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Xiaomi’s New Product is a Clone of Kickstarter Project Pressy

Remember Pressy, the one-button controller for Android phones that raised nearly $700,000 on Kickstarter last October? Looks like Xiaomi didn’t, because the company today revealed a nearly identical product.

Functionally similar to Pressy, Xiaomi’s accessory plugs into your smartphone’s headphone jack and can be configured to perform up to 10 different tasks based on different click types. One big difference between Xiaomi’s device and Pressy, though, is price and availability: Pressy retails for $27 and missed its March shipping window, while Xiaomi intends to launch its button worldwide on April 8 for 4.9 Yuan ($0.79).

Unfortunately for Xiaomi, the folks behind Pressy aren’t too enthused about the company’s new accessory. A company spokesperson said, “We have IP rights for the design and functionality of Pressy, and are considering our next moves to handle the situation.”

Shots fired.

Via: +Hugo Barra | Xiaomi | Engadget
  • cwjuhl

    Still no Pressy but I got a Klick which looks to be exactly the same as the “redesigned” Pressy. One really needs to question who is copying who.

  • rahlquist

    Buttons related to heaphone/mic jack are not new so they will likely just go to court to get their IP thrown out.

  • TynanDeRosa


  • saimin

    They’ll probably just sell them on EBay, which does not police IP rights.

  • dizel123

    79 cents is too much for me to join that club of people who will buy one, but if it was 50 cents, then you could find me in the club

  • a) youth.in.asia

    Piss then off more and call it Pressé

  • Keith

    LOL at Pressy’s surprise that a Chinese manufacturer ripped them off, and double-LOL at their thought that something can be done. I’m guessing they’ll have about as much luck with this as Apple had getting rid of GooPhone.

    • hoosiercub88

      $.79 > $20+ – Everytime.

      • moew

        Actually 79 cents is less than $20+, EVERYTIME. I know what you are trying to say though.

  • BenG

    Xiaomi: Hey Pressy

  • imlip

    Wow the ads on this site are getting a bit ridiculous.

    • Moto fan boy

      It’s from all the Droid life readers leaving the site.

      • Franz

        It’s more like from Droid Life adding an Inc to it’s last name. Those bills gotta get paid somehow! They do great work, they deserve to get paid.

        • TynanDeRosa

          Their new website is slowly driving me away. The advertisements and the fact that text won’t properly load about half the time.

  • me

    Can anyone recommend a decent car mount for a cell phone? Just got an aux input installed on my car’s stereo deck…yeah I know late to the dance

    • Musstard

      iOttie makes some of the best mounts. I have an iOttie XL and it fits my LG G2 with case

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      Uhh I haven’t used an Aux input in a vehicle in 8 years. Bluetooth streaming is the way to go.

      • Adrynalyne

        9 times out of 10, BT lowers streaming quality.

        • ObsidianGT

          aptX codec fixes that.

    • David Ust

      yeah buy a rechargeable bluetooth dongle and have that be the only wire. I’ve used this one for over a year now with no issue: http://www.amazon.com/GOgroove-BlueGate-Bluetooth-Technology-Headphones/dp/B00727FE5U

      • Raven

        I actually use the GOgroove FlexSMART X2 which plugs into the lighter and acts as a Bluetooth to FM Radio bridge, but that dongle looks like what I need to Bluetooth enable a big 8D boombox that I use to play tunes at backyard parties.

    • JoshGroff

      I still use my car’s tape player with those aux tapes.

    • Hoffman

      I have been using iMagnet Magnetic Mount. Check it out.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    A clone would be an exact copy which this is not…

  • JimmyHACK

    IP rights, LOL. Control with buttons through headphone jack… what earbuds/phones have done for years….. Design IP nothing but a normal headphone jack. Good luck trying to fight about it.

    • Franz

      Apple has defended more with a lot less.

      “A rectangle.”

  • Razma

    China rips off products from my company all the time, even stuff we have patents on. They don’t care

  • Humberto Hernandez

    27$ FOR THAT THING!??

    Damn it! That’s way too much money

    • sirmeili

      You’re not just paying for the hardware, you’re paying for the app and the continued development of that app. Take a $.79 piece of hardware and see how much software support you get from it in terms of app updates. It will likely get very little.

      • Ian

        How often do you pay $26 for a tasker/launcher app?

  • hldc1

    A fact about China: if there’s a product that could possibly be profitable, someone in China is finding a way to reverse engineer it (i.e., copy) so they can get it on the market ASAP. People keep posting links to a similar device that has been “available for months on AliExpress.” Take in mind that Pressy has had a presence on the web (on both Kickstarter and on their own website) for several months, and they’ve been talking about what they want the device to do. It’s no surprise at all that someone decided to develop basically the same product and is selling it on the interwebs for dirt cheap. From my past experience, it could have been someone in the factory in China that’s manufacturing the devices for Pressy that is selling the knock-offs on AliExpress.

