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T-Mobile Surprises With Uncarrier 6.0 – Unlimited Music Streaming, New Rhapsody unRadio

T-Mobile started off the night with Uncarrier 5.0, an event that included announcements for their new Test Drive plan and new VoLTE and Wideband LTE markets. If you thought they were done there, you were wrong. They kicked off Uncarrier 6.0 before the show ended, a new “Music Freedom” movement that focuses on the music streaming you do from your phone. In short, they are making streaming from some of the biggest services not count against your data plan. Stream all you want, folks. 

The services that are a part of “Music Freedom” are Pandora, iHeart Radio, iTunes Radio, Rhapsody, Spotify, Slacker, and Milk Music. You will notice that Google Play Music is missing.

If you don’t like those services, T-Mobile is letting customers vote on additional services that could make the cut down the road. You can vote here.

“Music Freedom” is available to T-Mobile Simple Choice customers.

If you can believe it, there is more. Along with “Music Freedom,” T-Mobile announced Rhapsody unRadio in partnership with Rhapsody. The service is free for Simple Choice members and runs $4 per month for other T-Mobile customers.

Edit:  To clarify on unRadio pricing, here is a direct quote from T-Mobile’s website

For T-Mobile customers on our newest Simple Choice plan with unlimited 4G LTE data, Rhapsody unRadio will be included at no extra charge. All other Simple Choice customers, including those on grandfathered unlimited 4G LTE plans, will get Rhapsody unRadio at a special discounted price of $4 per month.

The service features ad-free listening, unlimited skips, streaming of the songs you want, stations, live radio, and song ID match from a song playing around you. Rhapsody unRadio will be available on iOS, Android, and the web on June 23.

Via:  T-Mobile [2]
  • ElijahGregory

    I have Tmobile, was looking forward to getting UnRadio with my unlimited data plan, but they only offer it free if you agree to buy at least 5GB of Mobile HotSpot Data each month. Skuzzy.

    Aside from that, TMobile coverage is non-existent outside of major urban centers in the West.

  • feztheforeigner

    Am I the only one that gets this? It makes the internet no longer equal for all. Google, for instance, is getting the short stick. This could lead down a very bad path….

    • Mykich

      You’re not the only one, and you’re exactly right.

      These companies are so good at spinning it… consumers will be applauding as net neutrality disappears.

  • Unknown Bitch

    Will this be for customers that have T-Mo as well ??

    • Unknown Bitch

      Btw, When will the unlimited music update start?

  • I don’t think it’s going to be long before they add Google Access Music…check this out…

  • Dingus McGee

    Isn’t Google play music listed right there as “Google Access Music”?

  • Spencer Walker

    According to Tmobile Twitter the music streaming not counting against your cap is supported on the 30 dollar plan here’s the link they gave me https://t-mobile.jive-mobile.c

  • George

    Hey Kellan, you should do another one of your polls on the different carriers. I’m seeing way more positive comments about T-Mobile compared to a year ago or before John Legere starting shaking things up. I switched to TMO in October and couldn’t be happier. I’m grandfathered in to the $70 unlimited everything plan and the original JUMP plan before the changed it and things just keep getting better with their Uncarrier moves.

  • Jpx

    Am I the only one who is worried about this possibly making being a move so they can get rid of the Unlimited data plan? This is great and all, but I’m sure 90% of my data is from my music, and I average over 10 gigs a month. What the point in me having the truly unlimited plan. Might as well get the 3 gig plan and save like $20 a month

  • Michael

    Is Google Access Music not considered Google Play Music?

  • JB

    So. I’m jumping ship from Big Red for T-mobile. Anyone have any tips for getting the best Data/Deal? I’m wanting unlimited Data

  • Rick McClenthen

    I switched to T-Mobile two years ago and my experience has been nothing short of steller..and every so often they raise the bar even higher!!!

  • mbaldwin85

    I just want to be able to stream my music from Google Play. I don’t have All Access and would rather not have to pin everything to my device.

  • Google Play Music is still slaughtering everything at this point in the poll. It’s really shocking that they didn’t add the most popular music service on Android (by a long shot) when they announced this. I think they’ll add it right quick.

