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Gmail on Android Updated to Version 4.8 – UI Polish Included, Save to Drive, and More (Updated)

Google pushed out an update to its Gmail Android app this evening, an update that jumps the version up to 4.8. The update includes a bit of polish in the hamburger, slideout menu.

We are now seeing profile images next to individual Gmail accounts should you have more than one, along with a check mark that shows which account you are currently using. Google also pushed the Settings and “Send Feedback” options down into the hamburger menu, a move that has become somewhat of a standard for Google apps as of late. They previously took up space in the action overflow menu, up in the top right corner. The pull-to-refresh animation is now full-Google-color, instead of the thin blue animation previously included.

So far, that is all we are seeing, but there could be plenty more. We will keep digging and update this post as we have it.

In the mean time, you can sideload the new Gmail 4.8 app through the download link below. 

Play Link | Download

new gmail 48

Update:  Friend of the site, Scott, said that this screen is also new. You are looking at an empty inbox, with Google telling you to go enjoy your day. The exact wording is, “You’re all done! Please enjoy your day.” This is somewhat of a play on Mailbox’s inbox zero. Who knows if Google will ever take it further than this, though. Still, a nice touch to let you know that you have done a good job.

Update 2:  It looks like Google added imagery to a few specific folders. The Inbox, Trash, and Spam all show fun little graphics if you empty them completely. Others just say “There is no mail here.”

gmail android 48

Update 3:  We are also seeing a “Save to Drive” option for attachments, plus access to the slideout menu from with messages as well.

gmail menu gmail drive

Update 4:  Google actually gave us a changelog through the Gmail Google+ page. It is as follows:

Save to Google Drive
Instead of downloading attachments to your device which takes up valuable space, you can now save attachments directly to Google Drive. Files saved to Drive are easily accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Spam explanations
Have you ever wondered why a message ended up in spam? You’ll now find an explanation at the top of every spam message.

Improved RTL support
If you’re an English speaker, you’re used to reading sentences from left-to-right. But there are a lot of languages out there that are written from right-to-left (RTL), such as Arabic, Hebrew and Persian. If you’re a speaker of one of these languages, Gmail on Android now looks and feels the way you’d expect with profile pictures and the navigation menu on the right instead of the left.

Faster access to the side navigation menu
It’s easier to get wherever you need to go in the app. While reading messages, you can now swipe from the left edge (or right edge for RTL languages) to quickly access your accounts and labels. You’ll also find Settings, Help, and Feedback in the side menu.

Cheers Josh!
  • Chrissy Smith

    I can’t check my gmail! >:|

  • blindexecutioner

    Still no way to disable conversation view..booo.

  • RickMLA

    I just received an email from someone with no subject. I replied, and my reply did not show up in the conversation. It’s in sent items, all by itself, but it’s not connected to the original message that I was replying to. I sent myself a subject-less email to test, and my reply did the same thing.

    Can anyone else confirm this?

  • Stayshift

    Dumb question but how do you get that font to display? It’s really pretty.


      HTC ONE M8 allows you to change the font/

    • Joe blow

      What is the name of that font?

  • argeebee99

    Where on Google Drive are attachments kept? I look in the root and nothing new shows up…. I’m afraid they are in limbo!

  • Dan

    My note 3 is doing a software update????

  • crazed_z06

    Save to drive is sweet.

  • Danny

    Can we all agree now that the Geek.com gmail leak is either just a test, misinformation, or just webview (not an android app)? Why would they introduce these new changes to the navigation bar just to strip them away in the next version?

    I’m not saying elements of that leaked design will not show up in a refreshed gmail app later down the line, but to think that was close to what at the final apk looked like seems far off.

    • miri

      What part of this update conflicts with the leak?

      • Danny

        Navigation drawer styling is the most clear difference

        • miri

          The difference being what exactly? As far as I can tell, they’re more similar now than in the previous version.

  • Jordan Long

    now was the google plus ‘rainbow’ refresh indicator when you pull down to refresh.

  • Jacob Dagenais

    They fixed the bug where when replying it would use your default email even when the setting is set for replying using the email it was received from was chosen.

