DROID Pro by Motorola Review – Verizon

The “DROID” brand name has already helped propel Android into an elite class, so with the Droid Pro it looks as if a new goal has been accepted.  Motorola and Verizon will now throw their weight around in the world of business smartphones with their first global Android device that hopes to steal a set of consumers they have until now been unable to, the Blackberry crowd.  As a candy bar-styled device with a keyboard and bigger screen than most BB devices offer, will this device do the trick?  Has Moto offered enough incentive for your company to make a change?  Let’s dive in and see what we can figure out.   (more…)

Download: DROID Pro Boot Animation

The Droid Pro boot animation might be one of the best red eyes that we have seen so far and you can download it below to test on your own device.  The file is optimized from the Pro’s small screen and should work on the DX and D2, but I’m sure a few tweaks will be needed to get you to a desired look for your particular Droid phone.

Download:  bootanimation.zip

If you want to use the stock version above, simply download to your SD card, open Root Explorer and paste the file into /data/local/.

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“DROID Does France” in New DROID 2 Global Ad

I’m not exactly sure where this ad  came from, but you can see that the new print ad campaign for the Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro is in full swing.  “DROID does France” is the latest in a string of global inspired ads hoping to help Android grab the spotlight on the business front from some of the other global smartphones currently on the market.  It would have been nice to see these devices on the small screen, but you can guess that the budget for Droid phones ran out back with the Droid X and the huge campaign attached to it.

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Verizon Sends New DROID 2 Global Emails, is this our Official Announcement?

After this, we’ll just stop talking about the fact that Verizon has decided to sneak in the Droid 2 Global without ever  giving it a proper announcement (Facebook message doesn’t count) and then maybe they will decide to.  As you can see from the email above, VZW is starting to send out additional emails to Droid email subscribers bragging that it is the “first smartphone with a 1.2GHz processor.”  Seems like something press release-worthy doesn’t it?   (more…)

Video: Benchmarking the DROID Pro by Motorola

You’ve already seen an unboxing of the Droid Pro, so how about we show you some benchmarks?  As a device with a smaller screen and resolution than most of the major Android devices, but with a big time 1GHz OMAP processor seen on only a few, you should expect these to be impressive.  Well guess what, they are.  Running Android 2.2, the DP crushes all of the other devices listed in Quadrant, hits MFLOPS with the best of the Droid brand in Linpack, and pumps out a ridiculous FPS rate in Neocore.   (more…)

DROID Pro Commercial Channels Pussycat Dolls

What better way to sell Motorola’s newest global phone to Blackberry users than by tweaking a 2004 pop song by the Pussycat Dolls?  Not seeing how that would work?  I’ll have to admit that I’m with you, but at least it’s some sort of promotion.  Other than a minor part in the Snowbot commercial, we might not see too many other ad spots for this new Droid Pro.  All signs point to Verizon and Moto preparing budgets for a big 2011 Droid push.  No matter what though, we all love seeing new commercials, don’t we?   (more…)