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Here is the Amazon Fire Phone’s Biggest Flaw Presented Perfectly in a Single Image

amazon fire phone no google

The Amazon Fire Phone will be talked about for the rest of the day ad nauseam. From “top 5 features” lists to people referring to it as the “world’s most exciting phone,” there will be plenty to take in with regard to Amazon’s first attempt at a smartphone. There are things to like and loathe, others to debate about, but one thing is clear – this is an Amazon product through and through. 

So I’ll just say this – if you are an Android fan who also happens to love Google’s services, there is no better way to show you that the Fire Phone should not be your next phone than through Amazon’s own Fire Phone listing. Take a look at the image at the top of this post and tell me what’s missing. Are you seeing it?

I would imagine that you figured it out. Amazon points out that the Fire Phone has access to the Amazon Appstore, along with a bunch of apps like Instagram, Netflix, and Facebook. What it doesn’t have, is access to any of Google’s apps. You will notice that Gmail, Google Maps, Hangouts, Google+, Google Calendar, Chrome, Drive, and YouTube are no where to be found. You also won’t see Google Play, meaning you won’t have access to Google’s own growing app ecosystem or media library through apps like Play Movies and TV, Books, Newsstand, or Music.

And that, my friends, is the biggest problem with the Fire Phone or Fire tablets or the Fire TV, for that matter. If you want the Google experience, which means access to all of Google’s native apps, you won’t get it here.

  • John

    Amazon has the best price on the Fire TV – Get it here now! http://amzn.to/TPHo6G

  • Cfhotwing

    Let me tell everyone that the amazon AppStore doesn’t have hardly anything it doesn’t even have youtube that is the only reason I rooted my kindle I just couldn’t take not having hardly any apps plus youtube and 90% of googles apps are all I use for files and everyday use I hope amazon sees this page and all the hate mail they are getting because no google apps

  • Cfhotwing

    I rooted my kindle fire for the google play

  • Amphysvena

    Wait. Hold the phone. Let me get this straight. You mean to tell me a phone that isn’t an Android phone, and doesn’t use the Android OS, DOESN’T have access to Google’s appstore? I AM JUST SHOCKED.

    • Joseph

      It seems that you didn’t read the posts about the phone. Yes, it is an Android phone, which by the way is Google’s OS and uses Google’s appstore. Interesting, no?!?

  • Pitch ßlvcko

    There is ways to get around the appstore stuff as long as it is .apk capable just use 4shared but there are way better phones out there like the LG G2, HTC One, IPhone 5-6, and the Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Dana Middleton

    It also says that there is instagram but at this time there is no instagram app from amazon apps.

  • Radar323

    No Google? Hell, that’s a selling point, right there.

  • Wayne Jones

    I don’t see CONTACTS on the Fire Phone’s home screen either.

  • John Kent

    When the hell is Google going to build an audiobook store?

    • NexusMan

      When they can find one to buy. Just as Amazon did.

      • John Kent


  • people don’t get android because they want to be swarmed in the glow of google. not that this phone is going to be some game changer in the mobile industry.

  • The Amazon Fire Phone is a cool device and it has some cool features and value to it, but I wouldn’t buy one.

    1. Its carrier exclusive to AT&T
    2. Its $650 price tag (locked to AT&T)
    3. Most importantly, it doesn’t have the Google Play Store access so I can have the apps I have purchased and will purchase over the years.

    No real app store like Google Play or even iTunes, no deal. And that goes the same for Windows Phone 8. But I would own the Amazon Fire TV considering it has what I need already into with a few games on the side.

  • SunnySD92101


  • SunnySD92101

    If Microsoft can’t even get 3% of the cell-phone market share, how can this “google-less” device even make it to market?

  • guesswhat

    but will still sell more than droid life readers favorite phone moto x

  • Salvationalizm

    Nothing like raping an open source OS for your own devices (double entendre) and then taking a giant dump on the company that created it…classy

  • yummy

    Does it at least put out fires? Can someone flambe something and drop this firefone on it, see if it puts it out.

  • Ryan Dunne

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  • Mark Schleupner

    Maybe I’m missing something…. but wouldn’t you be able to just sideload Google Play onto this phone? I thought that could be done with the Kindle Fire.

    • That’s the point. 99% of consumers have no idea what sideloading is. You need to install Google services and Google Play and you most likely need to be rooted to be able to push these as system apps and set permissions.

  • a_rob

    Urrrghhhh…terrible sentiment to the article – one of the key selling points for this phone is for people to get away from a reliance on Google’s services.