  • Tom Z

    “UI Polish Included” dziękuję


    It seems like the app has also gotten a speed boost. Though it could be the fresh install of the new app…

    And I know we have notifications, but what about badges for the icons?

  • Update 4: pull-to-refresh has been updated, almost to match the other Google apps… It has a massive over scroll, and the loading bar uses the Google Now colours!


      Also known as the google colors.

      • Oh yes, thank you for reminding me.
        My point was that only Now uses those colours for its loading bar.

        • jbegs

          So does Google+


            who uses that? ROFL


    Profile images were found in the iOS app first. Glad to see them over on android now.

  • Michael

    Site Redesign? haha

    • Justin W

      For the site you are seeing now!


      I take you haven’t been here for a while. The site redesign happend months ago

  • Love how your Verizon LTE signal is always only 1 or 2 bars… dat’ Verizon LTE yo’ lol

    • hkklife

      Surprised its on an HTC and not on a lousy Samsung device with their ****** radios and antenna tech.

      • Carlos Lopez

        Thats the htc one

      • Sorry no, that’s simply Verizon’s degrading network due to over capacity. As Carlos stated, it’s an htc device also not a Samsung.

        • hkklife

          I know it was an HTC. As I said, I usually expect better signal strength/RF performance from HTC devices. Samsung devices are known for notoriously poor radios, especially on VZW.

        • Michael Quinlan

          An over capacity network will affect your ability to use the service; it won’t affect your signal strength.


      Verizon still using up and down arrows for active data….. Funny

      • Cory

        I’d rather them use up and down arrows than the obnoxious spinning SPARK on Sprint. Ew!


          scared of change?

    • Anon

      The bars are arbitrary and meaningless.

      • They are a representation of signal level in -dBm, so no, they are not meaningless.

        • triumphtriple

          While they do tell you signal strength, signal strength doesn’t reeeaallly tell you what you want to know, download speed. I can have full bars in a heavily populated area and get slower download speed than one bar out in the boonies.

          • True it doesn’t tell you the speed or congestion, but generally more bars means faster speed. If you have 1-2 bars you have a high chance of switching between LTE and 3G, and your battery will drain faster.

          • triumphtriple

            True that. I’d rather have the slow 4G speeds with better coverage than the “new” faster but even more limited XLTE.

      • Michael Quinlan

        Bars are a representation of relative signal strength; more bars = stronger signal. That said, there’s no correlation between between bars on different devices, or even the same device with different firmware versions. Bars are not meaningless, but they come pretty damn close.

  • So. Much. Blur. Kellen. 😛

  • Resident_Psycho

    Slight Polish? No Russian, partial Spanish, British or Australian? hmmmmm…..I’d just prefer standard English!

  • viewthis66

    Thank you for always providing the apk.

    • Kevin


      • Miguel

        Droid-Life to the rescue, thank Kellen.

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  • Ben B

    For me, the profile pics show up, even though I only have 1 account.

  • The Narrator

    How’s that Z2 treating you, K?
    Gmail keeps getting better, too.

    • Z2 finally on the charger after 2 days, so I grabbed the M8 for a bit. Z2 is pretty good though. Hoping to get a review up very soon.

      • The Narrator

        Sweet, looking forward to it. Sounds like a great battery!

        • Battery life is incredibly good.

    • Concerned Citizen

      You know what else keeps getting better Narrator? Freedom. It is too bad we have a president who believes more in controlling us than letting people make their own decisions about health care, charity, and many other things.

      • The Narrator
        • Concerned Citizen

          Why do you hate America?

          • The Narrator

            Wait, wanting equal rights and giving health-care to people who don’t have it, is hating America?

          • Concerned about Narrator

            Have you read the US Constitution? We have equal rights. A bunch of laws treating us like 3rd graders doesn’t help anyone. Who do you think pays for that “free” health care? Other Americans by having their incomes taxed to death. Does that really seem fair to you? Moreover, Obummercare is the worst program in the last 75 years. Billions of tax dollars wasted on websites, competition stifled, thousands of pages of regulations, delays, poor coverage, lies from President Obama to get it through Congress. If you are for all this junk then yes you must hate freedom and hate America.


