Of The Day was Timeriffic. Hope everyone had a chance to take a look at it.

Today, I am writing up an app called Simple Text. This app is for users who are looking for a change up from standard icons or for those of us who like minimalistic styles (Kellex). To use the app you do have to have LauncherPro,  ADW, or Go Launcher. (In the pictures above I am using LauncherPro Plus.) The app is about as straightforward as they come. There are two words you can edit. One is on top (see “SIMPLE” in pic) and the other is on bottom (see “TEXT” in pic). Just type in any word you want for top and bottom then customize size, scale, position, color and font. Save the icon and apply it to the launcher icon of your choice.

Here are his exact instruction per market:

How to use with ADW Launcher or ADW Launcher EX:
1. Long-press an app icon
2. Select “Edit”
3. Tap on the app icon
4. Select “ADWTheme IconPacks”
5. Choose Simple Text
6. Create your icon
7. Press Menu, then “Save Icon”

How to use with other Launchers ( LauncherPro, GO Launcher… ):
1] Run Simple Text in your application list
2] Create your icon
3] Press Menu, then “Save Icon”
4] Use your launchers specific change icon option and browse to your images ( stored in /sdcard/Simple Text )

Market Link

*Today’s free paid Amazon App Store app is: Aces Bubble Popper.

Federico Carnales Releases Alpha Music Application

The man behind LauncherPro is now diving head first into the music arena with his alpha release of an app with a “Windows 7ish” feel and look to it. So far it’s very bare bones, but it plays music, shuffles, etc. We can definitely expect to see a lot more features as always from Fede. Maybe even see some music player skins? That would be neat. Since it’s still in development, now would be a great time to throw out feature ideas. What are some things you would like to see in a music player app? Let’s hear it.

Click on the download link and tell us what you think.

Fede’s Music App

Cheers Fede!

Download: New LauncherPro BETA Includes App Drawer Icon Skinning and ADW Theme Support

Federico Carnales has been seriously pumping the features out for LauncherPro these days. We go from skinning all the widgets,  to now having full themes for icons in the App Drawer. And even better, all the ADW themes (yes ADW) that are available on the Market, also work with this version of LauncherPro, making life very easy!

Along with the update is true infinite scrolling of homescreens, ability to hide label backgrounds, and much more. As always, we’ll keep you up to date on more LauncherPro updates and other need to knows about customizing your favorite device. What are some more features that you think are lacking? Anything you would like to see next?

Download new BETA: LauncherPro Version 0.8.6 BETA

Source: Twitter

Cheers everyone who sent this in!