Icons and UCCW Episode 4: Minimal UI, Tondo, Flatshade, PushOn and More

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uccw clock icons android

So, we decided to start labeling these to keep better track of them going forward. Welcome to the “Icons and UCCW” series that will hopefully continue to become a regular feature here at Droid Life. We casually tossed out a handful of icon packs and UCCW clock skins that had come across our desk a few weeks back, and many of you seemed to enjoy them, even asking for more. Here we are some four episodes later with more clocks and icons than we know what to do with. And you know what, we’re really enjoying it all.

This is our little chance to highlight the amazing work that clock and icon designers are out there putting in. Since it can be tough to navigate through the thousands of entries in the Play store at times, we hope this helps you focus in on the quality stuff – the stuff you’d like placed on your home screen. 

In the top setup, you are looking at a UCCW clock called Flatshade that can be picked up for free, along with an icon pack called Minimal UI for $1.49. The icon pack features over 800 icons and 8 wallpapers, one of which is being used there.

uccw clock icons android

In this setup (above), you are looking at a UCCW clock skin called PushOn that can be had for free. The icon pack is called Tondo – also free. The icon pack has over 150 icons, so it’s not exactly robust, but it gets the job done. Tondo also features 4 incredibly colorful and bright wallpapers that I love, one of which is included here.

uccw clock icons android

In this setup (above), you are looking at a UCCW clock skin called It’s On that can be had for $0.99 and comes in both white and black. The icon set is an old school free bundle called Tiny White. The wallpaper is another from the previously mentioned Minimal UI pack.

And in the last setup (below), you are looking at a UCCW clock skin called Long Shadows. It runs $0.99 and comes in both black and white. I matched it up with our previously covered Nox icon pack from kovdev, since the shadows matched up perfectly. The wallpaper is from a pack called Fuzz, that I highly recommend you all grab.

Don’t forget to submit new clocks and icon packs! You can also drop them in the comments.

uccw clock icons android

Icons:  Minimal UI ($1.49) | Tondo | Tiny White | Nox ($1.99) 

UCCW Skins:  Flatshade | PushOn | It’s On ($0.99) | Long Shadows ($0.99)

Wallpapers:  Fuzz

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