Icons and UCCW Episode 1: Flat Sense, Circle Weather, Clean Desk and ThreeBar

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uccw clock skin

We’re always on the hunt for some of the best looking clocks, skins, icon packs, and wallpapers, something you probably know if you have participated in any of our “Show Off Your Home Screens” days. But since we recently ran one of those special events, we’re not ready to fully launch into a share everything post. Instead, we thought we toss out a few of our favorite UCCW clock skins of the moment. 

For those not familiar, UCCW (Ultimate Custom Clock Widget) is the powerhouse of clock widgets. If you want a pretty clock widget on your home screen, you need to install this app immediately. Once you have it installed, you can choose from thousands of clock skins through Google Play with a simple “uccw clock skin” search. The app used to be somewhat confusing to use, but it has really matured over the last year. To use it at this point, make sure you have UCCW installed, go out and find a skin and download it, then head to a home screen and add a UCCW widget in whatever size you think the skin you downloaded will look best in. You should see the new skin listed as an option once you have chosen a widget size.

So today, we’ve picked four that are fitting in nicely with our current wallpaper favorites and icon sets. All are minimal, some are free, others cost a dollar, most are flat, and none will be a regret should you install them. Rather than describe each, I’ve tossed in pictures of them all in action on my home screen.

The top image is Flat Sense – middle left is Circle Weather – middle right is Clean Desk – bottom is ThreeBarClock.

uccw clock skinuccw clock skin

Play Links:  Flat Sense ($1.01) | Circle Weather ($0.99) | Clean Desk Clock | ThreeBarClock

Icon Pack:  Tendere ($1.59)

Wallpaper:  Dream Light

And don’t forget to install UCCW, as you’ll need it for any of these skins to work.

uccw clock skin

Any others you would suggest we check out?



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