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Unlimited Plan Comparison: Verizon vs. AT&T vs. T-Mobile vs. Sprint


So it’s 2017 and unlimited data is officially back at all of the major US carriers. (Don’t even try to tell me that you saw this coming.) It seemed like just days ago we were paying a hundred dollars for 2GB and 4GB of data and having our grandfathered unlimited data plans ripped from our cold, crusty, fingers with the shadiest of moves. But hey, we’re not about to complain that we can all get back on unlimited data for some decent prices. 

As you know, T-Mobile kicked off this new unlimited wave a few months ago with T-Mobile ONE before Sprint jumped in with their own take. Both plans had some pretty major issues out of the gate, a couple of which T-Mobile has attempted to address. And then, this weekend, Verizon said, “We’re bringing unlimited back!” Their plan, as it turns out, was more or less a better implementation than what T-Mobile and Sprint had done, so those two have now copied Verizon’s idea in a matter of days. Finally, AT&T decided it couldn’t be left out, so it has announced that it will remove a single requirement from its lesser-known unlimited plan to make itself competitive in this new age.

There is a lot to consume concerning the four offerings from these carriers, so we decided that we would attempt to put together a simple chart that lays out the basics. Below, we attempt to breakdown the pricing in simple terms and even layout some of the asterisks of each feature. Keep in mind that we didn’t factor in network, as that is for you to decide.

UPDATE: On February 26, AT&T introduced two new unlimited plans to better compete. We’ve updated the table below to include details on those plans.

Have fun.

PriceSingle line: $80
Multi line: $100 account fee + $20 per line
Autopay required
Unlimited Plus: $90 for 1 line, $145 for 2 lines, plus $20 for lines 3-10
Unlimited Choice: $60 for 1 line, $115 for 2 lines, plus $20 for lines 3-10
Multi-line: $70 for 1 line, $100 for 2 lines, $160 for 4 lines
Autopay required
-Taxes and fees included
Multi-line Promo: $50 for 1 line, $40 for line 2, $0 for line 3-4
Multi-line (in 12 months): $60 for line 1, $40 for line 2, $30 per line 3 and 4
Autopay required
DataUnlimited data with network management per line after 22GBUnlimited Plus: Unlimited data with network management per line after 22GB
Unlimited Choice: Unlimited data at 3Mbps max speed with network management per line after 22GB
Unlimited data with network management per line after 30GBUnlimited data with network management per line after 23GB
-Music streaming throttled to 1.5Mbps
-Gaming throttled to 8Mbps
Hotspot10GB per line
3G speeds after
Unlimited Plus: 10GB per line
128Kbps speeds after
Unlimited Choice: No tethering
10GB per line
3G speeds after
10GB per line
2G speeds after
Video QualityStreaming as the content provider sends; no throttlingUnlimited Plus: Streaming as the content provider sends; customer can throttle with Stream Saver
Unlimited Choice: Up to 480p video
Streaming as the content provider sends; customer needs to toggle off Binge OnUp to 1080p video
Canada and Mexico RoamingUnlimited calling and texting to and from, plus 500MB 4G LTE data in either country (2G after)Unlimited calling, texting, and data to and from; need to turn on free Roam North America feature.Unlimited calling, texting, and data to and fromNot available

Should You Ditch Your Verizon Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan for Verizon Unlimited? I Did.

  • Stopher

    AT&T won’t take your company discount. I had unlimited data from the first iPhone and my plan was about 85 bucks. It drops to about 60 after the company discount but I don’t have text or tether. For 5 dollars I upgraded for the text, tethering, and unlimited calling only to find out my new bill was gonna clock in around 110 after all is said and done. Had to spend a few days to get support to roll it all back.

  • Patrick Mallon

    Is video “network managed” after 22gb as well on verizon?

    Rep told me that the data switches to 3g after 22gb(not the tether), but she seemed pretty unsure of herself. Can someone weigh in on that one?

    I am a heavy data user (115gb last month) on a grandfathered data plan(out of contract @50/month) . My wife and son do not have unlimited.

    So I am considering moving all 3 of us to the new unlimited but I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot if you will.

  • John

    Any reason I shouldn’t switch to the VZW unlimited plan? Perhaps I’m behind the times and haven’t checked in on available plan updates for awhile, but I’m currently on 15gb shared plan for 4 lines which comes to about $250 after discounts. The access fees ($40/line) is what really kills it.

  • Gordon Spurgeon Spooner

    Meanwhile, I’m over spending $50 a month after taxes and fees for two lines on Project Fi. All the data we need, and we only pay for what we use.

    And I’ve never been somewhere where I needed to use my phone and didn’t have a signal.

  • Fuzz427

    I’ve got a question for the community. Is there anyway to keep my old UDP if I buy a phone from the google store and want to activate it on Verizon to replace my old OG Moto X? Would the sim card from my old phone work in the pixel? Will Verizon give me a sim to work in the pixel that I can pick up in store, install, and activate but not change my old UDP? Can one do a phone activation on line like the old days without changing plans?