  • Ryan Dunne

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  • Shane Redman

    Milk but not Google Play *big disappointing sigh*

  • Colts5609

    The music streaming not going against your data plan is a nice offering. But unfortunately, none of these offers or services will affect me. If your on the $20 unlimited plan, you dont get the free Rhapsody service, but we dont really care about the unlimited streaming offering, since we have unlimited data anyway. Oh well, good for everyone else. Still a happy T-mobile customer. Suck it Verizon.

  • glennbowman8

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  • Erick Wright

    I missed the press meeting but I’m on the old $30 unlimited plan. Does this mean I’ll have some type of cap now?

    • flosserelli

      Unlimited means unlimited.

  • Meh. I’ll wait till their network is comparable to the big two.

    • mustbepbs

      When it is, you can be sure that they won’t offer stuff like this because they don’t have to. They’re only doing it to compete.

  • jamaall

    “You will notice that Google Play Music is missing”. Actually I won’t, because it says Google Access Music right on their page.

    • jamsauce

      Yes, it’s on their voting page, with the other music services that are currently missing from this offer.

    • He’s Wrong

      You’re wrong.

  • RockMarz

    Catches everywhere

    • sueboo

      Not really. You just have to pay for an actual plan, instead of that really awesome 20 dollar burner plan.

  • Ryan Verley

    If you actually go and vote you’ll notice that Google All Access has an overwhelming lead.

  • Droid Ronin

    I’ve been on T-Mobile since 2005 (long before it was cool) and loving every minute of this.

  • evltwn

    Can’t hurt to try out their service. A free phone for a week, even if it is an iphone, is hard to pass up.

    • flosserelli

      I applaud Legere and T-Mobile for shaking things up. Who else offers a week of free service with a free flagship phone to test the water? Yeah, it’s an iPhone, but it is the best iPhone available, and you can always get something else if you stay with T-Mobile. If you are in an area with T-Mobile coverage, this zero commitment deal is a no-brainer. I think many people that live in T-Mobile areas will be surprised how well the service compares to their current carrier, and I also think this promo will steal a lot of customers from other carriers.

  • Guest


  • JoshHenry

    YAAAASSSS T-Mo! Im headed to you next week! Bye bye Big Red..

    • flosserelli

      Come on in, the water is fine.

      • Great SpongeBob reference

        • why.did.i.buy.that

          you should get out more if you automatically match that saying to Sponge Bob.

          • Excuse me for having a childhood where I enjoyed cartoons… You should watch SpongeBob more if you didn’t automatically match that saying to it. Probably one of the best cartoons ever made, at least for my generation.

    • omgpk

      Had tmobile for awhile, you’ll miss the LTE everywhere, only thing that comes close is at&t, which I now currently have an enjoy on my oppo find 7, buy a phone outright, choose your carrier, at&t is the best option if your going for money saving, like the oneplus one, or moto x, or moto g, or nexus device.

      • JoshHenry

        Well thanks to the T-Mobile 7 night stand program I can now test out the network to see if it works for me, for free. I’m pretty sure it will meet my needs, I happen to live in los Angeles. A very network strong market for T-Mobile.

      • JoshHenry

        I wish I had the means to drop $600+ on a phone.

  • Suman Gandham

    T-Mo absolutely killed it this evening. Absolutely killed it.

    If this triple-play doesn’t spur you on to at least TRY the T-Mo network, then frankly you deserve to be mugged by the other three providers 🙂

    Really hope this whole Sprint takeover nonsense doesn’t mess with the momentum they have right now…

    • Pakmann2k

      I feel like a lot of people are sitting on the sidelines like myself, just waiting for T-Mos network to expand a bit more before getting in the game. I have friends and family with T-Mo and they are perfectly happy with it but I also know that their phones happen to connect as slow as tar when they are at “my house.” Problem #2 for me… My VZW device has a hard time just holding 1 bar where I work and my employees that happen to have T-Mo? Their phones don’t work down here at all.
      Is my experience unique? Somewhat.
      Am I alone in experiencing holes in T-Mobiles network? Unfortunately no.
      T-Mobile is growing fast and getting better all the time but until I can rely on it 100%, without exception, I will not be switching. Believe me, I miss not having a Nexus device anymore!

      • jonzey231

        So go try a test drive and see for yourself.

