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Report: Google Chrome Getting Ad Blocker to Kill Bad Ads

chrome merge tabs

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Google, an ad company, is considering putting an ad blocker in its Chrome internet browser on mobile and desktop. The ad blocker won’t be a full blocker, though, but rather a blocker that targets unacceptable ads that likely ruin your experience as you dance around the web. 

The WSJ is under the impression that Google is readying the feature and could have it ready within weeks, assuming they do launch it because they could still scrap it altogether.

So wait, why would an ad company want to block ads? The thought here is that unacceptable or bad ads are ruining the experience for people who are then looking for full ad blockers to rid their lives of ads. If Google can block only the obnoxious types, then maybe ad blocker installations will stop increasing and the web won’t be so filthy with just Google’s ads in place. It’s kind of a wild idea, but hey, it makes some sense.

The types of unacceptable ads that Google could look to block or those that pop-up, auto-play video with sound, or are a prestitial, which would be those f*cking terrible ads that pop-up as you load a site and feature a countdown before you can even get onto the actual content you came for. Yeah, I hate those and that’s why you’ve never seen them on Droid Life.

I guess we’ll find out pretty quickly if Google is going forward with this.

Via: Wall Street Journal
  • Jason

    im worried this is just a ruse to make people pay google for their ads not to be blocked and force users to see them when they really want an ad free experience.

  • TC Infantino

    I think it is a very smart move on Google’s part. All it takes for me to use the ad-blockers full blocking on a site is for them to have a few annoying ads every time I visit that site. If the ads are only rarely annoying, I let it go.

  • Mr.Bean ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The only disgusting ad I found in this site is that ingrown hair advert that I can’t get it out of my mind.

    • Cakefish

      The only way to get rid of those on mobile is with adguard. Adblock allows them through its filter.

  • @@d2thesmero:disqus
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  • MJ

    I am already using a full adblocker so this seems useless not that I use Chrome on mobile anyway.

    • Gekko

      some ads still slip by adblocker.

      • Cakefish

        Not if you have a decent ad blocker. Adblock Plus is a bad ad blocker that lets loads of ads slip through. I use
        Adguard on mobile (Samsung browser) and Ublock Origin for desktop and don’t remember seeing any ads.

  • Sporttster

    Will it stop the hijack ‘you have four viruses! Click here to remove them now!’ that you cannot get off of, vibrates the hell out of your phone and you have to X out of? That is SO incredibly annoying and it pops up on just regular sites, not porn ones. If I were on porn and this happened, it wouldn’t surprise me, but wanting to see some tanks from WWII?? Or a Nat geo site on baboons in the rain forest whatever? C’mon. This crap needs stopped.

    • Mr.Bean ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • NemOmeN
    • Cakefish

      Hate those things. I can’t stand using the internet without an ad blocker now, mostly due to those abominations. I’d whitelist this site if it didn’t use those type of ads.

  • BobButtons

    How about the type of banner ad that fills the entire viewable space of the page until you scroll down past it? I see this on Polygon all the time. I understand banner ads but to make them the size of the viewable window is incredibly excessive.

  • Peter Stover

    Will they sensor the content or type of ad? Get ready to see more ads of Amy Schumer and less of Michael Savage.

    • MJ

      Wow! I think we already have winner for the dumbest and most clueless comment of the day.

      • Peter Stover

        Liberalism is a mental disorder. We all know that.

        • MJ

          Congratulations! It’s official… You won! Your prize is you still NOT knowing you are a moron but are now BLOCKED.

  • Cakalaky

    I do not use Chrome on mobile for this reason. It would be huge if they would implement this feature.

  • shelderman

    For those who haven’t tried Free Adblock browser, it’s perfect

  • MadJoe

    And soon thereafter a hi-jack ad spewing scumbag type of Google competitor will successfully argue Google is employing anti-competition practices.

  • Gekko

    Those full page 1-800 virus ransonware pop up ads for fake Microsoft Windows tech support on desktop are brutal. I hope they can block them. Only way out is to
    Ctrl-Alt-Delte and stop Chrome in the task manager. Yes Porn.

    • MadJoe

      It’s funny, the rumor has been going around that you’re more likely to get a virus from browsing your Church’s website than any porn site. That’s true if we restrict the argument to legitimate porn sites. What they fail to mention, though, is that the majority of fake sites set up specifically to infect unsuspecting people are done so to look like porn sites. So yes, your local church website will be more likely to infect you than a real porn site, but no it isn’t more likely to than the multitude of fake porn sites Google is more than happy to show you for searching out your fetish.

      Lesson: Don’t ever google porn, always stick to legit sites, and never ever visit your Church’s website no matter how repentant you’re feeling.

      • Gekko

        These are legitimate porn sites but unfortunately they accept and serve up ads from unscrupulous advertisers who use brutal full screen pop up ads which lock your browser and PC (“call 1-800 to fix!”) until you CTRL-ALT-DLT and end task Chrome. annoying.

    • Cakefish

      Use an ad blocker, it’s the only way.

  • calvin35

    This may not be a bad idea by Google. I’m one of those people that use ad blockers to block all ads because of the really bad ones. I’m willing to deal with ads but all the popup ads and auto playing video ads were just too much to deal with.

