Official Klout App Hits Android, Allows Easy Sharing of Content From Around the Web

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Klout, the website that grants users the ability to give a numerical value to their reach across social networks, has finally published its official Android application. The service, which has taken on a different roll in recent months, is now all about sharing content from across the web. 

Klout gives users the ability to discover and share content that relates to them. Thanks to Klout’s software that recognized topics that you share already, whether on Twitter or Facebook, it generates stories from around the web that relate to you.

For example, Klout is able to determine that I tweet primarily about Android and Android-related topics. With that information, they show me stories from around the web relating to Android that I can then share to my followers. Got it? Good.

For those who are familiar with Klout, you will already know that based on your score, the service allows you to obtain “Klout Perks.” These Perks can be gift cards to McDonalds, free Gillette razor blades, free dog and cat food, plus plenty of more interesting goods and services.

To check out the Klout app for Android, head on over to Google Play and pick it up.

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