      • yankeesusa

        Yea, I had the same issues. Then in november of last year I tried tmobile and it blew sprint out of the water and so far is blowing att out of the water here where I work and live. as far as verizon, it beats them in speed about 80% of the time. Yes, I don’t get lte at my house and with verizon I did, but I have wifi there. The only thing i miss is going out to the boonies and having service. With tmobile I have no bars or signal whatsoever. I may end up switching to att if service doesn’t improve by beginning of next year.

      • Suman Gandham

        Here’s the thing dude – I don’t think T-Mo are playing that game.

        Widening the high speed network into non-metro areas requires significant capex, which they could only support with large margins from their existing business. Since the firm is essentially chopping its own legs off by offering cheaper, more generous contracts, they simply don’t have the financial muscle to do this. They seem to be going for an 80/20 strategy, by covering as many people as possible (i.e. dense metro areas), with the best possible speeds.

        From my experience, I live in the Raleigh-Durham area where I would guesstimate that I get Edge, HSPA and LTE coverage in equal measures outside. Indoors, I am lucky to get 2-3 bars of Edge or HSPA – but then indoors I have WiFi, so that’s fine. In contrast, whenever I’m in NYC, I get 3-4 bars of LTE practically everywhere.

        Unfortunately, if you’re “out in the sticks”, I would wager you’ll be stuck with big red or AT&T for a long while yet…

    • RockMarz

      Are u getting the iPhone5 too?

      • flosserelli

        You must take an iPhone 5s for the 7 day trial. No other phones are eligible. But if you stay with T-Mobile, you can return the iPhone and get another phone of your choice.

        • jimt

          You can use a nano sim to micro sim adapter for just about any phone and then always use a nano sim in any phone.

        • zurginator

          What the….

          Why don’t they have the “try any phone for 14 days” policy anymore?

      • Suman Gandham

        If you’re gonna stand up and say “Android is the best”, you really need to have an informed opinion on all the other OSes 😉

    • Luckily both of the following will be true if the merger happens:

      1. Sprint will go away and the T-mobile name will remain.
      2. John Legere will run the new company.

      I think as long as he’s behind things, this is going to keep getting better and better.

      • Suman Gandham

        How can you be so confident of that? I don’t think Masayoshi Son would be so hasty in handing over the reigns of his U.S. empire to such a huge maverick like Legere…

  • James Murphy

    Is there any indication that they’ll be adding these services? Seems like it may just be a way to get people excited about the new feature.

    • schoat333

      they have no contracts, ETF payoff, no subsidies in plans, and now test drive and free music streaming. I think its clear they will add to it if enough people ask for it.

  • dsignori

    Hmm. Massive net neutrality issues to come? This trend of favoring some data over others is bound to have ramifications, sooner or later

    • Ray

      First thing I thought

    • There was a question about that at the press conference… Legere brushed it off as “Someone is actually going to complain about net neutrality because we’re giving data stuff away for free?” (not a direct quote).

    • D. Maki

      someone brought that up and John responded with no, you think someone will have a problem with us giving away the service for free.

    • Turb0wned

      People always gotta complain. You want fully unlimited and free streaming, pay for it.

      • PSU_DI

        I just want carriers to be dumb pipes. I don’t want them to dictate or influence my decisions on how I use my internet on my devices. Give me reasonable usage limits for fair prices and we got a deal, $30, for 5Gb is the precedent that was set by the carriers years ago, this was the data limit that carriers put into there TOS when the launched unlimited plans. unlimited was never really unlimited. Data caps are certainly a necessary evil in the mobile market, it helps target how much spectrum is needed in a given area to provide reliable data services. The problem is that it’s prices keep going up and not down for data usage as a normal fair market would do. With that said, landline broadband providers do not have the spectrum crunch and should be different.

    • Bryan Mills

      He don’t give a fuq

    • pball_inuyasha

      How is this related to net neutrality? This is not counting some data, it doesn’t affect any other data you want. Unlike the whole netflix being throttled thing that is going on. This isn’t prioritizing some data over other, it’s just not counting some data over other.

      • Robert Boluyt

        This is kinda exactly what net neutrality is to prevent; the favoring of some data over others. How is a new music streaming start up supposed to compete when you can stream Pandora/Spotify/IHeartRadio/etc on TMO without effecting your data cap? Its a very slippery slope for carriers.

