DROID Charge EE4 Update on the Way – Fixes 4G LTE Connectivity, Other Bugs (Updated)

An update for the DROID Charge looks like it has been approved by Verizon and is just awaiting their pressing of the “Go” button.  The new 9.9MB EE4 build will introduce a slew of bug fixes, but whenever we see something mentioning better 4G LTE connectivity, it needs to be highlighted.  And I guess we always like it when call quality and GPS tracking have improved as well.  Overall the update should be considered pretty minor, since it’s not Gingerbread.   (more…)

DROID Charge Starting to See Custom ROMs, Gummy Charged is One to Check Out

The DROID Charge (our review) may not have been adopted as widely as the HTC Thunderbolt was by developers after launch, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some still out there puttin’ in work on ROMs for it.  Over the last week and a half we’ve started to see a handful or so reach pretty stable levels, so we wanted to make sure our Charge readers knew about them.

The ROM that we’ve picked to highlight is from a familiar name that you may recognize from his DROIDX days:  kejar.  He’s calling it Gummy Charged – a debloated Froyo ED2 build that has mostly “from source” apps aside from the freshly themed stock phone/contacts, task manager, camera and browser he left behind.  Looks pretty sharp to me.   (more…)

DROID Charge Wireless Battery Cover Available Now, Still Nothing for the Thunderbolt

Purchased a DROID Charge (our review)?  Ready to experience the future of wireless charging (Qi)?  You can grab the inductive battery cover to attach to it now for $29.99 from Verizon’s accessory store.  Of course, you’ll also have to grab an Energizer mat or similar product to charge it on, but at least you have the option unlike Thunderbolt owners who have been waiting for three months now without word on it.  And not to hi-jack the post before it even gets going, but weren’t we supposed to see a multimedia dock from HTC as well?  Hmmm.   (more…)

Amazon Slashes 4G Phone Prices for Memorial Day Weekend: DROID Charge, Thunderbolt and Revolution on the Cheap

Our friends over at Amazon just reached out to let us know of their big ol’ Memorial Day Weekend 4G sale that has already begun.  They’ve slashed prices on all 4G phones which includes the lineup currently offered by Verizon:  HTC Thunderbolt ($129), LG Revolution ($149), and DROID Charge ($179).  Not a bad deal, I’d say.  Obviously those are the new customer prices, but I’ve looked at the “upgraded” pricing and it’s almost as enticing and just a few bucks higher.

And to top that off, there is also word floating around that these will all be free on Monday, but we have been unable to confirm that with Amazon directly.  If we do, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Buy:  LG Revolution | DROID Charge | HTC Thunderbolt

New Blockbuster App for the DROID Charge Also Hates Rooted Users, Blocks Movie Access

Just after Google I/O finished and Android 3.1 started popping up on XOOMs across the nation, we quickly realized that its newly announced movie service was not so root-friendly.  That’s right, Google or its contract with the movie industry, must have figured that since your device may be rooted, you planned on doing nothing but stealing from them and blocked your access.  So that XOOM you bought, which came with the ability to be unlocked, can no longer access all of its services unless you lock it up tight again.

It’s only getting better though.  The new Blockbuster app for the DROID Charge that became available this week, actually calls you out for being rooted and even proceeds to tell you that you will struggle to enjoy its content.  The app comes equipped with Widevine’s DRM software that has the ability to detect whether or not your device has been left untouched in the system department.  Oh and speaking of Widevine, did you know that Google owns them?  Who would have thought?

Welcome to the future of rooted users, my friends.

Cheers Cory!

Incredible 2…err…DROID Charge Available at Target for $299

This is just one of those posts that we wanted to toss out on a Sunday night to give us all a good laugh before we head into the next week.  Notice anything weird about the picture above?  Sure looks like a DROID Incredible 2, right?  Well that description clearly states that it’s the DROID Charge and is available for $299 at Target, marking the 118,558th time that the person responsible for a store’s flyer has screwed up.  Silly.

Oh and feel free to read our reviews on both devices:  Incredible 2 | Charge

Cheers nicholas!

Charge, HTC Thunderbolt, DROIDX2, and Xperia Play Wallpapers All Bundled Into Individual Apps

Dave Kover – a continuous giver to the Android community. Creator and maintainer of some of Android’s most popular themes, has now put up on the Market individual applications for all of the aforementioned devices’ wallpapers; putting them in easy to use, slick user interfaces. All users must do is download the application, hit Wallpapers from a home screen, then select from the different folders. All the images have been taken from the individual system dumps and packaged nicely for us. Simply hit the links below and be taken to the Market for download. All free.

DROID Charge | HTC Thunderbolt | DROIDX2 | Xperia Play

See all of Dave’s great apps and theme add-ons by clicking here.