DROID Pro Update to Version 3.8.7.XT610 Ready for Launch

An update for the DROID Pro appears to be ready for launch and will bring the device up to Blur version 3.8.7.XT610 which isn’t Gingerbread, but does appear to be a new numbering scheme for Blur.  After the 43.8MB update, you’ll see much better ActiveSync support and the VCAST Appstore along with some other tweaks to the corporate side of things.  Feel free to head into Settings>About>System Updates to see if the update is ready.    (more…)

SBF Files Released for DROID 2 Global and DROID Pro

If you own a Droid 2 Global or Droid Pro and plan on doing any rooting, ROMing or tweaking, then you’ll love this bit of news from our friends over at My Droid World.  The SBF files for both devices went live today, so you may want to go download them immediately before they are gone forever.

For those not familiar, SBF files are used any time your device hits a state of unrecoverability (that a word?).  An SBF flashed using a program called RSD Lite will wipe your phone back to its stock state, which is like having a brand new, out-of-the-box Droid.  The files are normally used by carriers to wipe phones before sending them off for warranties and such, but if you can have one in your back pocket, it may come in handy should you do something horrible to your phone.

Of course, we do not recommend that you do anything out of the ordinary to your phone and cannot recommend that you even try using one of these files.  We’re just letting you know that they are out there.

Droid 2 Global SBF Thread | Droid Pro SBF Thread

DROID Pro Receiving Bug Fixing Update, to Version 2.26.60

The Droid Pro (our review) is the latest family member to receive an update.  With so many devices out now, seems like one pops up each week, and of course, we’re not complaining.  This one appears to be pretty minor, weighs in at about 15.9MB and looks to improve a bunch of stuff.  If you’d like to tell your phone to pull the update immediately, head to Settings>About Phone>System Updates on your device and it should be waiting for you.   (more…)

DROID 2 Global and DROID Pro Get Axed at Best Buy

We got word yesterday from a reader that Best Buy was no longer selling the Droid Pro (our review) and Droid 2 Global and thought, “Wow, that’s odd…what’s the story BB?”  Well according to reports this morning, they may have been “recalled” by Verizon and not because of some defect.  No, we’re hearing that Verizon was upset at the ridiculously low pricing that BB was offering both devices at which may have broken some sort of contract between the two.  Sounds like no one was buying phones from Big Red and they pulled inventory from BB.  Drama.

Via:  Engadget, BGR

Buy a DROID X, Incredible or Pro from Dell and They’ll Hand You $25

Normally when a phone like the Droid X hits the “FREE” category, that’s a big enough announcement, but Dell has taken it a step further.  If you buy a DX from their online store, not only will you get the device for free, but they’ll toss in a $25 gift card with it.  Not bad right?  We saw this same deal for the Incredible last month, but Dell decided to step their game up for a last minute X-mas push using almost all of the Droid devices.  You will find this $25 gift card deal for the Incredible (again), Pro and DX.  Who’s buying?


Cheers MC!

DROID 2 Global $149 and DROID Pro $49 at Best Buy

The Droid Pro (our review) and Droid 2 Global have only been out for a couple of weeks now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a steal of a deal on either of them.  Best Buy is offering up the Pro for $49 and the D2 Global for $149 which are insanely low prices for a couple of phones that are this new.  Tack these deals onto BB’s new holiday smartphone sale and you’ve got some choices.   (more…)

Motorola’s Entire DROID Lineup Makes Another Print Appearance

This whole not wanting to officially recognize the Droid 2 Global thing is starting to get silly.  In this new ad which I just pulled from this month’s Details, Verizon introduces the Droid Pro (our review) to the family as the new global beast, only the D2G is also pictured without a mention  Now, I think we all understand that they made a mistake by launching the original Droid 2 and are trying not to piss off the massive amounts of people that bought it just 3 months ago, but this phone could be a huge hit with its global capabilities and powerful 1.2GHz processor.  Not to mention that the keyboard crushes the OG’s and the OGD2’s…weirdos.

Oh, the Droid X is also featured.  Nice to see the big dog still holding his own after 5 months of life in the wild.

That’s also our third Droid appearance in one day.  Here and here.