    • Absolutely. This is EXACTLY what I did except for I replaced my OG Moto X with a Nexus 5X. I popped the same SIM card in there and activated it myself. If you have to call it in or go into a store, just be absolutely certain the rep knows NOT TO CHANGE YOUR PLAN because once it’s changed, there’s no going back. The system won’t even let them.

      • Fuzz427

        Thank you- did you have to cut your sim down or was it the same size? I read somewhere that the OG Moto X sim was somehow linked to the phone and would not work in another phone. If you were able to do the swap I guess that was not true. Did you have to activate the Nexus 5X on the computer or do it directly from your Nexus 5X phone?

        • Nah, once Verizon lit up their 4G LTE network, they entered the realm of interchangeable SIMs. There are three primary sizes of SIM cards: mini, micro, and nano. The Moto X, Nexus 5x, Google Pixel, and Google Pixel XL all use nano size SIM cards so you can just swap out as you please. You do still need to go through a few steps to activate though which can either be done on Verizon’s website or over the phone with a rep. I don’t recall if it’s possible to do it directly from the phone itself.

          • DJ JoJo

            I went from Droid Maxx to Nexus 5X (second hand) to Pixel (google store) just by trimming my sim card down. Insert sim and turn on phone, no phone activation necessary. And I’m STILL on grandfathered UDP. May go Tmobile to save $30 per month. In fact I’m using Tmobile right now on my Pixel with their $30 prepaid plan to test signal and voice quality.

  • fyrhtu

    Looks like you missed that the 500mb data in Mex/Can limit on Verizon is a per day limit, not monthly.

  • Monicajkoon

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  • ndog21

    You guys should do a poll of people’s carriers. Now that Unlimited data is back on all four carriers

  • schoat333

    VZW looks good for 1 line, but T-Mobile with 2 lines is a really great deal.

  • Tony

    Another get rich for all these carriers are the activation fees. We are the customer. We pay 500 to 800 dollars for new device now. We are doing them a favor. Then they want to charge 30 to 45 dollars to activate a phone or tablet or smartwatch that you just bought from them. Come on. What a slap in the face! They are all too expensive on these fees and going up every chance they can. If you buy a device or upgrade it should be free activation. I used to be.

  • Tobi De la Cuz

    Quick question if someone would be willing to answer this… what would I lose if I changed from 2 separate unlimited America’s Choice plans to 1 Unlimited family plan for 2 phones?

  • Jrp

    Excited to leave Sprint tomorrow, supposed to get my One Plus 3T in the mail today and go over to T-mobile tomorrow. Sprint sucks in Tucson, AZ. I’m sure T-mobile will be happy to have me and the other 4 people on my account.

  • Jim

    Does it look like the T-Mobile pricing is forever, or as long as they provide unlimited? I’d have 2 people on the line, and that would save me $40 over AT&T

  • Muji Samovar

    I just got off the phone with Verizon, and this is an important clarification:

    – For North American data roaming, Verizon is 500MB of high speed data PER DAY, at which point it drops to 2G speeds. For European roaming, there is a $10 charge (daily? per billing cycle?) for data use.
    – However, for hot spot, that 10GB high speed limit is per BILLING CYCLE.

    That was very poorly communicated, and frankly undersells a what seems like big difference between AT&T/T-Mob and VZW. There is no functional difference, unless you’re pushing over 15GB a month.

    • DanG

      VZW’s 3G is about 1.6Mbps. I wonder what their 2G speed is….

    • Elien Gonzilio

      $10 per day travel pass is used

  • markwebb

    Here’s another rub: with VZW you need to set up on AutoPay to save $5 (to help offset the loss of corporate discount). I tried and the system won’t let me. After numerous calls, VZW insists I was already set up since 2011 (FALSE: never issued AutoPay) and to go back to my issuing bank. I did and even went back to a bank which had the account closed and BOTH banks reviewed my transactions and said I never had anything loaded as AutoPay and all of my transactions were scheduled by me electronically. Tried to tell VZW they need internal IT firefighter to uncheck a flag (they call it HB2). VZW doesn’t understand or get it and keeps telling me it is my bank. Round and round. Most banks use Metavante as a third party provider for bill payment. Again, both of my banks use them but they indicated I never authorized auto pay for any transaction. Again, VZW has bad data and needs it cleansed by someone in IT who has the authority to clear that flag. They just don’t get it. I keep asking them to escalate internally to their IT guru and firefighter.

  • i fear that giving up my grandfathered data and the fact that there are no more 2 year contracts, if i jump on this now, i’ll get the rug pulled out from under my feet in another year, maybe 2.

    • socarwolverine

      Most people with grandfathered data aren’t under contract anyways, there was the price hike but the plans were not taken away (unless you crossed the 200GB threshold). You’re no safer on the old plan than the new one, VZW and any carrier can screw you at any time if they want. I wouldn’t let that fear keep you from saving money if these plans are cheaper.

