Google is Now Letting You “Stream” Apps Without Ever Installing Them

Back in April, Google started indexing apps in Google Search to show relevant information from them in your results, even if you didn’t have the apps installed. Today, they are taking that experience a step further with the introduction of a couple of new ideas, one of which may blow your mind a bit.

First, in building off of the indexing of apps, Google has taken results a step further, by not only showing results that have matching web content (which was the case before), but by also showing information from apps that don’t have a matching web presence. This is a pretty big move if you think about it, because not all apps have web portals where they include the information that is found inside their apps. This move allows Google to show information from apps that are stand-alone properties.  (more…)

Google Introduces New Google+ With Revamped UI and Focus on Communities and Collections

This afternoon, Google announced that it has been working on a new version of Google+ that is ready for prime time. Over the past couple of months, Google (with help from users of Google+) realized that a big part of the social platform’s growth was in Communities and Collections, and so that’s where the latest redesign takes its focus.

With Communities, you get a forum-like atmosphere within G+ that allows you to discuss topics with like-minded folks. With Collections, you have a way to bundle together the posts you like by topic, to help you stay organized and on top of your favorite things.  (more…)

DEAL: Nexus 5 32GB in Black or White for $209 in Newegg Flash Sale

In my Nexus 5X review, I mentioned that the original Nexus 5, a phone two years old, performs better with Android 6.0 Marshmallow than the new LG model. I don’t know how that is possible with all of the new tech inside of the 5X, but it was painfully obvious. Outside of the camera being pretty poor in the original Nexus 5, it’s still a phone worth considering at the right price. $209 might be the right price.  (more…)

Google Photos Updated With New Ways to Save Your Storage

An update for the Google Photos application is set to rollout today for Android users, one which aims at saving you precious storage space on your device and in the cloud.

Once updated, a “Free Up Space” button will appear in the Settings menu, which will prompt users to clear up bulk amounts of photos that are likely being duplicated. For example, if your photos have already been uploaded to the cloud, Photos will give you the “okay” to delete them off of your device, so as to save space for additional photos. To prevent device copies from being accidentally deleted, Google is asking users to double-confirm their intent during the “Free Up Space” process. (more…)

The Best Android Phone You Can Buy Today

My, oh my, how things have changed in five months. The first time we told you what the best Android phone was that you can buy today, we easily picked the Galaxy S6, even saying that it would be difficult for anyone to top it throughout the year. In our new list of the best Android phones (that you are about to read), surprisingly, it didn’t even show up.

That’s pretty wild if you think about it. A phone, that was easily the best Samsung had introduced in two years, topped everything on the market and then some, yet five months later isn’t even one we would suggest as a must-buy today. It just shows you how good phones are today and how improvements are still showing from one to the next within a few month period.

So what did top today’s list of the best Android phone you can buy? Let’s find out.  (more…)

DEAL: Nexus 6 32GB Once Again Back at eBay for $289

The Nexus 6, last year’s flagship Nexus device, is back for a third or fourth (I’ve lost track) time through an eBay deal for an absurdly low $289 price. And again, this for for a brand new, unlocked Nexus 6 in Midnight Blue with 32GB of storage. This is also the XT1103 model, which is the North American variant that works on all carriers here, including Verizon.

The deal includes free economy shipping and probably shouldn’t be passed on if you are in need of a really good phone, but have less than $300 to spend.

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