Halloween Angry Birds Edition Is On The Way, With Surprise Guest Appearance?

Rovio is about to release a spooky addition to the Angry Birds franchise just in time for ghoul-filled holiday. We see a few birdies dressed up in costumes and then they stumble upon a bucket filled with candy(?) There is minor speculation (I stress minor) that it could be none other than Om Nom, the beloved creature from Cut The Rope inside the bucket.  (more…)

Move the Box, A Logic Game About Moving Boxes


Move the Box is 24 levels of some complex puzzles that will definitely be able to make your bus stop wait seem shorter. The look and over all feel of the game reminds me of Cut the Rope a bit with nice colors and just a relaxing vibe in general.

Market Link (Free)

The game is clearly marked as the “Lite” version but with no signs of a paid for version on the Market, we can be certain to expect that to come shortly. Everyone loving some good brain busters?

Cut the Rope Receives Update, Includes ‘Toy Box’ With 25 New Levels

All you rope cutters can head to the Android Market and download the updated version of the classic game Cut the Rope. Inside the update is a completely new box called “Toy Box” which holds 25 all new levels. Along with the update are a few bug fixes and performance tweaks.

For a game that already works extremely well, it’s good to know they’re going to continue updates and giving us more boxes. Still loving some Om nom nom?

Market Link

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Amazon’s Free App Of The Day: Cut the Rope

Back when Cut the Rope first hit Android, there was some serious hype around it and for good reason. One of the most popular iOS games had finally made its way to Android and it worked like a charm. Well today, users can pick up this classic game for free from Amazon and enjoy all the cute cutting ‘om nom’ goodness. You can’t go wrong with Cut the Rope.

Amazon Link

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Help “The Marbians” Get Back To Their Planet In The Newest Game For Android

We’ll be getting another time killer for Android devices this Friday, with the release of The Marbians. Are you ready to help these poor little crash landed aliens encased in marbles(?) get back home on their distant planet? Definitely looks like a fun premise, with Cut the Rope-esque looking graphics, and a smooth looking gameplay, we’ll see if it becomes another instant classic.  (more…)

Cut The Rope Lands On Android Market For $.99 And No Ads

The time has come for Cut the Rope, and if anyone has been playing nonstop like I have, then this is just a plain necessity. For only $1 on the Android Market, you can now feed the ever so cute Om Nom with no advertisements. The only downfall so far, is that if you have already beaten the free version (got 3 stars on each level), your progress does not carry over to the paid version. But hey, it’s like having a brand new game to beat all over again. Go grab it and rate it 5 stars.

Om nom nom nom nom!

Market Link

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Download: Cut the Rope on Android

So much for that big Friday surprise, right?  We just got done reporting that Getjar will be the first to have Cut the Rope starting tomorrow, but they’ve already posted it up at this link.  And if you don’t feel like heading there, we’ve posted the .apk file below.  The version we have is for the DROIDX though, so depending on the screen resolution of your device, you may want to still head over to Getjar.

Download:  cuttherope.apk [officially from Getjar]

Cheers @jonathan_shell and @cheeltun!

Want Cut the Rope on Android? Sign Up at this Reddit Landing Page? (Updated)

Update 2:  It’s already available over at Getjar.  We’ve posted it here.

So there is this weird, semi-underground notification system going on for Cut the Rope on Android, which we have all be told is coming tomorrow by a random Twitter account that appears to be unaffiliated with the real Cut the Rope makers.  If that didn’t make sense to you, trust me when I say that you aren’t the only one who is confused.  Just minutes ago though, that same @CTRAndroid account tweeted a URL to a Reddit landing page which is allowing users to sign up with their email address to be notified when it hits what we’re assuming will be the Amazon Appstore.

Sound a little shady?  Yeah, providing your email address to something that isn’t necessarily confirmed and in a world that seems to be filled with malware and other sneakiness, doesn’t seem like such a good idea – does it?  Don’t worry though, we plugged one of ours in to see what evil deeds may occur.

The really odd thing about all of this, is the fact that there is an official Cut the Rope Twitter account that refuses to acknowledge this other one.  Part of me is wondering if it’s fake, but then again, you would think the official account would let everyone know that danger is near?  Who knows…

Update:  OK, we already have an update.  The game appears to be headed to GetJar:

You can sign up through Reddit here, but please proceed with some caution.  And know that if the game does drop tomorrow, that we’ll be posting it anyway, so there is almost no need to fill out this form.