      • i was able to get new contract on best buy before that loophole was closed. i’ve got until nov this year before they hike my prices. BUT this one does save me a few dollars per month.

        • socarwolverine

          Accounts under contract get their line access fee upped to $40 while still in contract. So keep that in mind, you can switch now and it’ll automatically drop back down when you’re done, or you can wait it out. I’ve seen a lot of people decide to switch and accept the increased fee just in case this new round of unlimited means they’ll do away with the grandfathered stuff completely (or increase the price again), they didn’t want to miss out on the new plan at this price. Can’t tell you what to do either way, crunch the numbers and decide what’s best for you. I’m on a grandfathered plan, out of contract, but it is a family plan where I’m the only line so I’m gonna switch.

  • Sporttster

    22gb and then throttled to basically unusable is not ‘unlimited’. It’s like going to a car rental place and getting ‘unlimited miles’ and then finding out after 22 miles your speeds go down to 30mph. Who would consider that ‘unlimited’? I sure wouldn’t!

    • socarwolverine

      It is not throttling, it’s deprioritization. Throttling would happen when you reach the cap, no matter what. Deprioritization only happens if you reach the cap AND you are on a congested tower (for Verizon, the others may be different), and even then, your speeds won’t necessarily be limited. Depending on the level of congestion you can still see 4G speeds, you just have a lower priority than someone who hasn’t reached a cap.

    • MrToTo83

      I was home sick and used my connection to watch movies all day. Did not slow down for a second. There is a difference of throttling and network prioritization. If your a heavy user and use up a ton of data like I do then during peak times you see 3g speeds (better then 2g or 1x). Others deserve the same service too.

  • hotshotbk

    Verizon needs to ditch the line access fees.

    • LANCE

      sadly its their bread and butter…144 million user x $20= 2.8 billion

  • flosserelli

    Don’t forget T-Mobile offers video & music streaming from many services without counting against your 28 GB data.

    • MadMartigan

      And while they do mention Binge-on, they fail to mention the biggest change with that to date, and the one they have in the past complained about most: It only needs to be toggled off once now, and remains off on that line/plan until you toggle it back on again.

  • Art Ramirez

    How do you get the 2/$100 deal on T-Mobile?

  • Dawngwills

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    • LANCE

      or better yet go have a chainsaw enema…

  • admmck

    I chatted with a rep tonight. I currently have 2 smartphones, 1 on 6gb data/mos, 1 on unlimited grandfathered and 2 dumbphones. They want $20/mos for each dumbphone. That is DUMB! I don’t need data on those, yet the price is the same!? I can understand why it’s $20/mos for tablets and smartphones, but a dumbphone?? That’s ridiculous!

    Kellen, any comment on that?

    • needa

      I pay 15 a month for my burner. 300 talk 300 text and a little data. Not like I’ll ever use the data. Seems like Verizon has another 15 option that they gave me also.

    • MrToTo83

      It’s been 20 for awhile now. On all the plans since more everything. It use to be 30

      • admmck

        Yeah, I agree. Just seems like the access charge should be less than that of a smartphone these days, especially on these new plans. All I use those 2 (dumbphones) for is talk and text…

  • T4rd

    So is it true you can flash a T-Mobile (or any other carrier variant) GS7 to the US unlocked unlocked firmware so you can just use it on any carrier? Or to another carrier’s specific firmware (say T-Mo to Verizon)? I’m considering going back to Verizon now from T-Mo, but one user has a T-Mo GS7 and I’d like to just pay it off and keep using it if possible instead of going through the hassle of selling/trading it for another compatible phone.

    I thought these carrier GS7 variants had different hardware to support their bands, but I was told that’s not the case now. She got this GS7 when they first launched though, not sure if that was the case now, but not back then.

    • Jeff “BIG RED”

      Your T-Mobile gs7 is a GSM device. It doesn’t have all the radios for Verizon’s network. Sold well over a 1000 smartphones in the last several years. Also a good website to check phone compatibility is http://willmyphonework.net

      • T4rd

        Yes, that’s what I thought too. But apparently you can flash the Verizon PIT file in Odin to a T-Mo GS7 and unlock the CDMA radios on it because they’re all identical hardware now. Doesn’t have anything to do with root or the bootloader either.

        • Jeff “BIG RED”

          That’s the first I’ve ever heard of CDMA radios actually being on that device. Also been told that 4g LTE works on the device on Verizon but not 2g and 3g. If your able to get it to work that’s freaking awesome buddy!

          • T4rd

            Yeah, I’ll have to do some more digging on it. Someone else is telling me they’ve converted their TMo GS7 over to Sprint’s network/firmware successfully. If that’s true, then Verizon should be possible as well.

          • Jeff “BIG RED”

            Yeah for sure. Both being CDMA. Just surprised because I’ve never seen it with any GSM T-Mobile or at&t phone. That would be damn cool as hell if the manufactures starting putting all the radios in devices 2016 and newer. If it works update this with how you did it if you would please?

