Amazon’s Free App of the Day is Tetris, Go Relive Your Childhood

If you happen to still have the Amazon Appstore installed on your device, then you may want to hurry and go pick up today’s free app of the day. For those who feel the need to become extremely frustrated at blocks, it’s Tetris! Need I say anymore? It’s a game that everyone has played and no matter how awesome you think you are at it, you still can’t beat this guy(more…)

App Of The Day: AppExtractor – Makes Restoring Selective Data From Nandroid Backups Simple


I have to back up my ROMs constantly since I always like to flash the newest stuff out there. For example – when flashing this Ice Cream Sandwich port, I had to wipe everything. So I backed up all my info and flashed the ROM. Come to find out I have a very important text message from a certain person in my inbox which I must retrieve. Well, it’s a real pain to flash back to my old ROM, then redo all my work. There must be a way to get those texts!

Thanks to AppExtractor this task is now a possibility. Now you can reload selected applications, SMS/MMS messages, Wi-Fi settings and a good list of other essentials you might want to take from your previous flashings. Isn’t this great? The app itself is free in the Market, but there is also a key which can be purchased for $1.99, which allows you to restore more than 5 applications from previous backups at a time.

Awesome application? Yes. A new Android device essential? Yes. Go grab it. Rooted users only need apply.

Market Link (free) | Key

Amazon Free App Of The Day: MLB’s At Bat ’11

Now this is the type of application I need to see, as my SF Giants need to put in some serious work to have a repeat of last year.  At Bat ’11 is the must have app for all baseball lovers as we’re getting closer to the postseason.  The application once ran $15 last year, then they dropped it to $7 and there it has stayed. And now you can grab it for free thanks to Amazon.

At Bat ’11 lets users follow their favorite teams, watch videos, and read plenty of analyst’s opinions.  All in all, the app is fantastic – so if you haven’t already purchased it, go pick it up now.

Amazon Direct Link

I am a Giants fan to death, but what’s your favorite team?

Amazon’s Free App Of The Day: Age Of Zombies

Amazon comes through again and offers up Age of Zombies as its “Free App Of The Day“. Is it possibly the greatest zombie shoot em’ up ever released on Android? Well let’s not go that far yet, but it is definitely a lot of fun. With a whole assortment of guns ranging from your trusty handgun, to shotguns, and SMG’s, there will be plenty of zombies to kill.

The game is usually three bucks, and even if it wasn’t free, I would still consider picking it up seeing as how smooth it is. I have been playing on my XOOM, and haven’t had a single problem. Minus the fact that the zombie T-Rex keeps squashing me, it’s a great game. Controls are smooth, and the sound affects are raw.

Premise? A mad scientist has released his zombie army through a time machine into a whole array of different time periods. You have to travel back in time and stop them before they destroy the world as we know it! Not only is the plot genius, the dialogue is hysterical.

Can’t go wrong with giving this one a “shot”.

Amazon Link

Cheers EvanTheGamer!

App Of The Day: Frame Grabber

We recently posted about an application that was in the works called, “Rewind“. Soon after, we had a reader point out to us that an application called Frame Grabber did basically what Rewind was setting out to do. So we started the investigation and came to find out, that Frame Grabber is actually pretty awesome.

So when you open Frame Grabber, you’re on the title screen. You then click on a “Get Video” button which then shows you a list of all videos you have on your phone. I did not see an option to be taken to the camera from inside the application. So basically, instead of taking stills, you just take video, then grab which frame out of the video you think is best.  (more…)

App Of The Day: Cyberlords-Arcology

Today we take a look at Cyberlords-Arcology. Cyberlords is an RPG style action game that is based in the year 2173. In a society void of citizen political input, we have Jesse Lord with his kick butt and chew bubble gum attitude. I’m pretty sure you guys can see where this is headed. I’ll admit that the dialogue is kind of cheesy but it delivers the plot and back story with little confusion. Where the game lacks in dialogue, it more than makes up in gameplay, graphics and fun factor. The controls are really accurate and quick to learn. Simple touch and do commands make this a “focused on the action” style game. The developer scored top marks in my book for his delivery of the game. In the Android Market, the full, all inclusive game is free with ads. You get near HD graphics, a good length story, and overall fun game for free without any in game add on purchases. The developer also offers a paid version that removes the ads, which I always recommend if you like the app, as a way to support. I also want to mention that the developer states he has optimized this game to run on the Xperia Play. If you have an Xperia Play, let us know how this looks on it.   (more…)

Photobucket Releases Snapbucket For Android

If you’re one of the millions of users on Photobucket, then prepare to smile. An application was just released called Snapbucket which allows you to take pictures then easily and instantly upload them to your Photobucket account. But that’s not all – You can also edit and add awesome effects, frames, and other little things to your pictures before uploading, or sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc. I was actually having some great fun with my cats using the app, so I know it was worth the price tag. Free! After the jump, check out my cats Mylo, and Leo and our photoshoot.  (more…)