      • This is prioritizing one data source over another. People who use Google Play Music will switch to Spotify or any of the other free streams because of this factor. Especially when someone hits their 5GB LTE max for the month and are throttled back to EDGE. Then do you think someone will wait for the buffering of Google Play Music or head on over to Spotify for free LTE streaming. When it comes to open internet (net neutrality) you have to take the good with the bad. The good meaning everyone has an open shot and no carrier is purposefully making one service provider better than the other with regards to the customer being able to access them. The bad, still paying for streaming music with your data regardless of which service you stream.

        The only way to make this not a net neutrality issue is to make ALL music streaming services free from data.

        • um, yeah – try again?

          “This is prioritizing one data source over another.”

          No. No, it’s not.

          The data is not throttled or given a “fast lane” (or “slow lane”) whether or not you pay for it. This is speed/performance agnostic.

          • Mykich

            Yes. Yes it is.

            There is a list of music services that will receive special treatment (no data usage), so indirectly there is also a list of music services that will not receive special treatment… sounds like prioritizing to me. Also sounds very dangerous.

            If we say this is OK, then it must also be OK for T-Mobile (or any other provider) to start their own music service… only their service won’t use your data and other services will. How can anyone compete? This can get ugly fast. The providers job is to transport data – not to determine what kind of data and decide how that will affect your bill, usage, speed, etc.

          • PSU_DI

            . http://new.livestream.com/accounts/687825/events/3112163 Skip forward to 37 minutes and listen to what he says in the next 2 minutes

            He said it live right on the stage last night if you hit your cap for your normal usage you’ll still be able to stream music at the higher speeds for free. He is creating a fast lane for music the moment customers hit there data cap and the rest of the data is slowed and music isn’t.

          • burntcookie90

            But why would I choose to use some new (possibly better) service if it counts against my data cap?

    • dhirensavalia

      This would be a Net Neutrality issue if they were making the music service speed faster or slower than the regular speed you get on your device.

      • PSU_DI

        But they are to a point. If a customer hits there high-speed Data usage cap they are then throttled to slower speeds for their data use however what this does is prioritize a handful of special apps to continue to get the high speed data regardless of the rest of your data being throttled. Also these special apps don’t detract from your normal data cap. . So yes this completely flies in the face of net neutrality.

        • ^THIS

          • BeHereNow8484

            Not that. It doesn’t say that once you’re throttled these free to stream apps won’t be. It says you might not be throttled as soon as you would have been previously because some of your favorite apps steam free now. It’s an important distinction to which so many of you seem oblivious.

          • PSU_DI

            9:46 PM yesterday
            Even if you exhaust your data bucket, you will still stream your music at higher speeds for free, he says.

            He said it live right on the stage if you hit your cap for your normal usage you’ll still be able to stream music at the higher speeds for free.

        • Jon

          But I have T-Mobile, and one of the few things that works surprisingly well after you reach your throttle is music streaming. I don’t know how 2G is enough data for music streaming, but I’ve listened to plenty of Pandora after reaching my throttle limit with T-Mobile with no problems.

          But I do think people should place a little pressure on them to open it up to all music streaming services. It’s as simple as them adding another URL to some .log file somewhere.

          • PSU_DI

            This is why they have chosen do offer the service with music and now with say video. Music doesn’t require a lot of throughput, it just eats a lot of data because of how long we stream music for. Imagine if or when T-mobile does this with video and say they choose to have redbox instant and say amazon prime as special apps allowing for them not to count against your data, but they exclude netflix for some reason. You don’t think Netflix would be at a competitive disadvantage in the mobile market if something like this happened.

          • Jon

            OK so then this whole net neutrality thing is taking on a new face then from what your saying. My Xbox One, which is a device that accesses the internet for most of it’s services, gives me only Xbox Live as an option to access an online gaming service. So is MS wrong because they only give me Xbox Live as a choice? Is MS wrong for only giving me access to an assortment of streaming services, but NOT ALL streaming services?

            You guys are taking the net neutrality argument down a strange path.

            I am all for net neutrality. In that no-one starts deciding that certain parts of the internet will be slowed down or impeded. I don’t think that extends or has anything to do with content partnerships like the one T-Mobile is doing with these streaming services. I don’t think this falls under the net neutrality argument.

