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Microsoft Releases Climatology, a Weather App for Climate Geeks

Budding meteorologists, take note –  Microsoft’s Climatology app is chock-full of esoteric weather information that will have you geeking out for hours. Leveraging technology developed by Microsoft Research, the app is a portal to a vast trove of data, including temperature, rain, and sunniness statistics from around the globe.

Ever wanted to look up the humidity of Ghana in March or compare average rainfall in London during February? The Climatology app makes those worthy searches possible.

The interface isn’t anything to write home about, as the app certainly doesn’t conform to Material Design or Holo, but it is at least simple and usable.

Microsoft will presumably add functionality to the app over time, such as additional filters for weather data, hopefully in the coming months.

Go check it out, weather fans.

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  • Phil H D

    Does it use bogus weather data like the IPCC?

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  • Steveo

    Geez, slow news day at Droid-Life

  • velocipedes

    Now if only they can put in the effort to follow Android design guidelines…

  • redbar0n11


  • FortitudineVincimus

    Utter Junk. Slow, lags, doesn’t really do much, no settings to adjust, must manually scroll map to get to a location. Terrible.

  • Allyn K C

    A good concept – but it feels like a proof-of-concept for a single feature rather than a full app. The app is slow and difficult to navigate due to lag on moving the map, and needs a lot more features to actually be useful.

    At the very least, let it recognize your current location – or even the last location you viewed; as it stands, it seems to want to return to somewhere in India every time the app starts. I also can’t find any user settings; so if you don’t like using Celsius, then you’re out of luck. Once those basics are out of the way, a few useful features such as charts/graphs for illustrating seasonal trends; showing not just historical average but also record max and min for each category; plus current weather conditions for comparison to the historical data would be nice. As-is, the data appears to only be monthly averages – also adding more granular daily historical trends for min/max/averages would be useful; and if adding daily level of detail, then sunrise/sunset times (or even approx hours of sunlight per day) would be beneficial.

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  • Meh Meh Meh

    More like Alpha release, this app lacks everything to actually be useful. Waste of a download.

  • James

    This smacks of Microsoft trying to out-Google Google with big data. It’s cool to be sure, and I’m all for the competition. But there’s a reason Bing’s market share remains relatively stagnant.

    • rawr

      Because fanboys like you refusing to pick the best product because it is cool to like one thing and not the other?

      • James

        If thinking Bing is an inferior product makes me a fanboy, then I guess I am. Oh, and about 70% of the world as well: http://bit.ly/1o2ppXG.

        • rawr

          Yes, 70% of our world. I wouldn’t let 95% of the world eat at my dinner table. Their choice in search engine hardly means anything to me.

          Thanks though, keep thinking the decisions of sheep and murderers matter.

          • James

            “Sheep and murderers” LOL. I love debates where your opponent just keeps digging a bigger hole.

            I’m sorry you find 95% of the world so terrible. It must be lovely to be in such a small group of enlightened elite.

  • AbbyZFresh

    That was pretty sudden by MS. Where did this come from them?

    • rawr

      MS has some pretty good research teams. People tend to think all they do is add tiles to Windows and make office suites but a lot of their research projects actually make an impact (also 3D holograms).

      • James

        Yes, 3D holograms have really taken off… /s 🙂

        • rawr

          Isn’t like I said also or anything idiot. The research into Vermeer has helped Kinect.

          But I’m sure all that Google research into Google Buzz has been great for society.

          • James

            Thank you for that thoughtful response. You gave one example in your original post, which directly contradicted your previous statement. I was simply pointing it out in a joking manner. Next time, instead of getting bent out of shape I’d suggest expressing your meaning more clearly the first time.

          • rawr

            Nope, they have a lot of research that matters, also they do 3D holograms.

            They do 3D holograms is separate from a lot of research that matters.

            Simple English.

            Thanks though.

          • Illinipoke

            “They do 3D holograms is separate from a lot of research that matters.

            Simple English.”

            No, that is horrible English.

          • James

            My thoughts exactly.