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Sony Xperia Z2 Camera Ranked Above Nokia 808 Pureview, Better Than All Other Smartphones Tested

If you have been looking for a great camera in a smartphone, Sony’s Xperia Z2 may be up to snuff. According to tests conducted by DxO Labs, the 20.7MP BSI CMOS sensor is no slouch whatsoever, taking the highest score ever for a mobile device in their camera benchmark.

The first phase of the test was shooting still images. The Xperia Z2 was able to secure the highest score in the DxOMark database for stills, and took pictures impressively. Colors were accurate, noise levels were generally low, and details were sharp. 

However, despite the fact that the Z2 edged its competitors out, DxO Labs found that it was not perfect. They cited imperfect white balance, color shading, and flaring as issues, but found that none were too detrimental to the performance of the camera.

On the video capture side of things, the results are possibly surprising. The king of smartphone video recording remains the Xperia Z1, as the Z2 is unable to take it down. It’s worth noting that the Z2 comes with 4K video recording, though, and that feature was not tested.

In videos, image quality remains an object of little concern, but color shading and white balance errors may leave videographers wanting more.

To check out a few of the sample photos, follow the Digital Photography Review source link below.

camera chart xperia z2 dxomark

Via: Digital Photography Review | DxOMark
  • Andy

    Check all Nokia info (network / manufacture / product codes) at http://imei.org/

  • robsa walker

    Also worth bearing in mind is that the S5 is not on there yet, and SOny have recently released an update which fixes/tunes the camera… 2014=great year for smartphones!

  • Grnmo

    Who cares about a camera on a defective phone? The Z2 has the same issues as the Z, i.e. heating up and losing the ability to resist water. It’s so shameful how they release the same device every 6 months without fixing the major issues.

    If you go ahead and jump aboard the hype train, prepare to be disappointed.

  • Jon Snow

    I dont know why a lot of people are butt hurt saying this is biased. Sony gets virtually no attention on this site and many tech sites Barely cover it besides press releases. IT’S OKAY!!! The sony bested all your Moto X’s,HTC one’s,5s’, S4’s and G2’s………GET OVER IT!!

    It’s not the end of the world! accept that the underdogs win sometimes (HTC if they had a useful camera)

    P.S. I came from the HTC Mogul to LG ally to CDMA G-nex and currently have a Nexus 5 on t-mo.
    Not a sony fanboy but the Z2 pretty much demolishes any phone out right now SPEC BY SPEC.
    Please dont mention the Note 3 lol(look up comparison if you don’t believe me)

    Plan on getting one if it releases in the US on t-mo, I really hope that T-mobile gets it.

  • Severo Rivera

    Where’s the Nexus 5?

  • And the Moto X or HTC One are nowhere to be seen lol

  • Alan Paone

    Dxo do tend to favour super high megapixel counts over much else. In the DSLR space they rate entry level Nikon’s with 24 Mpx sensors over the pro Nikons and Canons with 16-20 Mpx. I’d take it with a grain of salt, but that’s an impressive showing from Sony

    • Xalyx

      That would be valid if there weren’t several 41 MP cameras on the list with

  • ajftl250

    just don’t trust digital photography review period

  • ajftl250

    i dont trust that review i had the z1 also a 5s and a bunch of other androids and I’m telling u the z1 camera was the least liked of them all i just didn’t like the quality maybe the z2 is a bit better but not by that much they putting the z1 even better than the 1020 lol NO WAY

  • fritzo2162

    Sony seems to have a way of shooting themselves in the foot with their products. I’m waiting for this phone to require a $99 proprietary power connector.

  • Milton

    Wow, the 1020’s scores are dissapointing

  • WitnessG

    I’m not surprised because I really like Sony’s cameras, both professional and smartphone cameras.

  • chris125

    Now if they would actually release the thing. Still waiting to see if it actually makes it to Verizon like rumors say

    • flosserelli

      Don’t hold your breath.

    • LionStone

      Rumors I hear put it out to June now, delayed again…something about parts holding up the show.

  • staticx57

    Shame sony didnt put a Xenon flash on the Z2.

    • JavierKStevens

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      • Nexoduss

        Yeah on porrn Web Cam sites

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • TSY87

    any updates about this baby coming out for verizon?

    • T4rd

      C’mon meow.. this is Sony. We’ll be lucky to see it on T-Mobile.

    • K

      I read a rumor awhile back stating it could be coming out for Verizon. A rumor is better than nothing at all since there has yet to be a US announcement. Sony has been pushing back sales dates in other countries so it may take some time for it to arrive stateside.

      • TSY87

        yeah, that’s what my question is referencing! hopefully it pans out, this looks like one sweet phone!

  • The Narrator

    The G2 is definitely better than those, lmao

    I believe in Sony though. Can’t wait. And filming underwater!? Awesome.

  • HarleyFan

    Where’s the Moto X?

  • MicroNix

    Where is the “X” in this list??

    • Nexoduss

      In a separate section with bad cameras otherwise the bar wouldn’t be noticeable in the graph.

  • Guest

    I think this is biased a little for sony. I have seen the Sony Z1s and its camera is decent but color representation was horrible and detail was lacking. Side by side the G2 and Note 3 blew the Z1s out of the water.

    • TSY87

      I’m not a fan of my note 3’s camera… my experience is that the g2 is pretty awesome.

    • Yeah it’s a tad bit biased. I’ve seen friends’ iPhone 5ss (is that how you pluralize it?) beat my Z1 on multiple occasions

      • JMonkeYJ

        I don’t believe it is intentionally biased. You can see the iPhone5S beats the Z1 in the photo score, which agrees with your experience. The overall score you see is a combination of photo and video scores (I believe the weighting is 67% photo, 33% video), and apparently the Z series really shines in video, which is why the Z1 beats the 5S overall.

      • supremekizzle


      • Guest

        I lost repect for you. Find a better test than DxO Labs then say its biased….smh

        • robsa walker

          This. I will listen to DxO before you saying ‘I have seen the Blah4GSi beat my friends Sony hands down….

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Well….this is about the Z2. Not sure why the Z1 matters in this conversation

      • Guest

        Im just basing it off a similar sony device that I have been able to see. I doubt that the Z2 has made that much of an improvement. I would definitely like to see it in hand.

        • The Narrator

          Pretty sure it has, considering it has a bunch of new features.

          • moew

            I for one welcome original iphone vs Z2 based on the prior conversation!

            Wow, just wow, the itrolls are invading here in record force.

        • Nikuliai

          to be fair the Z1 made me lose respect for Sony on the camera department, it’s not really something to compare to since usually Sony has pretty good cameras

          PS: that ranking is crap, I disagree almost completely with that order lol

  • Tony Byatt

    No S5, no Note 3…G3 is around the corner…

    Incomplete list…

    • staticx57

      How do you expect them to test a phone that hasn’t even been announced yet?

      • Tony Byatt

        I was referring to the S5 and Note 3…Incomplete…

        I’m sure they could have gotten their hands on a S5…

  • Noble Star

    Wonder what the Galaxy S5 scores.

    • staticx57

      I am sure they will eventually review it.

    • Alan Paone

      The tests take a relatively long time to do, and dxolabs are normally a software developer and are busy with that and with testing dedicated cameras

  • Na7noo7

    What? I think sony is king.