Report: Google is Becoming a Wireless Carrier This Year, Will Use T-Mobile and Sprint Networks

According to a report from Amir Efrati of The Information, Google is planning to launch its own wireless service this year, a service that will use T-Mobile and Sprint networks. The service would be similar to StraightTalk or any other MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) in that Google won’t actually own any of the network, they will simply be cutting deals with T-Mobile and Sprint to have access to networks, so that they can then sell you a service plan that works on those networks. Think of it like you do the prepaid cards you see slung about checkout lines at stores like Target. (more…)

Today is It: The Last Day to Not Spend $1500 on Google Glass

Google Glass, at least in its Explorer Edition form, is gone forever after today. The Google Glass team has become its own stand-alone group at Google, so instead of continuing to try and push the current version of Glass, they will set their focus on what’s next – more Glass.

If you have $1,500 saved up to spend on a product that may or may not receive support going forward, you only have hours left to spend it.  (more…)

January 19 is the Last Day to Blow $1500 on the Google Glass Explorer Edition

The Google Glass team confirmed today that they are “graduating” from Google[x] and becoming their own team at Google, a team that is reportedly reporting directly to Nest’s Tony Fadell. In a post shared to Google+ to talk about their big move, they also announced that the Google Glass Explorer Program will be closing and the Explorer Edition of Glass will stop being sold after January 19.

The team didn’t mention specifics about a follow-up product, but did note that they can now focus on “what’s coming next” and that you will start seeing “future versions” of Glass when they are ready.  (more…)

Google Changes City Experts Name to Local Guides

Google loves everyday reviewers because reviewers help broaden Google’s own services, such as Google Maps. Without reviews, then what good are checking the services for recommendations on places you should check out?

Not too long ago, Google launched a program called Google City Experts. City Experts are a group of people in major cities throughout the US who enjoy dining at different restaurants and exploring their towns, following up with a review of the experience on Google. Anyone can be a City Expert, as long as you maintain your reviewing record.  (more…)

Nest’s Tony Fadell Now in Charge of Google Glass, Separates Into Independent Division (Updated)

According to FortuneGoogle is making a few changes at HQ today, as Nest’s Tony Fadell has been placed in charge of overseeing Google Glass. The co-founder of Nest joined Google’s ranks after Mountain View acquired the smart thermostat business, but it’s clear that Google thinks Fadell’s experience in consumer electronics could benefit Glass.  (more…)