Want Cut the Rope on Android? Sign Up at this Reddit Landing Page? (Updated)

Update 2:  It’s already available over at Getjar.  We’ve posted it here.

So there is this weird, semi-underground notification system going on for Cut the Rope on Android, which we have all be told is coming tomorrow by a random Twitter account that appears to be unaffiliated with the real Cut the Rope makers.  If that didn’t make sense to you, trust me when I say that you aren’t the only one who is confused.  Just minutes ago though, that same @CTRAndroid account tweeted a URL to a Reddit landing page which is allowing users to sign up with their email address to be notified when it hits what we’re assuming will be the Amazon Appstore.

Sound a little shady?  Yeah, providing your email address to something that isn’t necessarily confirmed and in a world that seems to be filled with malware and other sneakiness, doesn’t seem like such a good idea – does it?  Don’t worry though, we plugged one of ours in to see what evil deeds may occur.

The really odd thing about all of this, is the fact that there is an official Cut the Rope Twitter account that refuses to acknowledge this other one.  Part of me is wondering if it’s fake, but then again, you would think the official account would let everyone know that danger is near?  Who knows…

Update:  OK, we already have an update.  The game appears to be headed to GetJar:

You can sign up through Reddit here, but please proceed with some caution.  And know that if the game does drop tomorrow, that we’ll be posting it anyway, so there is almost no need to fill out this form.

Cut The Rope Heading To Amazon Appstore This Friday?

Cut the Rope is coming to the Android platform this Friday, and from the looks of it, we’re thinking it will be FREE on the Amazon Appstore. A few of the bigger titles have been released onto Android (Plants vs. Zombies for instance) with the price tag of free, so the number of downloads will skyrocket within the first few days. We certainly aren’t hearing any complaints about that business plan.

Cut the Rope is one of the highest downloaded apps on the iTunes store for games, and there’s a reason why: it’s a solid game, with literally hours of entertainment to be had if you enjoy these cute/whimsical puzzle titles. Definitely be on the lookout Friday for this release. (more…)

Cut the Rope for Android Nearing Release, Preview Video Goes Live

We’ve been following Cut the Rope since back in October, so when we received this video almost an hour ago now, we seriously popped out of our seats.  This is one of those iOS games that has taken the mobile world by storm, but has been absent from the Android platform and that’s a damn shame.  And I even hate to admit this, but this game is good enough that I actually downloaded it to an iPod Touch, just so that I could spend some quality time with it.

Well today, ZeptoLab, released a quick preview video that shows the Android version of the game in action with a note in the description reading “The release date will be announced later.”  All we can hope for, is a non-Thunderbolt approach to this release and we should have it in no time.   (more…)

Cut the Rope Headed to Android, Could be the Next Angry Birds?

If you are looking for the next mega-game that can compete with Angry Birds, then get ready for Cut the Rope.  This game reached 1 million downloads on its launch day for iOS and has been given the Android thumbs-up by its creator Zeptolab.  While they didn’t specify an actual date, you may want to keep an eye on this one.  And I’ve got to admit that I had a chance to cut some ropes yesterday on an i*od Touch and the game had me instantly hooked.  Video action after the break.   (more…)