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The Droid Life Show Episode 60 Will Blow in LeBron’s Ear This Weekend

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Episode 60 of The Droid Life Show took place this past Wednesday night, with our main topic being the official unveiling and announcement of the LG G3. Finally, no more G3 hypebeasting. The crew gave their initial feelings toward the device, plus Kellen and I, who were at the announcement event, spoke on our emotions toward the new flagship. To sum that talk up, we are pretty excited about it.

Other topics included Apple’s confirmed purchase of Beats for $3 billion, T-Mobile’s announcement of an UnCarrier 5 event (what could it be?), plus we had plenty of time for a live Q&A session. If the G3 interests you, then you probably should not miss this episode.

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Our normal show night is Wednesday at 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern). 

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    Bigger than the One Max? Lol jk. Saw that phone for the first time yesterday, had to double look because I though the girl was holding a tablet. Then I looked like I was checking the girl out. Lol