  • Drew

    These are “fake ads” lol

  • jamaall

    Please. Please block those ads that scroll up on you as you try to read an article. I always swat them away like a fly; they’re as annoying as one.


    If Google would just put a stop to the CleanMaster ads on mobile,I’d consider the spam battle half-won……………………..

  • Bryan

    I may uninstall my adblocker if this is true.

  • William_Morris

    “The thought here is that unacceptable or bad ads are ruining the experience for people who are then looking for full ad blockers to rid their lives of ads.” So you mean like all ads then, right? Because it is my opinion that all ads are unacceptable or bad. Let me know when they block all ads. Then we’ll be in business.

    • Thanks so much for supporting our site. Let me know how your job goes when you don’t get paid for the work you do.

      • William_Morris

        Kellen, this is not an affornt to you, I am negative to all advertising everywhere and like I said, this is my opinion. I like this site. If you offered a subscription-based service that was ad-free, I’d be willing to take up on that. Not that I haven’t said it before.

        • Jim Morris

          If there was a Netflix-style subscription that rid me of advertising on many sites I visit while still compensating the sites, I would pay for that and I bet many others would too. I would also prioritize content from those sites over others that don’t participate. No ads for me and sites are still compensated.
          I think the best alternative for now is the move being taken in the article above. I already disable my ad-blocker on desktop Chrome on this site, for instance. If Chrome for Windows had the feature in the article, I could turn it off altogether. I also like the message it sends: behave yourselves, or no ad revenue for you.

    • bhayes444

      It’d be a bit difficult for them to let you know that as they’d run out of money to run the site.

      • William_Morris

        Not wishing that for Droid-Life and have said on more than one occasion (including above) that I’d be willing to pay for an ad-free experience to this site.

    • deepbellybutton

      So I’m curious, since you’ve got the world by the balls, what company do you run and how many people do you employ? You’re clearly highly educated in business — gotta be Wharton, HBS, or maybe Tuck?

      • William_Morris

        I don’t think you’re actually curious but let us reason together. I’m sure businesses work very hard to spend their advertising dollar to make lemmings out of millions (if not billions) of people and are very effective at it while making even more money. I’m just that small niche who isn’t buying what they have to sell, so to speak. The best advertising I afford any product is word of mouth from those around me I trust or by my own personal, positive experience. The rampant commercialism that extends beyond just ads on a website drives the very heart of how media is consumed and saturates so many aspects of our lives that we no longer think for ourselves but are instead told to think as we should, buy as we are ‘convinced,’ and consume as we are exposed to (read up on the mere exposure effect). So, were I in such a business that needs that driving force I would utilize it; as I’m a thinking, reasoning adult with enough sense to look past the obnoxious, prolific BS to get to the very heart of what I’m looking for, I’ll take advantage of what options are available, including those things that block ads or paying for a subscription service to eliminate ads all-together.

    • Rod

      Then, get ready to pay for Gmail, search, maps, YouTube, Android, etc

      • William_Morris

        Gmail is already data mining so don’t tell me at least SOME of its compensation comes from there, YouTube advertises already so once again paying for itself with unskippable ads on some of the videos and even has subscriptions like YouTube Music and YouTube Red, Android is open-source so to argue about funding for it is kinda moot since they went the open-domain route, Google as a search engine sky-rocketed to fame due to its minimalist NON-advertising front page nature (later enhancing its wealth building prowess through the way it advertised, no denial, but then again, I have regular Chrome ad-blocked so even their type of advertising by putting recommendations first when using search is completely swept away).

  • Drew Chapman

    I switched to Opera for this exact reason. So if Chromes Ad Blocking is as good I’ll be able to switch back!

  • Ryan N

    … But… bad ads are 90% of DL revenue… ;-P


    • We’re actually incredibly light on ads compared to almost every other tech site on the planet. And we sure as hell don’t show popups, auto play video with audio, and prestitials.

      • tnt

        I agree with you, I just still wish y’all would ditch the Taboola/Revcontent ads or replace them with something else.

        • Yeah those are awful, 100% agree. Give me a few more weeks and I’ll think you’ll find a nice change. Problem is this aged themed that won’t be here much longer.

          • tnt


          • JBz007

            Something with less yoga butt in the air would be nice. My wife thinks Droid life is some soft core porn site lol

          • TC Infantino

            But….it is a soft core porn site for us Geeks. At least for me it is.

          • Boomdizzle

            I love yoga Butt. I see no problem here. I just point out to my wife how ridiculous the yoga Butt ad is so when she sees it she understands.

          • gvanmeter

            I just come here for the ad with the yoga pic.

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      • Ryan N

        If all the other tech sites jumped off a bridge… Just playin. Yeah, you guys aren’t that bad… I just saw the “What your cable company doesn’t want you to know” thing for the zillionth time and something came over me. Ha

        • Brendafsmith

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      • D2thesmero

        No popups? Just the other night while browsing DL, got hit with a popup ad. Other users were commenting about it too. Not your typical popup ad you can simply close but with the fake “warning” dialogues. Wish I would have screenshot it but just wanted it gone. Device not infested with any malware either.

      • MJ

        DL has ads? Who knew? Oh wait… Never mind. I like DL’s ads.