    Long story short: this doesn’t surprise me one bit. When you’ve taken a ride in a counterfeit automobile like a Mercedes, Audi, or BMW (I’ve actually been in counterfeits of all three), stuff like this is not even remotely close to being shocking.

    • steve

      This is true. The chinese are very untrustworthy when it comes to business. Investing in chinese companies is a crap shoot because all normal methods of valuation get thrown out the window because they cook their books.

      • The Narrator

        American’s are just as worse as them

        • steve

          No this is incorrect, companies in the US undergo a lot of scrutiny. Does stuff fly below the radar? Yes of course. Humans can be real POSs I agree. But at least the US has comprehensive oversight of consumer products as well as oversight of the financials of public companies . US companies aren’t selling dry-wall, ceramics and kids toys with lead. That is China. So despite your impassioned and uninformed response you can’t argue with facts.

          • Cowboydroid

            A lot of good that “oversight” did in 2008.

          • Steve

            Speaking from ignorance with a one line response does not make you correct. I already stated that things fly under the radar, it is also important to note that there was nothing illegal about what went on in the financial industry or mortgage industry (obv madoff but that was a small isolated incident – sad that 100B scam was small!!). Things have since been corrected to some degree, the same can not be said of China whose economy is a house of cards.

          • Laissez-Faire Rothbardian

            And what do you think the US economy is? Rock solid? LOL

            You are really out of your mind if you think otherwise!

          • The Narrator

            They’re all greedy pricks, regardless. It’s usually how business works.

          • hoosiercub88

            Right, but US companies are the ones buying said products to sell for a severe markup hoping that no one notices 😉

          • Steve

            They are buying these products with the assumption that they are good products. They don’t knowingly buy products with volatile compounds and sell them. It is an unfortunate byproduct of buying from a country with little oversight. When US regulators are alerted they come in and fine the US company. Citizens affected by this start a class action lawsuit against the chinese manufacturer and home builder. This doesn’t happen in China. In China slave labor and shoddy manufacturing are the backbone of their economy.

          • hoosiercub88

            You can make excuses for it, but the fact is.. Americans outsource for a reason, passable quality for as cheap as possible.

          • Steve

            It is not an excuse, it is economics 101. You are trying to get products cheap and sell them for the largest profit margin you can. Nothing in there states that the products will be inferior or hazardous. This problem is very pervasive with products that come from China. This is not an issue for democratic nations that have oversight. You can get great products made in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Germany (Top 10 importers to US). So no it is not an American problem. It is a chinese problem.

        • Not Really Though

          Just as worse? Nice grammar bro.

    • Aaron Sibold

      Link to said device on Aliexpress? I like the idea of the Pressy, just not the cost.

  • Grizzy

    So they did the same thing for A LOT less money.. what does that say about Pressy?

    • Ray

      the difference between a kickstarter and a manufacturer

      • Cowboydroid

        the difference between an inefficient kickstarter and a more efficient manufacturer

  • The Narrator

    I guess that means Apple should sue them for copying somebody else.

  • melhiore

    Pressy team is a bunch of kids. They did not deliver at all. Actually they stole my money… I hope Xaiomi will be able to deliver me 10 of these…

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      I’ve supported two kickstarters now, haven’t received a single thing from either, one of which is more than a year and a half overdue, the other is months and months behind. Never again.

      • KaZx

        I’ve done a few , cyanide and happiness, zendure, lapdock, pressy and the iPhone watch case. All have me my item in a timely matter except pressy.

      • I supported Pebble. Took a while but I got my money’s worth on that.

  • Maximus

    So what you’re saying is, Pressy is GROSSLY over priced?

    • Maxim∑

      Pressy’s margins must be ridiculous

    • middlehead

      More like Pressy doesn’t have the corporate strength to negotiate volume pricing with suppliers and assemblers and had to overpay their supply chain.

      I’m sure they upped their margins some to try to turn a profit and continue existing, but I doubt it’s as extreme as you suggest.

      • Royal2000H

        Nah man – there’s a difference between getting parts for $0.79 and $27. I’d understand the supply chain issue if they were charging upto $2.

        • Trevor

          Capitalism don’t buy it then libtards

  • hldc1

    It doesn’t even look the same. Unless you factor in the plug, and the placement of a button on the end.

    • hoosiercub88

      Especially considering that’s all there is to it. Some of those rubber plugs you can buy to keep stuff out of the jack look very similar too. If Apple can do rounded rectangles.. who’s to say..

  • litobirdy

    79 cents haha awesome

  • jared Rooprai

    Maybe we should ask ourselves, was pressy even an original idea in the first place? Hello, it wasn’t.


    Awesome!!! Can’t wait for this to take even longer to get my Pressy.