Sprint Adjusts Unlimited Freedom Plan Again, $120 for 4 Lines for the Next Year

Not that you can keep up, but Sprint changed its unlimited plan offerings once again. They do this every month or so by tweaking the pricing slightly and extending out the promotional period before your bill skyrockets. It’s odd, but it’s also very Sprint. Today, the company is simplifying their Unlimited Freedom plan, which I think just means dropping the price slightly.  (more…)

T-Mobile Increases Throttling Cap to 30GB

Because wireless carriers don’t trust their own networks, they set things like throttling caps in place on the “unlimited” data plans that they sell you. It’s a way for them to have an excuse when they are worried that heavy data users will impact the connections that other users have on their networks. Those caps allow them to throttle your connection, should you eclipse them in a billing cycle. It’s super weak, especially when every single one of them spends most of their days bragging about and trying to convince you that they have the best network.

T-Mobile has always offered one of the higher throttling caps at around 28GB. As of yesterday, though, they increased it to 30GB.  (more…)

Should You Ditch Your Verizon Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan for Verizon Unlimited? I Did.

Now that Verizon has a new unlimited plan available after spending years trying to force you off of your grandfathered unlimited plan, it might be time to figure out if those old digs are worth hanging onto. In my opinion, it’s probably worth making the switch, unless you fall into a pretty narrow category of grandfathered unlimited users.

I’m not trying to sell you on the idea, but we have had a handful of people ask – both in comments and via email – for our take on the situation. So in order to do that, let me walk through my scenario, because I did indeed cancel my grandfathered unlimited plan for Verizon Unlimited(more…)

Cricket Wireless Sets 22GB Data Cap on Unlimited Data, Will Begin Throttling Their Throttle on April 2

For years, Cricket Wireless plans have been some of the best bang-for-your-buck plans in the entire industry. Their $70 unlimited offering, for example, which costs $65 after a $5 autopay credit, has always been truly “unlimited” without a cap or the “network management” we see on other carrier plans. Couple that fact with Cricket’s use of AT&T’s nationwide network and you see exactly why their plans are tough to beat.

Unfortunately for Cricket unlimited plan subscribers, I have bad news to share on this front. That all changes on April 2.  (more…)