LauncherPro Update with Skinning Support Hits Market

The beta version for LauncherPro with skinning support was released at the end of the last week, so many of you have already had a chance to enjoy some of the early released skins.  It’s time to check your My Apps page in the Market though, because the official version just went live.  Gotta stay up-to-date, right?  I should point out that other than this new skinning support, Fede also reduced the memory usage of LP in hopes of cutting out those random force closes.

Download Link

Signals23 Ports LauncherPro Plus Themes Collection Over as Skins

Our buddy signals23 who has been pumping out LauncherPro Plus themes for months now, is already using the newly released LP skinning engine to port over his entire collection.   And actually, he has most of them up in the market for you to download – some free and some $.99.  It sounds (and looks) like he’s about half way done, but the plan is to have them all there in the very near future.

Download them all from the signals23 Anroid Market page.

For those of you new to “skinning,” here are a few tips.  You will need to have LauncherPro Plus, which now has an unlocker in the market.  From there, you download skins of your choice which can be found at the signals23 link above.  After downloading, navigate to Preferences>LP Widget Settings and then tap on the widget of choice.  You will then see an option to “Select Skin” which gives you a drop down of the skins you have installed.  Choose one, back out to your home screen and add that widget.

*Note – Each time you change skins, you’ll have to remove and re-add the affected widget.

LauncherPro Releases Skinning Engine, Beta Version of App Available Now

Our boy Fede released a new skinning engine for LauncherPro today that will allow some of our favorite themers to attack widgets and make them beautiful without requiring you to install a whole new version of the app.  The hope is to launch the full version in the market Monday (or so), but themers can get to work now so that we can enjoy some fabulous skins ahead of time.

I should also point out that this will allow you to set different skins for each of your LP widgets, so you are not just stuck with one particular theme.  Nice, right? +1 Fede.

Download:  LauncherPro_WidgetSkinningBeta.apk

Here are the dirty details of this new engine:

  • (Almost) All of the graphics you see on the widgets will be skinnable. That includes header background, the shadow below the header, the widget body background, the footer background, refresh icon, buttons (for example, the Timeline/Mentions/DM buttons on the Twitter widget), etc.
  • Most backgrounds should be 9-patch images
  • Most clickable images, like buttons and the footer (refresh bar) should have two states; normal and pressed. When the user presses the button/image, it will change to the pressed graphic.
  • You’ll be able to change the color of any text elements on the widgets.
  • Changing text sizes might not make it into the first SDK, but will definitely come in future updates.
  • More fine-tuning options like changing element positions and dimensions will also come in future updates. This first release should provide enough customization to create some cool skins.

All of the instructions for skinning can be found at this thread.

And here is a sample skin that someone already created.

Cheers everyone!

Custom LauncherPro Plus Widgets Updated with Gmail Widget

signals23 has already updated almost all of his LauncherPro Plus widget themes to the newest version of LP ( which includes the Gmail widget.  If you were looking to keep your phone’s overall theme intact, but didn’t want to downgrade to a stock LauncherPro, you are now good to go.  I chose the Blurps Blue themed LP in the screenshots above since it matches up well with the new blue Blur on Gingerbread for the DROIDX.  You can download that version here.

Full set of custom apks can be found at this XDA thread.

Download: 12 Blue Docks for LauncherPro or ADW to Match the New Blur

A friend of DL’s just sent over a batch of docks that fit perfectly with the new blue Blur that we’re seeing from the leaked Gingerbread that’s come out this week.  If you are like me and fully embracing this new color scheme, then these docks will only add to the experience.  They’ll work with both ADW EX or LauncherPro, so no one should feel left out.  Feel free to download the whole set of docks which are zipped below, or grab the few individual files that I’ve posted separately.


If you need instructions on using custom docks:  LauncherPro | ADW EX

Huge Cheers to Nick!

LauncherPro Update Brings Gmail Widget, New Screen Transitions and Fixes

LauncherPro (Plus) finally received its Gmail widget today along with a couple of new homescreen transitions, and some other fixes.  Been a while since we’ve had an update, right?  No word on the full re-write, but this should hold you over for a while…

  1. New Gmail widget for Plus users!
  2. New “Flip” and “Rotate 2” homescreen transition effects. The old “Flip” transition is now called “Flip 2”.
  3. Facebook login is now done through the official Facebook app (where available).
  4. Updated the Twitter widget code to fix some issues.

Download Link

Download New LauncherPro Themes: BLURPS, Clouds, and Metro

Our man signals23 over at XDA has been busy updating all of the LauncherPro Plus themes that have now become so famous.  And actually, he’s released a whole set of new themes that we weren’t aware of and wanted to make sure you all checked them out.  He’s calling them Metro, Clouds and BLURPS and are seriously works of LP art.  You’ll find multiple colors that are all based off of the latest version of LauncherPro and work incredibly well with a variety of themes.  Show signals23 some love.

METRO:  Download

CLOUDS:  Download

BLURPS:  Blue | Red | Grey | Green


1.  Backup your current LP settings.  Preferences>Backup homescreens & settings.
2.  Uninstall LauncherPro.
3.  Download a themed version from above.
4.  When it finishes, tap on the download and click “Install.”
5.  When installation is complete, restore your previous settings.  Preferences>Restore backup.
6.  Enjoy!

The rest of the themes can be found over at XDA.

Cheers Picolas!

In Depth: GO Launcher EX

In my 11 months here at Droid Life, it’s become apparent that most of our community use one of two different home replacement tools: LauncherPro or ADW Launcher. It’s gotten to the point that these tools are deemed essential to Android users because of the additions they bring to an otherwise boring Android home screen. That one row of buttons adds a lot of functionality and saves a lot of space; something that’s precious on a stock 4×4 grid.

Naturally, when a new home replacement comes along, it’s easy to dismiss it. How could it even come close to the “big two?” However, I urge you to read on: GO Launcher is no half-assed effort.   (more…)