Icons and UCCW Episode 7: Morena, Naxos, Umbra, and More

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Has it really been over two months since we last put together and Icons and UCCW episode? Sorry about that, but it has been a tad busy around here lately with the Nexus 5 (our review), Bamboo backs, Kit Kat updates, and other end of the year fun. Excuses aside, we had an incredible amount of icon and clock skin submissions to dig through since episode 6, so here are a full four layouts to give you some inspiration for that next home screen setup. 

For those new to Icons and UCCW, this is a semi-regular feature where we highlight some of the hottest icon packs, UCCW skins, other clock skins, and wallpapers of the moment. We essentially hand you a clock, set of icons, and wallpaper to hopefully help open your mind to Android, take creativity up a notch in the community, and find the true potential of you and this operating system.

In the top setup (at the top of the post), you are looking at Naxos icons, the Naxos Weather (square) Zooper skin, and a wallpaper out of the Morena icon pack. Naxos is a flat icon pack (with subtle shadows) that runs $2.00 and features over 600 icons and 11 wallpapers. It’s accompanying Zooper Widget skin (pro needed) is free and includes a couple of weather skins outside of the square clock.

uccw and icons

In this second setup (above), you are looking at Morena icons, a free UCCW skin called JB+ Clock, and a wallpaper out of the Umbra icon set. Morena runs $1.78, features over 1,150 icons and 7 beautiful wallpapers. This is easily one of my favorite icon sets in some time.

icons and uccw

This this third setup, you are looking at a demo icon set called Off Corner, a free UCCW skin called TypoClock (oldie but goodie), and a wallpaper from the Naxos icon set. The icon pack is a work-in-progress, so the demo .zip is free for now. It’s an incredible start that we are super excited to see finished.

icons and uccw

The last setup includes an icon pack called Umbra from regular Ryan M Kelly. You are also looking at the Off Corner (round) UCCW skin (.uzip) and a soft focus wallpaper I ran into over at DeviantArt. The Umbra icon set is $0.99 (for a limited time), features over 675 icons and 9 wallpapers.

Icons:  Naxos ($2.00) | Morena ($1.78) | Off Corner (via) | Umbra ($0.99)

UCCW Skins:  JB Clock+ | TypoClock | Off Corner (.uzip)

Zooper Skins:  Naxos Weather Round | Naxos Weather Square

Wallpapers:  DeviantArt

Be sure to continue to submit your beautiful icon and skin creations to be featured in episode 7! | All previous Icons and UCCW episodes can be found here.



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