Skype with Video on Android Updated: Thunderbolt, DROID Charge, Revolution and Others Now Supported


Hard to believe, isn’t it?  The HTC Thunderbolt, the device that was supposed to kick off the Skype with Video campaign back in March is just now receiving it almost a month and a half after it was released to the Android Market.  The Skype team didn’t just stop there though and actually added 17 other top devices including the DROID Charge, LG Revolution and Samsung Galaxy S II to the supported list.  It looks like they’ve adopted the same model as Netflix (slowly but surely), but we’ll admit that we are still happy that it’s making its way onto some of our favorite phones.   (more…)

Verizon Deal: Buy a Wireless Charging Pad, Receive Battery Cover for Free

Either Verizon hasn’t sold many of these inductive (wireless) battery charging pads and covers or they are finally ready to force you into learning about this new technology.  Through August’s “Accessory of the Month” deal, you can buy the wireless charging pad ($69.99) that they have on hand and receive the wireless battery cover for a select few devices for free – all normally priced from $29.99 – $39.99.

What is wireless charging?  Well, if you have a pad and battery cover, you can easily charge your device without having to actually plug in your device.  Sure, the charging pad will always have to be plugged into a wall, but I’ll even admit that it is pretty handy to come home and simply set my Thunderbolt down on my desk to get it to charge rather than fuss with a microUSB cable.

So if you have a DROID3, HTC Thunderbolt, LG Revolution, DROID Charge, or Incredible 2, you may want to look into the future of charging and grab one of these pads along with a matching inductive battery cover.     (more…)

Verizon Swapping Out Faulty Fascinates for DROIDX2, Incredible 2 and DROID Charge? (Updated)


Update:  Our friends at Verizon have reached out to tell us that this is no longer happening.  Since the ED05 update is going out and will fix the issue, there is no need for a swap.

If your Samsung Fascinate is suffering from an inability to accept calls after receiving its latest update, then you may be entitled to a certified like-new replacement from Verizon.  According to reports, Big Red is willing to hand over a DROIDX2, Incredible 2 or DROID Charge if they deem your phone to be worthless.  So, to the Fascinate owners in the building that have been more than frustrated with their devices after receiving ED04 because it broke one its primary functions, head on into a store.

Via:  Engadget

Gameloft Adds Support for the DROID Charge


Gameloft is one of those companies that actually likes to make sure their products work before releasing them and is usually the reason we see support for new devices missing at launch.  The DROID Charge is a pretty good example of that even if to many, support for it seems to have taken an extra long amount of time.  The good news is that as of this week, you can find a number of titles that the Charge has been given the thumbs up to.  All you have to do is head over the Gameloft online store and start browsing.

Cheers Impatient Charge Owner!

Reminder: Free 4G LTE Hotspot for the Charge, Thunderbolt and Revolution Ends Today

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were informing everyone of Verizon’s plans to extend out the free 4G LTE hotspot promo for the Charge, Revolution and Thunderbolt to July 6, doesn’t it?  Well, we wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day – unless of course another extension is issued, but we haven’t been told by anyone that there will be one.  And I’ll admit that it would be pretty surprising since VZW is going live with tiers tomorrow which includes new hotspot plans.

We’re also still waiting on an official confirmation that current unlimited LTE customers will have a separate $30 unlimited tethering plan from new customers – hopefully that comes tomorrow.

We should also remind you that Verizon’s lineup of 4G devices should all receive a minor software update to stop the free hotspot promo and replace it with a message, reminding customers that they will now need to purchase a plan.

Cheers for the reminder Octotron!

Leaked Gingerbread Now Available for the DROID Charge

The Gingerbread (Android 2.3) build for the DROID Charge that was teased over the weekend is now available for rooted users to download.  We should point out that it does include its fair share of bugs though, like a dead mobile hotspot app and no HDMI functionality, but the biggest might be the fact that it can’t send or receive texts.

It’s definitely unofficial 2.3.3 and these bugs aren’t a surprise, so try to understand if you dive into it, that this is no where near what the final release will feel like.  You can use Netflix afterwards though!

You can find all of the files and instructions at MyDroidWorld.

Gingerbread for the DROID Charge About to be Leaked, Gets Teased on Video


The DROID Charge is rumored to be receiving Gingerbread (Android 2.3) in the very near future, but it appears now as if it’ll get leaked to all of you much sooner.  In the video above that @P3droid released over the weekend, a 2.3.3 build has been released and will be made available to rooted users shortly.  They had originally planned to release this to everyone by tomorrow, but it’s looking like there are still some bugs that need to be worked out including mobile hotspot.  I will say that the device seems much more stable and snappy compared to the 2.2 device we reviewed.  Oh, and 2.3.3 will also unlock the ability to play Netflix.

Charge owners, you ready for some Gingy?

Via:  MyDroidWorld

Verizon Extends Free 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Offer Through July 6th for Thunderbolt, Charge and Revolution

We just received some pretty welcoming news from Verizon concerning the free 4G LTE mobile hotspot promotion that has been available to owners of the DROID Charge, HTC Thunderbolt and LG Revolution for the last couple of months.  According to our friends at Big Red, the promo has been granted an extension and will take users all the way through July 6.  We had already seen one extension that gave us all free hotspot usage through tomorrow, but we’ll gladly accept another month.

Verizon Wireless has extended the Limited Time promotion for Mobile Hotspot and Mobile Broadband Connect on 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) Smartphones, ThunderBolt by HTC, DROID Charge by Samsung, and Revolution by LG. The following are the Unlimited Hotspot promotion details.

Limited Time promotion available through 7/6/2011 which allows customers unlimited 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot and Mobile Broadband Connect usage until July 6, 2011 with the purchase of a ThunderBolt by HTC, a DROID Charge by Samsung, or a Revolution by LG, with a voice plan and a data package $29.99 or higher.

The $20/GB (Gigabyte) plan will not be available on 4G LTE Smartphones. On July 6, 2011 a software update will remove the Mobile Hotspot offer. A message will be sent to the end user to contact their system administrator to subscribe to Mobile Hotspot.

So be sure to live it up for another month!  You never know what sorts of prices we could see once July hits.  And props to Verizon for continuing to extend this out for additional months.  I can’t put into words how important this feature was to me at Google I/O this year with all of the spotty wifi hotspots floating around.  It definitely kept Droid Life afloat for those few days.

Cheers ___!