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Google Search is Ready for the World Cup

Google Search is ready to bring you up-to-the-minute World Cup news as you need it on your mobile device. As Google noted today on G+, they have “you covered with match schedules, group information and more.”

For example, you could search for “world cup” starting today, and see the upcoming daily match schedule. Once the action starts on June 12, a quick search of “world cup” or your favorite team will bring you live scores, team rosters, and major plays.  

Via:  +Google
  • chris gsell

    Is google ready to give the millions of dollars that went into the world cup to those there who would rather have better education and healthcare?

    • Red1994

      No, in case you didn’t know, Google’s a business, not a charity. Stop hating on these big companies for problems which they didn’t cause, or which they’re Not legally responsible for. Seriously!

    • Lucas

      Millions of dollars? I’m very sorry to tell you that you are wrong, unfortunately.
      It is Billion of dollars. It already surpassed 14 billion dollars!

  • Paul

    Now if only there was a way to actually watch any of the games without paying $70/month for cable.

    • ChetRipley

      Stream2watch.me and SportLemon.tv are my goto’s

  • JackMeOffski

    Ahhhh the World Cup. Where people pretend to have pride in there country they never really been to or born in.

    • e_droid

      Meh. Nothing wrong rooting for a country if you’re proud of your heritage.

      • JackMeOffski


  • Marc

    Yeah! Best sporting event of the year!

    • Bionicman

      years! its crazy because its every 4 years that there is a futbol world cup. anyways, its great that Google can show scores now on the days when I cant watch the games live.

      • Marc

        This ^^
        Will stream some games while at work though… 🙂

        • Bionicman

          WatchESPN will have every single match but like Paul said in another comment, you need a subscription. luckily my brother was cool enough to lend me his Verizon FIOS password.

          • DanaRoaredi

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