MIUI Jelly Bean ROM Released for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7

MIUI, one of our all-time favorite ROMs, was updated this weekend to Jelly Bean and then released for a couple of our favorite devices of all time. The Galaxy Nexus (both LTE and GSM) and Nexus 7 each received a build that apparently has little to no issues or bugs. The changelog itself is massive, however, it doesn’t dive into many new features per se. The upgrade from ICS to JB appears to be more of a bug fixer than anything.  (more…)

Official MIUI Launcher Lands on Play Store, It’s Makeover Time for Your Device

The MIUI team released their official launcher onto the Play Store for 2.3+ and 4.0+ devices. If you are unfamiliar with MIUI, what the team is well known for is making Android look like a completely new OS with flavors taken from all over the place. To some, the lack of a dedicated app drawer reminds them of iOS, but MIUI is much more than an iOS clone. 

Official MIUI Ice Cream Sandwich Build Now Available for the Galaxy Nexus

If you have been a fan of the MIUI series of custom ROMs since the OG DROID days, then you will be happy to hear that an official build is now available for the Galaxy Nexus. There have been a few hacked versions out there, but this comes straight from MIUI and is fully functioning, which means no bugs should be present. MIUI has been compared to the look and feel of an iOS device since there is no app drawer, but in reality, it’s still the Ice Cream Sandwich you know and love. For those new to MIUI, think of it as a fully themed and feature rich skin for Android. I know that we talk about OEM skins and how awful they are, but MIUI takes Android and adds a ton of customizations to it. And if you really need an app drawer, just download NOVA or Apex launcher.  (more…)

MIUI Finally Hits The HTC Thunderbolt, Data Is A Go

The wait for MIUI on the HTC Thunderbolt has finally come to an end.  The ROM has been there, but data was the missing link.  Big thanks to erishasnobattery who cracked the problem that has plagued everyone since work on a MIUI port first began.  For those in the, “What the heck is MIUI?” category, MIUI is a custom ROM built on top of Android with a completely different interface.  Some users say it resembles iOS, but some others say it is just a minimal look.  Whatever the look is, it has been one of the most downloaded and used custom ROMs in Android’s history, probably right behind CyanogenMod(more…)

MIUI Phone Caught on Video, Launch Event Goes Off Today

Had a hard time wrapping your brain around a MIUI phone actually making its way onto store shelves over in China?  It’s the real deal, folks.  A video of the device has surfaced on YouTube, showing off every little crevice of its 1.5GHz dual-core, 1GB RAM, 4″, MIUI-running self.  Oh, and if this still doesn’t look legit enough, we’re seeing that the Engadget team is on the scene of the announcement event which appears to be going on right now.  Tasty little MIUI morsel.    (more…)

Phone To Be Released Overseas Running MIUI Stock – Entitled The ‘MI-ONE’

MIUI is an amazing custom ROM choice for Android users, as it brings its own list of features to the table, just like CyanogenMod. Both are in different leagues of their own. Up on the MIUI website, they have pictures, and a full spec sheet of a phone that is going to be manufactured by an overseas company. The phone looks great, and we are hoping this is not a dream.  (more…)

DROIDX and DROID2 Finally Receive MIUI Ports


You all know MIUI by now, don’t you?  This would be one of the few ROMs that actually gives you a completely new user experience.  We released the port of the new overhaul last week for the original DROID, but today, it’s all about the DROIDX and DROID2.  This has been one of those ROMs that wouldn’t make its way onto either device because of its stingy bootloader.  Well, thanks to our boy @cvpcs who figured out his 2nd-init magic for some CM7 goodness, we now have MIUI.  Huge props to the MIUI team (Frameworks43) for getting this out to us.   (more…)

Download: MIUI For Motorola DROID (Updated with New Version)

Someone saw our story earlier today about the newest MIUI UI, and it just so happened to be a developer for MIUI. Now here we are with the download link to get it on your DROID today! I flashed it myself on the old but reliable OG, and it’s definitely going to stay there for quite some time while I play with all the new features.  (more…)