            Unless T-Mobile says we are going to slow down specific sites because they aren’t partners, no Net Neutrality tenet has been violated here.

          • PSU_DI

            No, XBOX is a service, just like netflix or spotify or any other content provider for that matter. Net neutrality doesn’t say what a content provider can’t offer nor does it say what they can offer. Net Neutrality is specific to how a ISP handles the traffic that we pay them to deliver to us. A better example is this: XBOX and Verizon Wireless(ISP) come to a deal where anyone can use there XBOX as often as the want and it won’t count against there normal data usage. However if you are an XBOX customer and you have AT&T or any other ISP than the data you use is counted. And if your a say a PS4 user on VZW then you are charged against your data cap. Both XBOX and PS4 do the same thing, play games, surf the net, watch videos, listen to music. but PS4 is now at a competitive disadvantage to XBOX for people that use Verizon Why would anyone continue to use or buy a PS4 if your a VZW customer and for that matter why would anyone on stay on the other ISPs if they already own or plan to purchase an XBOX.

            ISPs regardless of being mobile or regular broadband should be dumb pipes, providing us a connection to the content we want from the internet. We pay them for a certain amount of data and speed to access the net to our ISP. We pay more money for faster speeds and more data usage. It’s up to the ISPs to maintain there connection to the internet and provide the data and speeds that are promised to us. It’s not up to them to dictate what our usage should be and what content providers we choose to use. Net Neutrality is simple it just wants all data to be treated the same by the ISPs.

            What T-mobile is doing is very very bad for the future of net neutrality. I also wanted to touch on your last comment. ”

            Unless T-Mobile says we are going to slow down specific sites because they aren’t partners, no Net Neutrality tenet has been violated here.”
            They are doing exactly this. They last night on the stage that, if you hit your data cap for normal usuage you can use one of there approved music providers and that data will be at the higher speeds still. Here is a good example of the issue as of today Google Play music isn’t one of those special approved providers so. If you are a T-mobile customer and you have already burned through your Highspeed data usage for the month, all data including the songs you stream from Google play music are throttled. However you could open up any one of the approved apps and play the exact same song at higher speeds. So why in the world would anyone choose to keep google play music if they can use another app that is approved and has all there music and it doesn’t count toward any of there data usage and that will never be throttled.

          • PSU_DI

            I see you added to you post. I want to point out that this is false. “And particularly in the case of T-Mobile, they have data throttles after a certain point that kick in on ALL data traffic, not just competing Music streaming traffic.”
            It used to be an ALL data traffic limit, but it is no longer. ALL data except for these special music services will be throttled when you hit your cap. Is this pro-consumer in this limited view, yeah probably, does it create competition in the ISP market for them to do the same thing, sure it does. But, it all comes at a price, smaller companies with similar services, maybe even better services will loose out to these established company that get special treatment from T-mobile. Also T-mobile at any point can place pressure on any company that wants access to this special list, and could eventual charge for it. That’s what Rhapsody is doing they are paying TMo for special access.

          • Jeff

            Actually, if you watched the keynote, T-mobile plans on adding every music streaming service that customers want through online voting. They plan on doing many of these, and are even open to implementing a system where customers individually choose their own music services of choice in their account settings.

        • You know this?

          Show me where they state this.

          It doesn’t count against your cap. It says *nothing* about not being throttled if you’ve already reached your cap. So no, you really don’t know this.

        • dhirensavalia

          Good point. I didn’t think about that.

    • NO.

  • StankyChikin


  • Hmmm… I have an unlimited plan, but it isn’t coming up as free for me. Maybe first night glitches.

    • Eldorath

      According to the Website: ‘Available June 22’

      • Ah. On stage they said in all the app stores tonight, so I guess they just misspoke. Okay, waiting until Sunday then.

        • Eldorath

          Yep.. I discovered it myself, and then happened to see the date after I tweeted to Tmobile and Rhapsody.. so I’m eating a bit of crow right now 😉

    • bkosh84

      Are you on the old unlimited (70 dollars) or the new unlimited (80 dollars) because I’m on the old grandfathered and I couldn’t get it either.