          • T4rd

            Will do. 😉

  • disqusdeeznuts

    No international breakout?

  • ushneb

    I saw this coming.

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    Kellen, any way to compare old Verizon unlimited data plan vs new?

    • Kenneth Nemchak

      Log in to your Verizon account and click the button to upgrade to the new plan. It will compare your current plan to the new plan. Click ‘Cancel’ if you don’t want to upgrade.

  • ROB

    using too much data to switch from cricket

  • Droid 1967

    (Don’t even try to tell me that you saw this coming.) you can look up old posts i did in fact say unlimited would return. although i admit it took longer than i thought it would.
    Kellen did say att would announce something by friday. they beat him by a day 🙂

  • Nolan Rader

    How do I get 100 for two lines at t-mobile? When I do a online order it says $130 and $5 off per line for autopay. What am I doing wrong here.

  • DanSan

    well this seems like a no brainer. going to switch my t-mobile simplechoice unlimited plan over to this. would save $20 right off the bat and then whatever i pay in fees and taxes.

    no more resolution cap
    no hd toggles

    I’ll take it. zero difference, i just lose 4GB of tethering each month which i never use.

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    • Murphy’s Magnet

      I’m in the same boat and this means I can drop my wifi hotspot too. I switched tonight and I’ll be saving $30 a month, $80 if we don’t use much data.

  • tiev

    For Verizon, you should add that any phones on contract will be 40 per line rather than 20.

    Background: Because I have 3/5 phones on contract and it increased the price by 60 dollars and Verizon support confirmed 40 dollars per line in contract UNTIL the contract ends which the line will then drop to 20 dollars.

    • Drew

      Not many have contracts anymore.

  • The Doctor

    I just ditched my Verizon line for T-Mobile unlimited. It has a better value in my area. The only thing that sucks is that my job brings me to remote areas in the summer and I’ll have to pop in an AT&T GoPhone SIM to get coverage.

  • Caveman

    And here I was all excited about the extra 2GB of data promotion when I got my new Pixel for $10 per month over the holidays.

  • ShadyBrady

    With Verizon, do the prices change if you were to bring your own phone? I have a line with them already, but want to bring the rest of the family. I don’t want to have to ‘upgrade’ their phones.

    • cereed09

      Yes, it turns into $40 line access fee per line instead of $20

      • ShadyBrady

        EGADS! Ugh, thanks for the reply.

        • Turb0wned

          Don’t listen to him. Yes you can bring your own phone and the price is the same. $80 for 1 line $140 for two.

          • ShadyBrady

            I thought to myself, “it’s on the internet, and what he says must be true!” Lol, thanks

        • socarwolverine

          That’s not correct, it only goes to $40 if the line is under contract. Bringing your own device is still a $20 fee. So for a single line, it’ll be $65 + $20 = $85 which drops to $80 with the autopay discount.

      • socarwolverine

        This is not correct, it’s a $20 to BYOD under the new Verizon plan.

        • cereed09

          Sorry, I was thinking if you have a subsidized phone through Verizon. To change plans if you currently have a subsidized phone is $40, if you lease or BYOD it is $20.

  • Ryan Smith

    TMO changed the hotspot bit. You get 10 gigs high speed hotspot now with the one plan.

  • Averix

    T-Mobile’s little “Taxes and fees included” makes them even more attractive. I pay $16 in taxes and “surcharges” to Verizon each cycle. That’s on top of the advertised price of my plan so it definitely makes the T-Mobile offering more attractive.

  • JLV90

    Important to note Sprints is only for new customers. A big slap in the face to their current customers

    • Averix

      Sprint is a big slap in the face to its current customers in general. They pissed me off so many times that as soon as I was out of contract, I jumped ship.

    • Me

      Yeah…it’s gonna be a poop storm when people find out about this.


    I have Att unlimited already with 6 lines and no line has been throttled yet. 1 of my lines has a usage of 60 gb so far this month (damn kids stream everything) with no throttle.

  • VZWIndirect

    Will be interested to see how this new plan works when I toss the SIM into my LTE router, like I have (had) done for the last several years on my OG Unlimited plan. If they truly only intend to throttle data in the event of network congestion, I should never have to worry. I live on the other side of the middle of nowhere, and the tower that I draw from is essentially just to provide service along a stretch of highway, so it rarely if ever would be “congested”

    • jjacobu

      If you find out let me know, if I find out I will do likewise. I am thinking of moving my old UDP SIM to an LTE router, can I port the phone number?

  • Nexus_Turtle

    How long until AT&T caves? I mean it’s more expensive with less features. That’s BS.

    • VAVAMk_2

      I give it a week. Internet just needs to crap all over them along with Legere and some people leaving for Verizon. They will have to cave.

  • Jesse

    I work for a Verizon authorized retailer. We had our Verizon rep come over today and brought us up to speed on the unlimited plan. Finds out millions have switched over to the new plan. To the point that more than likely this plan will be temporary. So if interested definitely make the move.

