LG’s Music Flow Speakers Will be Google Cast-Ready This Month

LG announced late last night that their Hi-Fi Music Flow speakers will be some of the first available to integrate Google Cast. Their current line-up, which includes sound bars, WiFi speakers, and portable WiFi speakers, will have Google Cast connectivity this month, which I’m assuming means out-the-box. Current owners of any of these products will see an over-the-air update with Google Cast soon.  (more…)

Google Introduces 7 New Sections to Its Material Design Guidelines

I’m not going to even attempt to claim that I have a good grasp on what Google’s Material Design is. I know it’s pretty and bold. I know things float. I know that there are ripples reacting to touch. And I understand that there should be layers, lighting, and an overall feeling of reality in an app when implemented properly. I also get the feeling that the whole concept isn’t just overwhelming to me alone, and that app developers and designers are having their own troubles.

Thankfully, Google continues to revise its massive set of Material Design guidelines to help us all better understand a “tactile reality, inspired by the study of paper and ink, yet technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic.” Yes, we need to understand magic more. More magic.  (more…)

Deal: Moto 360 is Now Just $165 at the Google Store, Free Shipping Included

Remember how the Moto 360 dropped to $180 at Amazon and Best Buy to end last week? Forget about that non-sense. Google just dropped the price to $165 at the Google Store, and threw in free shipping to boot.

Both black or stone leather options are available at $165.

What are you waiting for? Oh, the Moto 360 (2nd Gen), which has to be right around the corner. OK, that makes sense. (more…)

Google is Working on Improving Battery Tech for Consumer Electronics

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has a small group inside its Google X research lab to try and improve battery technology for things like smartphones and wearables. The group is led former Apple battery guru, Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj, who of course, was not available for comment on the story.

Bhardwaj and his 4-member team reportedly originally tested batteries that were developed by others for use in Google devices, but have since switched gears and may even develop the new battery tech themselves. The current focus is said to be to improve lithium-ion technology and solid-state batteries for consumer devices, which we would assume would be for things like phones, tablets, a new version of Google Glass, smartwatches, and other wearables (like Google’s contact lens).  (more…)