Facebook Introduces Save Feature for iOS, Android and Web

If you have ever come across a link on Facebook, but you didn’t have time to click and explore it, Facebook has introduced a new Save feature, allowing you to essentially create a bookmark library for your account.

Saved links and posts will be saved for you in the tabs section on iOS and Android devices, as well as accessible through your web browser.  (more…)

Facebook Explains the Future of Its Android App is Through Efficiency and Performance

In a post on their engineering blog today, Facebook said that it was about two years ago when they became a “mobile-first” company. The struggle with that outlook is the definition of mobile is not the same all around the world. To make sure that its application will give the same Facebook experience to people around the world, Facebook traveled to Africa to study what “mobile” is in emerging markets to help define its strategy going forward.  (more…)

Facebook Introduces Slingshot, a Snapchat Competitor Based on an Odd Idea

Facebook Creative Labs introduced their new app today, called Slingshot. This app has been rumored for some time as a Snapchat competitor, in that you can send short videos or images to friends that will disappear shortly after they view them. Slingshot is different in a way, though. In order to view images or videos received, you have to first “sling” something to the friend who just sent something to you. Wow, that was as odd to type as it sounds.  (more…)

Facebook Intros New Way to Share TV Shows and Songs with Friends

Thought your Facebook Newsfeed could not possibly be littered with more junk? Think again. For media connoisseurs that just have to share with the world what they are watching and listening to, Facebook is introducing a new sharing feature – audio identification for TV, movies, and music.

If you have ever used Shazam or ever had Google Now identify a song, you are already familiar with how the new functionality works. When you are writing a status update in the Facebook app, an audio icon will move, indicating the app is using your phone’s microphone to identify a TV show, movie, or music. If Facebook finds a match, you can then choose to add the media to your status.  (more…)