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Sonos Remote Updated, Refreshed UI and Universal Search in Tow

When it comes to multi-room wireless speaker setups, Sonos is second to none in terms of simplicity. You pay a hefty premium for that ease of use, but it’s tough to complain when your money is partially funding development of Sonos’ excellent Android app, which received a big update today.

The most notable improvement to the Sonos Remote app is a more intuitive UI. Navigating between the music currently playing, the rooms it is playing in, and the song queue should now require fewer swipes and taps.

Another enhancement is universal search, which unifies search queries for artists, songs, and albums across all music services. Looking for a particular artist? The Sonos app will search across Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, Hype Machine, and others. Talk about a labor-saving application.

The update is live on Google Play, so Sonos owners can grab it now.

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Via: Sonos
  • Guest

    I would start off with the connect connected to a reciever.

  • Curtis

    I am thinking about picking up a Playbar. Anyone feel like backing me up on this?

    • ncsurob

      I would start off with the connect connected to a reciever to begin with. It all depends on your setup, room size, how many speakers you currently have, and want to expand to.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I’ve been considering Sonos for a wile. Not sure which Play I should buy though.

    • shooter50

      I bought the Play 5. Loved it, but sold it for a Playbar. Couldn’t be happier. It has exceeded my expectations.

    • WCM3

      A lot of options now. What will you mainly use it for?

      I have three Play:3 speakers. Two in my living room/kitchen area and one that travels wherever we need it. Works great for us!

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