      • Eldorath

        I’m on the old still, but friend who is sitting here with me is on the new.. and he can’t get it yet either… Rhapsody tweeted and confirmed it wouldn’t be live until the 22nd as well 🙂

        • bkosh84

          Yeah I saw that after I posted. BUT.. Devils Advocate here… The website says their “newest unlimited plans” which if you read it for what it says.. That would be the new 80 dollar plans.. I guess we’ll have to see what happens on Sunday 🙂

    • TMoRSA

      Also apparently not available on the grandfathered 20 dollar unlimited plan, only the current 30 dollar unlimited plan. So if you’re on the older grandfathered plan that may also be an obstacle

      • I’m on the Simple Choice plan, so shouldn’t be an issue (Joined after they dropped the ETFs).

        • TMoRSA

          Simple Choice plans had initial options for 2.5 gigs of data for 10 dollars and unlimited for 20. That changed. Options are now 3 for 10, 5 for 20 and unlimited for 30. It is apparently this 30 dollar unlimited feature and NOT the grandfathered 20 dollar unlimited feature that would qualify for the free Unmusic service. All other plans would apparently have to pay 4 dollars for access.

          • Eldorath

            If that’s the case, I (for one) won’t be signing up for the $4/mo… being that I’m on the $20 grandfathered plan, and pay $8/mo for Google Play, not really all that price savvy to increase $10 to save $4 😉 … though, I did forget about the fact they raised the amount for the lower tier.. maybe I’ll lower my wife’s tier in exchange.

            I dunno.. personally I’d like to see what songs are available on their ‘UnRadio’ before I switch. (though, they did claim 20million songs available… *shrug*

    • Isaac Abraham

      They said in the conference that everything goes into effect on Monday

  • Jeff Helget

    might actually have to switch out of my T-Mo pre-paid $30/mo unlimited text, data, 100 minutes plan to get on this gravy train… maybe…

    • jab416171

      I might have to as well… It’s incredibly tempting. Also I can actually set up google voice properly on a post paid plan

      • Jeff Helget

        if Google doesn’t finally kill Voice at I/O………

        • jab416171

          That too, haha

        • Pratik Holla

          Nah, Dont think they will kill the service as a whole. They know its fairly popular and it has its fanbase. Let hope they do a seamless transition into hangouts at I/O

          • jab416171

            I anticipate a “Lets shove Google Voice SMS into hangouts and call it a day”

          • Jeff Helget

            that’s what I’m hoping for, and that’s what I’m guessing will happen

          • Franz

            Google Reader had it’s fanbase too.

            I don’t think they will kill it at I/O, but gvoice is also tied to “gmail free calling” They are related. Google announces every last week of December if Gmail gets another year of “free calling.” Google Voice has been free for sometime now, and I’m surprised it doesn’t get more flack from carriers that Google even offers it.

            They said Hangouts is the future of Google Voice, so that integration will definitely happen.

    • Spencer Walker

      According to Tmobile Twitter the music streaming not counting against your cap is supported on the 30 dollar plan here’s the link they gave me https://t-mobile.jive-mobile.com/#jive-document?content=%2Fapi%2Fcore%2Fv2%2Fdocuments%2F10969

      • Jeff Helget

        UNNNNGHGHGHGGHNNGHNHHGNGGGGHHHHH I apologize, this is glorious news!

  • did they mention what the website for voting got Music Freedom will be?

    • Jeff Helget


      Google Play Music All Access already rocking a HUGE lead

      • thanks man, that’s exactly what I’m about to vote for lol

        • Jeff Helget

          Fixed the link

        • Justin W

          Don’t even have T-Mo and that’s what I voted for… Now just hoping for some non-2G coverage in my area!

          • I appreciate T-Mobile and what they are doing to change things, but my ONLY gripe is their coverage where I work, at home it’s ok. I refuse to switch to AT&T for 2 reasons: 1) the amount of data I use monthly would make me go bankrupt with overages with AT&T and 2) I know the T-Mobile coverage will get better. I pay $130 a month for 2 lines, unlimited everything after taxes and discounts and I NEVER have to worry about my bill being different month to month.

          • Justin W

            At least you have partial coverage…. I live in a state where our only T-Mobile coverage is 2G, and no sign of it coming any time soon… The second T-Mo drops a few 4G LTE towers in my area, I’m jumping off StraightTalk to support the Uncarrier.

      • GrantVanMeter

        Go Google All Access!