Facebook’s Events App Comes to Android

Back in October, Facebook announced that it was making a dedicated Events app, only Android users were going to have to wait a bit for it. Today, it arrives just in time for your holiday plans to take shape on Facebook.

The app not only helps you keep track of your own events and the events you plan to attend, it also suggests others you may enjoy and helps you find the hottest happenings in your area. It’s an all-in-one app, for sure, assuming you and your friends and family make plans through Facebook.  (more…)

Facebook at Work is Now Workplace, a Social Network for the Office

In an attempt to bring coworkers closer together, and maybe spawn a few more collaborative efforts, Facebook is making Workplace (formerly Facebook at Work), available to all. Essentially, Workplace will be a social network for the office, one which won’t be congested with political gibberish or cat videos posted by your whacky aunt. In fact, Workplace will have a separate login from your personal FB account, building an even larger space between the two accounts.  (more…)