5 Fresh Icon Packs: Alos, Sawyer, Etched, Balx, and Tenuix

Within days of posting our last “5 fresh icon packs” feature, another 10 or so quickly popped up on our radar to be featured in the next round-up. I feel like I say this almost every time, but icon designers just keep getting better and better even though you would figure that ideas from this scene would plateau or stall for a while. Thankfully, that hasn’t even come close to happening, which is evidenced by the five packs we have to feature today.

We have packs that carry a vintage vibe, others that put a better spin on Apple’s flat iOS theme, and even one that puts to use the floating circle button from Google’s Material Design. If you can’t find a pack in this round-up to slap on your phone, then I’m not sure you have any taste.  (more…)

Icons and UCCW Episode 7: Morena, Naxos, Umbra, and More

Has it really been over two months since we last put together and Icons and UCCW episode? Sorry about that, but it has been a tad busy around here lately with the Nexus 5 (our review), Bamboo backs, Kit Kat updates, and other end of the year fun. Excuses aside, we had an incredible amount of icon and clock skin submissions to dig through since episode 6, so here are a full four layouts to give you some inspiration for that next home screen setup.  (more…)

Icons and UCCW Episode 6: Banx, Peek, iNex, Shift Clock, and More

It has been a few weeks since we last dropped a batch of icon sets and UCCW skins on you, but feel as if we have enough quality submissions to put together episode 6 of this ongoing, reader-driven series. We had a number of really great icon sets to pick between this time, some of which we are saving for episode 7. The clock skins weren’t as bountiful this time around, so until we see more that catch our eye, we had to limit this episode to three setups. Ready to see them?


Icons and UCCW Episode 4: Minimal UI, Tondo, Flatshade, PushOn and More

uccw clock icons android

So, we decided to start labeling these to keep better track of them going forward. Welcome to the “Icons and UCCW” series that will hopefully continue to become a regular feature here at Droid Life. We casually tossed out a handful of icon packs and UCCW clock skins that had come across our desk a few weeks back, and many of you seemed to enjoy them, even asking for more. Here we are some four episodes later with more clocks and icons than we know what to do with. And you know what, we’re really enjoying it all.

This is our little chance to highlight the amazing work that clock and icon designers are out there putting in. Since it can be tough to navigate through the thousands of entries in the Play store at times, we hope this helps you focus in on the quality stuff – the stuff you’d like placed on your home screen.  (more…)

Icons and UCCW Episode 2: Phlats, Click UI, MNML Digital, Elegante, and More

uccw clock

A week ago, we posted up a set of UCCW clock widget skins that we are really into, along with an icon pack or two that we also thought you might enjoy. Since it was well received, and this community always seems to be looking for a new way to customize their Android device, we thought we’d drop another set on you. In today’s lineup, we have three icon packs, four UCCW skins, and three wallpapers that should turn your device into the fresh tech is was born to be.

In the top image, you are looking at Elegante UCCW skin paired up with Click UI icons. Below, (from left to right) you are looking at Circular Emotions skin next to a setup with Stark icons, a Stark wallpaper, and the minimal iOS 7 clock. In the very bottom image, you’ve got Phlat icons, with MNML Digital skin, and a wallpaper I can’t seem to get enough of.

Links to everything can be found below.  (more…)

Icons and UCCW Episode 1: Flat Sense, Circle Weather, Clean Desk and ThreeBar

uccw clock skin

We’re always on the hunt for some of the best looking clocks, skins, icon packs, and wallpapers, something you probably know if you have participated in any of our “Show Off Your Home Screens” days. But since we recently ran one of those special events, we’re not ready to fully launch into a share everything post. Instead, we thought we toss out a few of our favorite UCCW clock skins of the moment.  (more…)