Best Galaxy S8 Pictures to Date: Show Grey, Gold, and Black in High-Res

This sh*t isn’t exciting at all anymore, but that doesn’t mean some of us aren’t at least a little bit curious about some high-res renders of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Today, @evleaks posted up promotional material that features the device in black, gold, and purple grey. The photos are about as clear as we’ve seen to date and do give us a clean look at the device.

OK, I don’t know what else to say. I’m officially over Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks at this point and just want the phones to get here already, so that we can play with them, test them, and share actual thoughts that matter.

Also, I don’t care what the official color names are. These phones are black, gold, and purple grey.  (more…)

And Now the Galaxy S8 on Video, Working…Briefly

It looks big, like a Note 7, and curvy. Pretty cool overall design; my how far we have come. I’m just hoping that fingerprint reader isn’t tough to reach and the phone can withstand a 4-inch drop.

How about those on-screen buttons, though? (Will be looking to theme them and re-order them as step one out of the box, after setup.)


Want to See the Galaxy S8 is Black, Grey, and Silver? Here You Go. (Updated: Purple and Backs Too!)

Over the weekend, @evleaks shared new press renders of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in three colorways: black sky, orchid grey, and arctic silver. The pictures, outside of revealing some of the colors coming soon to a retailer near you, don’t show any other really new tidbits. But that isn’t shocking, since these phones are inching towards being the most leaked, now-almost-boring, we’re-sick-of-seeing-all-of-this-stuff-before-launch, devices in history.

Hey, how about some new side shots, though? Ooooh.  (more…)

Samsung Announces Bixby, the Galaxy S8 Virtual Assistant They are Betting Big On

This morning, Samsung kicked off the new week by announcing Bixby, the virtual assistant and interface that will be a big part of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Not only that, but Samsung has “thousands” of software developers working on making Bixby a core piece of their brand going forward, which means it’ll be more than a phone assistant. In time, you’ll be able to control almost all of your Samsung devices through Bixby, including appliances.

Here’s what we know about Bixby so far.  (more…)