    • Averix

      It won’t be temporary. The others have thrown down the gauntlet now. If Verizon suddenly comes back and yanks this in 6 months, they’ll have egg all over their face. Especially since ATT has even caved.

      • Me

        As a rep myself, he’s just saying this to garner business. VZW ain’t cutting this plan no time soon.

        • hkklife

          At this point, nothing would surprise me BUT I think this plan will stick around if VZW has any sense. For every person like myself who was on grandfathered unlimited and whacked my monthly bill by $44, there are numbers of people on single-line 2/4GB plans that switched UP to the unlimited plan—I have talked to several this week who did just that.

          • Me

            I’ve had 4 or 5 customers already switch back this week alone. Gonna be tough for Sprint in these coming months.

    • Me

      If so, John’s going to use that as ammo to piss all over Big Red.

  • I’d like to know if upgrading from Simple Choice Unlimited North America (3 lines, with 14gb tethering each) is worth doing immediately to Tmo 1 (not plus), or should I wait until tomorrow?

    As it stands, my current bill out the door is roughly $205. Tmo 1 would be $140 and since they’re adding tethering and taking away the pesky 480p cap, it makes sense for us. We’d be losing 4GB of tethering each, but I’m the only one who really uses it and I only went up to 14 once.

    • DanG

      Why are you paying $205 on 3 lines? It should be $150 ($120 for two lines+ $30 for additional line) plus taxs & fees. $120 plus taxs & fees if you took advantage of Margenta Friday deal last year.

      • 1. Thanks for shaming me, but I really didn’t know about any other promotions until now. We signed up in March of last year.

        2. You really didn’t answer my question about TMO 1, but I’ll continue to search.

        • DanG

          Already answered your question. You need to figure out how much you will be saving, but you don’t even know how much you’re paying for the plan only. Like I told you, $205 is not just for the plan. It includes month charge for devices. Most likely, you would be saving around $18/month if you go with the One.

          • How do you figure? My current 3 lines are $205 out the door. Tmo1 is $140 for three lines out the door.

          • DanG

            Sigh…. Did you buy new phones when you signed up? If so, your total out the door $205 consists of plan + devices + tax + fees. If you signed up Simple Choice in March, the month “plan” is $150 for 3 lines. $55 should be for devices, tax and fees. If you sign up for Tmo 1, the new out the door is not $140. You need to add whatever you’re paying for your devices and tax and fees for the devices. Look at your bill. T-Mo charges tax and fee for both plan and devices separately.

          • Nope. No device payments whatsoever, no JUMP, etc. We BYOP’ed all our phones.

          • DanG

            Then, you’ve been paying too much all this time. It’s $120 plus tax & fees for 2 line on Simple Choice plan. $150 plus tax & fees for 3 lines. I have two lines under Simple Choice plan since last march. I also bought two Galaxy S7 edge to go with the plan. I was paying about $190 out the door.

          • 1. I came from Verizon where I was paying $200 for one Grandfathered UDP and one dumbphone line, so 3 smartphones at all-unlimited for the same price on TMO was like a breath of fresh air. I will add that I’m in NYC and my taxes and fees could differ from yours.

            2. When I signed up for service, this was the best price. I wasn’t made aware of any other promotions, or discounts after that. In fact, I actually called TMO customer service when all this unlimited stuff started going down last week to see if they can lower my bill at all while retaining the Simple Choice plan we already have. I was told no-dice without a government discount. So, since you seem to be an expert in this, if you want to be helpful, show me a screenshot of your bill or point me in the right direction instead of just being condescending.

  • Eric R.

    Also, Verizon has done away with employee discount, with the exception of military and veterans

    • stang6790

      Where did you see this? I can’t find any information on it.

      • Turb0wned

        Everywhere… Just take his word, it’s true.

      • Raj Bhatt

        If you have an employee discount, try switching your plan to the new unlimited. A little information bubble pops up and says that your employee discount doesn’t apply on the unlimited plan.

        • Boomdizzle

          My wife’s Macy’s discount didn’t work either on the unlimited. We pay like $68 for the 16gb plan and the Unlimited would be $110. Not worth $42 for more or less 6gb of uncapped data since we rarely get close to 16gb.

          • sn2hotty

            Same here. Exactly.

      • socarwolverine

        It says it when you go to select the plan.

    • Averix

      Only on the Unlimited plan. The others still have those intact.

    • TBreezy

      And Verizon corporate employee discounts are still valid.

  • Aaron

    was thinking about switching from gophone, but if you bring your own device it’s not 80 bucks as listed above… it’s 130 (minus 10 for autopay. 110 for the plan and 20 ECom service.

    no thanks.

    • socarwolverine

      If you BYOD its still $80 for a single line. The system was glitchy originally and some people were getting the multi line price when they only wanted one device, but it is in fact $80. If it keeps messing up on your computer, you need to call.

