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Galaxy Note 10

Both DxOMark and DisplayMate Love the Galaxy Note 10+

Announced only last week, the Galaxy Note 10 lineup is receiving a ton of praise already from both DxOMark and DisplayMate. Specifically, DxOMark is loving the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G and DisplayMate is loving the Galaxy Note 10+. Top Rated Cameras According to...
Pixel 3 Camera

Pixel 3’s DxOMark Score is Here

In recent years, Google made a big deal about the DxOMark score given to its Pixel phone line almost the minute they announce it. That changed this year with the Pixel 3, as the score was curiously missing at launch and only arrived today, two months after the...
pixel 2 xl panda

Google Pixel 2 Gets First 98 Score on DxOMark

It appears Google outdid themselves this year, nearly breaking DxOMark's smartphone camera ranking system. Published today, the camera ranking site has given the Pixel 2 a score of 98, which is a first for any smartphone. Last year, the Pixel scored a 90,...