MIUI Will Get An Interface “Face Lift” This Week

MIUI is one of the few complete UI changes you can make to your Android device. It’s a ROM that once installed, switches up the entire OS, making it mostly look like iOS in our opinion, but one that has been incredibly popular. It made its first big splash back in September 2010, so we’re excited to see the improvements that the MIUI team will unveil next week to this already clean and completely smooth/working ROM.  (more…)

DROID Incredible 2 Gets Treated to CM7 and MIUI

Since root and S-OFF have been achieved on the DROID Incredible 2, we’re starting to see the first batch of ROMs appear for it which includes CM7 and MIUI.  As the two most popular on the planet (arguably), this should be taken as a good sign that the development community is ready to accept this device into the family.

We’ve said this a number of times now, but it truly is one of our top 2 devices of 2011 from Verizon (our review).  We were worried about it initially with the discovery that it had a locked bootloader, but all that has changed now even if it does lack 4G LTE.

If you are brave enough to attempt to flash one of the new ROMs, you can find full instructions on how to root and get you going through the CyanogenMod Wiki.  (And a MIUI link)

New Full MIUI ROM for Original DROID Blows Us Away

The serious workaholics over at the MIUI Forums are doing something right. Only they could get me to run a somewhat Apple UI on my OG Droid. “Tim, what the heck are you doing?!?” is something that I’m expecting to hear, but let me tell you something – I really enjoy this! They have reinvented the way I use my phone….again! With an insane amount of themes (easily switchable) what more could you ask for?

Back in September we featured an awesome video showing off what MIUI had to offer, but now, this version which we are showcasing here is for the Original DROID 1 only. Be on the lookout for different versions for you favorite device. It has some insane features currently not availble for anything else. You’ll find tons of toggles in the pull down bar, changeable lockscreen wallpaper, black and white list of phone numbers, whole new phone.apk UI, etc. etc. My list goes on. (more…)

Miren/MIUI/Charming Browser Now has Official English Support

Just last week an XDA Forum member took the time to translate the Miren “Charming Browser” (aka MIUI browser) into English for all of us to enjoy and this week, the company behind it decided to release an official version.  While it’s not in the market yet, it will be after we all test it for a bit and report concerns to the source thread linked below.   (more…)

Download: Miren “Charming Browser” by jpsiemer

The Miren “Charming browser” which looks like something you’d find on the MIUI ROM, has been ported over to work on all devices and after tinkering with it for 5 minutes, I’m going to recommend that you all give this one a look.  The browser was obviously not originally in English so it has been translated by jpsiemer and packaged up for your browsing pleasure.  Overall, this has a great feel to it and the shortcuts located on the main page just make sense, plus it allows for tabs, has multi-touch, simple RSS subscribing and so much more.

Give it a later Friday afternoon spin!   (more…)

Video: MIUI ROM for Original DROID

I don’t really know where to start with this ROM, but it’s something that floated around Youtube for a few days and seems to have taken the ROM world by storm.  MIUI is a Chinese ROM that was initially revealed on the Nexus One and was then quickly ported by US developers to every other device on the planet.  It has a ton of features that would be nice to see on both stock Android and other custom ROMs even if it looks similar to the i*hone.

Almost every thing should work and if ROMs are super interesting to you, then I suggest that you check this out even for a few minutes.  It’s running Android 2.2 and a Chevy kernel so you can overclock it.

Video and instructions after the break.  Enjoy!   (more…)