            This isn’t the place for politics. That’s what faux news is for….

          • needa

            this is not the place for a lot of things, politics being one of them. a person calling someone ‘racist’ for absolutely no reason at all, is another. you have to admit… he does have a point.

          • Concerned Citizens

            Fox News kills CNN and MSNBC in ratings. There is a reason for that fact.

          • RockMarz

            Those people who hate America for those reasons are scum morons..

          • michael arazan

            Our taxes pay for police and Fire Departments too, guess that’s communism too since it isn’t privatized as well

          • Concerned Citizen

            Fire depts and police are handled on a local and state level, and are a proper role of government. Nice try though. Thanks for playing.

          • Mark Mann

            I guess the more correct question is, what does this have to do with cell phones in general and more specifically the Gmail app?

        • jb
        • Tony Byatt




        • Concerned Citizen

          Stay classy with the name calling.

          • Ryan N

            Note to all… Democrats or Republicans… Health care would be dirt cheap if it wasn’t for pharmaceutical companies extorting prices with 1000, 2000, 10000 and higher percent profit margins. They give kickbacks to congress who protects their right to continue ripping everybody off. If we all stopped fighting each other and rallied against the real enemy, things could begin to change.

          • Concerned Citizen

            Without the private companies who risk millions of dollars in the hopes of making a profit, we wouldn’t have many of the advanced drugs and medicines we enjoy today. Is every company perfect? No. If you want to talk about the “real” enemy, it is the entity that stops competition, maintains thousands of pointless regulations, enforces needless mandates, and generally makes an A-B relationship between doctor and patient a nightmare. The corrupt federal government. That is the impediment to less expensive, well, everything.

          • Ryan N

            The private companies don’t really “risk” their money. Hardworking scientists, more times than not independently free of any pharmaceutical contact, are the ones that do the heavy lifting. Should they choose to patent significant findings/molecular compositions, then a bidding war begins on the patent between big pharm companies. Meanwhile, I have a friend in the field who has a colleague that developed a 99.8% effective cure for a certain type of cancer. He published his work without patenting it, thinking he was helping society. But with no EXTREME monetary profitability without patent nobody will make it. So no, those companies take ZERO risk.

          • jb

            Your friend is overstating his/her prowess. Kind of like saying… the fish was THIS big…

          • jb

            You have ZERO clue what you’re talking about. Seriously. None.

          • jb

            You have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. Why don’t you give me a number of what it costs, on average, to bring a drug to market (I know). Also, why don’t you give me a number (again, I know) of how many compounds a company must research to earn even a single dollar in profit. Oh, and do this off the top of your head because to make claims like that, you should certainly already have that knowledge.

          • Ryan N

            2 of my very close friends work in search facilities. Their professor is a veteran 30 years in the field. Additionally, I had to write a paper the semester that I graduated that addressed pharmaceutical practices in business culture. all the information of which I obtained from accredited journals. So maybe not all companies follow that model, but the big players most certainly do.

          • jb

            We live in a capitalist world where access to pharmaceuticals isn’t a right. Whether that’s right or wrong is immaterial. The fact is, the pharmaceutical companies are playing by the rules and often go above and beyond in the interest of human welfare. Also, most are publicly traded companies where profit rules. No profit, no company, no drugs.

          • James

            “Whether that’s right or wrong is immaterial”…”pharmaceutical companies are playing by the rules”


          • jb

            Could you direct me to these companies making 1000, 2000, and 10000 percent profit? I have a retirement fund I’d like to switch over. I’ll even pay you as the broker. Seriously. Where are they? Just name them and the money is YOURS! Or are you using hyperbole to manipulate people into agreeing with you? I’ll just sit here and wait for you to direct me to all these companies I can invest in because as far as I know (and trust me, I KNOW), pharmaceutical companies are no more profitable than other industries with similar risk profiles.
            Time to put up, or shut up.

  • Brian

    Dat font

    • truphan

      Seriously. I kinda want it.