Google Announces Fit Developer Challenge in Partnership with adidas, Polar, and Withings

Give them incentive, and developers will build awesome things. That is the premise of the Google Fit Developer Challenge, which the eponymous search giant announced yesterday. In partnership with lifestyle companies adidas, Polar, and Withings, Google’s contest for fitness apps will see winners receive front-and-center placement in the Play store and smart devices from the aforementioned sponsors. (more…)

T-Mobile Now Selling the Nexus 6 With 32GB or 64GB of Storage

After delaying for a week, T-Mobile is now selling the Nexus 6, Google’s brand new whale of a smartphone.

The device comes in Midnight Blue, just like every other carrier, but you do have options of either 32GB or 64GB of storage, which is unique to T-Mobile. Sprint and AT&T are both only selling the 32GB model. At least one of our readers purchased the 64GB model from T-Mobile this morning, chose overnight shipping, and is expecting it to arrive tomorrow.  (more…)

Sprint Nexus 6 Now Available From Best Buy for $199 on Contract

The Nexus 6 is largely still impossible to find. You have been able to pre-order from AT&T and Sprint for less than a week, but most have had no chance at buying the unlocked model from Google Play or Motorola’s shop. And even if you were lucky enough to order through those last two stores, the chances of your device having arrived already are pretty slim. Hopefully, as we approach what we are assuming is the device’s official launch of today or tomorrow, we should start to see it become more accessible.

Take for example a new Best Buy listing, which shows the Nexus 6 for Sprint available for $199 with a new 2-year contract. That’s $100 cheaper than if you were to buy it through Sprint directly. You can even buy it off-contract for $699, which isn’t exactly cheap, but is an option if you need the device now and don’t want Sprint service.  (more…)

Google Play Services 6.5 for Developers, Brings Helpful Maps, Wallet, and Fit APIs for Incorporation

Google’s Android development team is now rolling out Google Play Services 6.5 to developers, bringing a ton of new APIs to incorporate into existing applications.

For starters, developers are getting more flexibility from Google Maps, with the API now offering a map toolbar to allow users to open Maps and immediately get directions, as well as turn-by-turn navigation to a selected marker. For business owners, who also run an application, this could help potential customers find their place much more quickly.  (more…)

Be Careful With Ambient Display on the Nexus 6, It’s Prone to Pocket Dialing and Other Unwanted Activities

With Android 5.0 and the Nexus 6, Google introduced Ambient Display, a feature that acts a lot like Motorola’s Moto Display, only is less smart and feature packed. It’s cool, for the most part, and is certainly much more informative than an LED notification. But as we mentioned in our write-up of Ambient Display, this feature is new and needs improvement in order to be as amazing as Motorola’s effort. As it turns out, Ambient Display has one potentially fatal flaw we failed to mention during that initial write-up – unless you have a PIN, pattern, or password active, Ambient Display turns your phone into a pocket dialing, unintentional text messaging, app opening nightmare.

Let me explain.  (more…)