  • Frankiie

    I think is easier to go to every phone company and check theor prices than understanding this chart. Lol

    • Averix

      The problem is you have to create a chart on your own to actually compare them. What would be better would be something with a few rows at the end showing total cost for 1 line, cost for 2 lines, cost for 3 lines, etc.

  • treid008

    Also sprint is only for new accounts.

  • Matthew Baluski

    Bahhh!!! Was soo bummed I lost my Grandfathered Verizon unlimited plan just this last weekend, was paying $75/mo. for my line but the rest of the crew decided to split. My bill ended up being $170/mo to keep by myself. Decided it wasn’t worth it and ended up on a $70/mo 7GB single line plan. Felt like I was getting screwed. Then miraculously Verizon offered this the following Monday so I immediately made the switch. “Unlimited” and worry free again, first time I have been happy with a change Verizon has made in a long time. Their network is the best (overall) making their offer the best deal by far.

    • Jeff718

      Worry free again*

      *Up to 22GB

      • T4rd

        Up to 22GB*

        *When the network is congested

        It’s not a soft cap.

      • Matthew Baluski

        Yes, that is why I put the Unlimited in quotes…

    • BobButtons

      I agree with your last sentence as long as it also applies that the person in question doesn’t have the coverage needed from the other services. Like with me for example: Despite Verizon having the best coverage, their prices aren’t the best value for me because other services provide coverage where I need it for less. So Verizon is the best deal with the best coverage… for those who need said coverage.

      • Matthew Baluski

        I know, for me I like the benefit for traveling. I don’t even travel that often but with Verizon I have peace of mind.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Kellen this table isn’t responsive in design. Just saying.

    • Rashad

      Did you turn your phone landscape?

  • Wolf0491

    I am on the att unlimited and I use Hotspot all the time. Is it only restricted if you use a att branded phone? I’ve never been charged extra.

    • Captain Insano

      Yes I have the note 5 from them and won’t work

      • tomgillotti

        How about Foxfi? That still not work?

        • Captain Insano

          Honestly I haven’t used that since my rooting days. I may have to pull it up again.

  • cromo8

    Epic Verizon, unfortunately My bill would go up $30+ for this. Ill stick with what I have right now

    • JBz007

      I was ready to switch but mine will go up about that much too. Couldn’t justify it with the amount of data I use.

      • cromo8

        Yea I am happy with the 17 GB plan I have right now for $110. I use about 3Gb wife uses like 8. Roll over is great too.

        • streax1

          Isn’t this $110 + $20 + $20 for the two lines, making it $150 total, when you could switch to unlimited for $100 + $20 + $20=$140?

          • cromo8

            My plan is $80 +20 +20 and about $11 for My Pixel installments

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Prepaid plans are so great these days… With no ridiculous credit check and a lot less fees…From these same carriers. Imagine that. So many options…. Well except Sprint, just ignore them.

    • AvalancheRyder

      Don’t most of the prepaid plans have a low threshold for throttling though? Like 5gb? And I think that’s guaranteed throttling, not just during times of network congestion. If I’m wrong, let me know. I wouldn’t mind saving some money.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Oh definitely not. It’s just like a regular post paid plan. At&t direct Prepaid for example (GoPhone) – I have an 8GB plan for $55… throttling happens after the 8GB, like any other plan. Same thing with Verizon’s prepaid where they have a $50/5GB and $70/10GB only throttled after you go through your allotment . . . . If you don’t need “Unlimited” 22GB of data, you can save money especially with the extra taxes and fees that come on Post Paid plans.

        • Drew

          I have 8GB for $36/month with auto pay on h2o wireless which runs off AT&Ts towers. They don’t throttle either like Cricket does.

  • AJA0

    Verizon, the clear winner and the best network. The other guys need to step it up!

    • Paul Hansen

      I have 4 lines of unlimited T-Mobile with 7gb hotspot @ $100/mo… I don’t see a better deal coming my way any time soon.

  • SVTCobra

    If this recent race to be the most competitive unlimited plan doesn’t clearly show the benefits of competition and the importance of net neutrality, then I give up.

  • STEV3

    I’ve been holding on to my old VZW unlimited plan, I only average around 6 to 8 Gigs a month is it worth me going to this new unlimited plan?

    • Drew

      I’d say so because you’re probably paying more or will pay more when your contract is up.

    • socarwolverine

      All depends on how much you’re paying now. At best it’s a wash, but you’re likely overpaying compared to the new plans. Can’t tell you without knowing what you pay now, what your plan is, and how many lines you have.

  • Killa

    To me…this is still not Unlimited. Grandfathered unlimited (full LTE all the time and as much as you want) was true unlimited. Every one of these players had options on their tiered data plans to throttle down after you hit your LTE bucket amount. To me this is just a 22GB tiered data plan with a fancy sticker on it. Call me when “true” unlimited comes back. But I know that will never happen.

