Ahahahaha, HTC. No Way. Really?

Yesterday, this really terrible render of a supposed upcoming HTC device surfaced that we almost instantly ignored. Why? Because it looked like a terrible Photoshop job of an iPhone 6, with an HTC logo in place of the Apple logo and the camera and flash centered. Otherwise, it was an iPhone 6. It was bad. So bad, that we laughed at how bad it was, then laughed again before dismissing it forever.

And then these photos arrived a couple of hours later.  (more…)

Buy a HTC One M9, Receive $100 in Google Play Credit

Available exclusively through HTC’s website, if you purchase a One M9, you will receive $100 worth of Google Play credit, usable however you see fit. HTC’s website states that this offer is running through the end of August, with the final date listed as August 31, 2015, but the fine print claims that the device needs to be purchased between “8/24/15 and 11/30/15.”  (more…)