    Long gone are the days of Android being the platform that offered the functionality – as each update passes, Google rips out more and more of the Android basecode apps and replace them with Google specific versions. If you don’t install the Google ones (with all their T&Cs, data harvesting etc) then you end up with a compromised Android experience. If you’re happy having all your services with Google then it’s not a problem, if however you prefer your own preferences rather than having the Google way forced upon you then the Amazon phone serves a clear purpose.

    TBH, it seems pretty stupid to complain that Amazon Android isn’t Google Android!

  • glennbowman8

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  • Bruce

    I won’t be buying this device!

  • Gaurav Bidasaria

    here is the release date and price details of the fire phone and the live demo video shared by amazon.


  • SupershopperNZ

    Googles put the FIRE out & without using any water – cmon Google play the game – ROD Clements
    Whangarei NEW ZEALAND

  • J

    If they add a free bible ebook then here in the south every one over 45 will buy one…..

  • exman000

    Absolutely agree. The hardware specs are a average, which could be forgiven, but the software is shocking. Android is not Android without Google services. I’d pay extra to use Google services.

    Similarly, I’d avoid this phone like the plague.

  • tidusmccoy1515

    The one good thing about the fire phone is that maybe now their app store will get some apps. I have 2000 coins but all the apps in the store are crap. I could buy SOOOOOO many things with 20 dollars on the play store. Tons of good icon packs, etc.

  • Mike Snyder

    Lets face it: AT&T exclusivity added to the lack of any and all Google apps (as well as the complete unavailability of said Google apps) will completely kill this and any other device like it.

    Once this goes the way of the Facebook phone – and it will – I may pick it up on eBay for a penny plus $4.99 shipping just to see what all I can do to it (not with it).

  • This is reality … I predict this Amazon phone will go the same route as the Facebook phone. Within three weeks it was selling for 99 cents and still few takers to be found. But I do like this picture of the new Amazon phone ….

  • CapnShiner

    Basically, the Fire Phone is for people who already own a Kindle Fire tablet. Those people obviously don’t care about the lack of Google apps and services. Kindle Fire owners are probably already pretty invested in Amazon’s ecosystem, so the Fire Phone might be perfect for them. I imagine a lot of people who own an iPhone and a Kindle Fire will replace their iPhone with a Fire Phone. People who tried a Windows Phone and don’t like it might give the Fire Phone a try. Blackberry users who are finally ready to stop kidding themselves about Blackberry’s future might give the Fire Phone a try. Other than that, I think people will stick with iPhone or Android. If Amazon spends as much money on marketing the Fire Phone as they do on the Kindle Fire, it will probably see some success. It just won’t come close to the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S phones. AT&T exclusivity won’t help either.

  • BOB Dudek

    I know now that it will be a another “Facebook Phone”..its on (LOOK AT THIS!) every news breaker on every TV channel today.

  • brian.

    Alright, I get it, you can root this phone because it’s a forked version of Android, and install something like CM11 on it. Get a nightly and it will be buggy and whatnot, but at least it will be better than the OS that comes stock.

    But please realize that not many people who are “happy Amazon customers” won’t do this. For us forum lurkers, it will be another phone that we need to give a reason for your average friend NOT to buy. Please gear them to other alternatives at this price point or less:

    Nexus 5
    Galaxy S4
    Galaxy S5
    Moto X
    HTC One M8
    LG G2
    Sony Xperia Z1
    Sony Xperia Z2
    One Plus One (If you can find a way to actually get one)
    The upcoming LG G3
    An iPhone
    A Windows Phone…

    Shall I go on?

  • Exactly why I have no interest.

    Too bad. Seems like a slick device.

  • Brian McClure

    I migrated from a 2nd gen Nook, to a real android tablet because I didn’t like being forced to use one services ecosystem. There is so much wrong with this, locking people down to just Amazon services with no others options.

  • JoeTi

    This is an iPhone without a home key. I’d almost (almost) say don’t bother coming over to an open source os like android from iOS for this pos….

  • Jeff Broders

    No problem. Root it. Cm 11 runs great on my Kindle Fire Hd 7.

  • Save Lowest

    Amazon Fire Phone
    looks huge and clunky, not really something I want in my pocket. Also, screw 3d, bring on holographic imaging!


  • RickRude

    Get ready for the “fire” sales

  • Kevin Liebler

    Why does their music service icon look like Brick-it or Breakout?