    • reyalP

      Agreed, but it beats the crap out of what we were being offered after they killed off the OG unlimited plans.

    • Jon

      I agree that it’s not true unlimited but neither is the old Verizon plan. I still have it also. Once you cross a certain threshold you get kicked off. No warning either.

      • jay

        That’s not true, I have Verizon original unlimited plan and it never kicks me off and I’ve used upwards to 200GB in a month before because I use my phone as a hotspot for my home network

        • socarwolverine

          It is true, it just may not have happened to you yet. Going by Verizon’s official statement, and reports from customers with high usage, VZW is sending letters to customers who cross the 200GB threshold and advising them that they either need to select a new plan or their service will get terminated. You either, haven’t crossed that threshold, haven’t gotten your letter *yet*, or slipped through the cracks. But VZW is definitely booting heavy use customers from their plans.

    • socarwolverine

      The throttling that Verizon did was when you reached your limit regardless of congestion and would return speeds that painfully slow. The deprioritization on the new unlimited plan only factors in when you hit 22GB AND are on a congested tower. Even then, there is no hard cap to your speeds, you can still see 4G LTE speeds (depending on the level of congestion) unlike in safety mode.

  • inklenotrump


    • Me

      Unlimited would be like $250 a month per line

  • Nathan Wilkinson

    Slight correction/clarification: it’s 500 MB/DAY when roaming in Canada & Mexico. source: https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/new-verizon-plan-unlimited-faqs/

    • Murphy’s Magnet

      It’s still unlimited with TMO

      • NoctisNyx

        Unlimited ROAMING. This includes speeds that are on average 2G. Verizon offers 4G LTE.

        • Murphy’s Magnet

          Yea, I probably imagined the 4G I used last time I was in Vancouver.

        • JLV90

          Unlimited roaming in Canada and Mexico is LTE speeds not 2G

          • NoctisNyx

            I think they meant UP TO LTE speeds. I had to spend a few weeks in Mexico a while back and trust me, I could barely even get 2G speeds. It really depends on the area.

  • vOc627

    I feel like Sprint survives on the ignorance and complacency of the masses. Perhaps this is the catalyst to a T-Mobile merger?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Verizon absolutely crushed Att with this move. Thier response is weak. I was actually waiting for ATT too.

    • Jeff718

      More like AT&T let themselves get crushed. They had a good chance to come up with something better than, or even on par with, Big Red.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Seems like they got blindsided. . . Which is surprising since I’m sure they collude with VZW

  • TheVoiceOfReason

    AT&T’s Unlimited Plan is the most expensive of the four, yet they’re the only ones who DON’T offer Mobile Hotspot?

    How does that work?

    • atc-tech

      they’re juuust about to lose me as a customer… My wife bought a S7Edge on their payment plan, but I’m thinking it’ll be worth it to pay that off and switch to probably T-mobile, or just go pre-paid on Cricket, since we don’t really NEED the unlimited data.

      • raazman
      • ROB

        I have been pleased with cricket… there is buffering when streaming video at times… coverage and surfing is good.

      • If you don’t need unlimited, remember that T-Mobile refunds you $10/mo for each line that says under something like 2-2.5GB. So you can still lock in the unlimited rate but still save $40/mo at the same time.

      • atc-tech

        Thanks everyone! I’ve used Net 10 (ATT network), T-Mobile, and Cricket before, and they all worked fine. Then she talked me into the ATT thing because her job would supplement the plan. But now they don’t do that and I’m probably going to switch to T-Mobile. Especially if they will pay the device off.

        • Just Barry

          When I switched to T-Mobile waayyy back in ’16 they made me give them my device, in exchange for paying it off. Then they charged me $252 for a device which quickly broke. I later found the exact same device at Walmart for $45. FORTY FIVE DOLLARS! Threw my sim card in and was back up and running but a little heated. All these companies are land sharks now that we’re all reliant on smart phones…

      • Hiran

        How is Verizon in your area

        • atc-tech

          Verizon is meh. My work phone is on Verizon. Personally, I’m not switching to a CDMA carrier who has limited phone choices.

      • John Smith

        ATT is losing me in one week. Switching over to T-Mobile.

  • EMcTx

    Shouldn’t you put in there that the rates for T-Mobile include taxes? You have to factor taxes into the other three.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      True dat, true dat

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    • patt

      He also didn’t mention sprint only discounts the plan for 1 year. That’s their fine print.

      • reyalP

        It’s noted in the price. Says in 12 months what the price for each will be.

        • patt

          I’m viewing from my phone so I didn’t see it.

      • Dawngwills

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    • Chris

      Exactly, the whole point of this chart is to compare the plans apples to apples and it thus misleads on the price because it doesn’t take taxes into account

      • mcdonsco

        Keep in mind taxes vary from state to state which I know firsthand as well as Kellen both being in Oregon which has no sales tax

        • Chris

          yes it’s hard to put an exact $ amount but you can add +taxes to the others and (no taxes) to tmobile

          • mcdonsco

            Sure, it could have been more clear.

        • Jess

          Taxes and fees. I think the fees doesn’t count as sales tax so it would still be charge even if you’re in a non-sales tax state.

    • PoisonApple31

      Yeah don’t forget the T-Mobile butthurt tax for those fast data speeds in Partner Coverage areas…

    • Murphy’s Magnet

      You could also add that T-Mobile offers Unlimited Text and Data qhen traveling in Europe too.

      • Charles Miller

        Not only Europe but many other places outside of the U.S. I have 5 lines of Unlimited (Pre One Plans) and we travel outside of the country a lot and it is so convenient to get unlimited data almost anywhere we travel including including I think 140 something countries without having to call T-Mo at all or activate any kind of international plan. Just land and turn off airplane mode and get greeted to a text letting you know that you have free data!!

        • Murphy’s Magnet

          Excellent! I only knew about Europe because we are planning a trip for this summer. I didn’t realize it was so many other places too.

          • Monicajkoon

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    • Mike Trotter

      Tmobile doesn’t charge taxes……

      • bingzaaa34

        Tmobile includes taxes in their price**

      • bkosh84

        This is correct the government does.

    • Shiv

      EMcTx , thank you for pointing that out. I didn’t know T-Mo rates are inclusive of taxes which is a big deal

    • MadMartigan

      …and that you only have to toggle off Binge-On once.

    • Miguel

      I’ve had the unlimited for two lines for $100 from Tmobile ever since the Galaxy S6Edge came out, they had a promotion, I haven’t had an issue with this plan but now that it has taxes and fees included it’s even better.
      Verizon offer is tempting but that extra $20 per line after the $100 will bring your bill to sky high values.

    • Gordon Spurgeon Spooner

      Taxation is theft.

      • Brian S James

        Legalized extortion to augment your point actually. Dittos.

  • vOc627

    If someone could please clarify the 10gb tethering on Verizon. My presumption is that it would count against your 22gb total for the cycle. Is that correct?

    • mcdonsco

      Yes, however it is 22gb PER LINE and hot spot is 10gb per liine as well. So, three lines, you have 60+GB not throttled and 30gb hotspot.

      • vOc627

        Thanks. I was clear about the 22gb per line part. but I appreciate the clarification in regards to the tethering.

      • Jennifer

        thank you for this.

    • drcaveman

      Its a great question, I know t-mobile actually tallies it separately, you can see it in the app. When I was on Verizon ages ago the tethering did come from the regular data, but that was you had you a tethering app through the unlimited C-Block open use agreement. Best bet is to try calling and see what they say.

    • Nathan Wilkinson

      NO: the 10 GB of tethering is separate from your 22 GB “soft cap”. source: multiple Verizon CSR’s.

      • Jon

        According to everything I read the tethering does in fact count toward the 22GB limit of high speed data. They are treating all data as data towards it

        • This was my understanding also.

        • Nathan Wilkinson

          Three sources from Verizon Wireless: from a Facebook chat with a CSR: ME: “does use of it go towards that “22gb” of data before being throttled, or is it separate? VZW: “Nathan, great question. The 10GB of mobile hotspot will be separate. – Zang”

          I got the same exact answer from a CSR directly from their online chat support, and from a friend who works at our local Verizon store (not an authorized retailer).

          • Jon

            Yea idk I’m pretty sure the other droid life article says it will count towards it. Also seems there have been lots of people asking Verizon and getting different answers.

          • Nathan Wilkinson

            And now, just this morning, I got a different answer: “You will be able to use your device as a mobile hotspot with 10 GB of 4G LTE data, after which connected devices will be limited to 3G speds [sic]. Using your device as a mobile hotspot does pull from you [sic] 22GB threshold.”

  • Armaced

    I love this chart – thanks!

  • mcdonsco

    Verizon got me back with their new plan, but only because I was able to hop onto my mom and stepdad’s account and my portion is just shy of $60. I was paying $65 for unlimited on Cricket, but that didn’t allow for hotspot, which I use a lot (so I had to choose phones based on whether they checked or not or could be easily rooted to work) and I regularly had issues with mms. The speed cap of 8mb was never a problem for me.

    So, back on evil big red, but from what I see of the graph above, theirs seems to be the best option, especially knowing their coverage is the best.

    • tnt

      Is tethering at 3G sufficient? That seems like it would be too slow… I guess it depends on what you’re doing.

      • mcdonsco

        It’s only 3g after 10gbs

        • tnt

          Thanks – missed that.

      • Cakefish

        Absolutely. I don’t have 4G at my home but can stream HD videos just fine. 3G internet is just fine depending on your coverage.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      What are the taxes/fees looking like in comparison to the very few dollars in fees that cricket has?

      • mcdonsco

        The just shy of $60 a month I mentioned includes taxes and fees… I think it’s something like $6 or $7 of that $60, at least here in sales tax free Oregon.

  • That turned around really quick.

  • lol sprint