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Google Update Bonanza: Maps, Translate, YouTube, Chromecast, Search, and Chrome Beta

Google is still going strong with their trademark “Update Wednesdays,” and this week is absolutely no exception. We already saw the Wallet update and the possibly erroneous YouTube update, but now have a plethora of other fresh meat, most being relatively minor. Regardless, it’s definitely a good thing to see Google paying attention and squashing those bugs, adding nifty new features along the way.

All the updated apps are listed down below. We’ll be updating this post as we learn more.

Maps (7.7)

Google’s Maps update isn’t too impressive, but we do have more than just bug fixes available to us. There’s only one real feature that’s been added, and it’s the ability to see upcoming events at public places. If you were to find Portland’s Moda Center, for example, you’d find the date and time of the Blazers’ next loss–er, game.

There are no other changes that users will be able to appreciate, but it’s nice to see the Upcoming Events feature regardless. Below we have an APK download for those of you who don’t want to wait on Google Play’s staged rollout to get to you.

Play Link | Download

Translate (3.0.5)

Translate’s update adds handwriting support for 13 more languages, allowing foreign users of the app to write something to translate rather than type it. The new languages are Arabic, Bosnian, Cebuano, Gujarati, Hmong, Kannada, Maltese, Mongolian, Persian, Punjabi, Somali, Tamil, and Telugu. I personally speak one of those languages, so this one’s a welcome update as well.

Just as with Maps, you can grab the APK down below.

Play Link | Download

Chromecast (1.5.3)

Settings are now found in the hamburger menu of the latest Chromecast build, which is pretty much the only change given the fairly useless nature of the app.

The sideloaders among you will be pleased to find the APK down below.

Play Link | Download

Search (3.3.1064617)

YouTube’s not the only app Google’s having trouble with today. If you dive into Voice settings in Search, you’ll find a bunch of debug settings presumably mistakenly left in by the Mountain View folks.

According to Android Police, the update brings with it a new logo for cricket teams, an expanded view for stocks with a greater amount of detail, and improvements when viewing a searched image. Also included is a separate section for Hotword Detection in settings, which will allow you to turn it on or off, plus disable always-on listening for the Google Now Launcher.

The Search APK is also linked.

Play Link | Download

Chrome Beta (34.0.1847.62)

Bug fixes and stability improvements. ‘Nuff said.

We have the APK for this one as well, in case you don’t want to wait for it to show up on Play for you.

Play Link | Download

Wallet (2.0-R155-v14-RELEASE)

We already wrote Wallet up, but we now have an APK available in case you haven’t got it.

Play Link | Download

YouTube (5.5.26 / 5.5.27)

We previously reported that Google may have accidentally sent out an internal build of the YouTube app, but it looks like they quickly fixed this up by releasing version 5.5.27.

The changes in this one include the ability to reply to comments on videos (finally!), and flag videos in full screen mode. Also added are some refinements to the hamburger menu. We have the 5.5.26 and 5.5.27 APK files available for download.

Play Link | Download (5.5.26) | Download (5.5.27)

Update: More information on the YouTube update.

Update 5:16PM: More information about the Google Search update.

Update 5:28PM: YouTube 5.5.27 APK added.

Cheers, djdsf, Severo Rivera, Chris, crazed_z06, and Ben Lee!
  • picaso86

    What about Voice ha? Come on Google!!!

  • Yakuzahi

    There is a way to comment on YouTube without to be sign to Google +?

  • Jeff C

    FYI to rooted users who run the YouTube AdAway module on Xposed: AdAway causes the new YouTube update to crash on launch (on Moto X…but likely others too). Hopefully they get it fixed soon.

    It would be nice to be able to reply to comments and such…but I’d rather skip the ads so I just downgraded back to the YouTube app in the factory build.

  • creed

    Anyone else getting “client error 117b” for all the download links?

  • Chris

    I’d you are an android user and don’t use Chrome. There’s something wrong with you


    ha to Blazers joke

    • It’s Kellen’s team, I had to do it. 😛

  • Severo Rivera

    Don’t know if it’s placebo or anything but videos load faster. Skipping through videos and changing between HD and non-hd is faster as well.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    Looks like I just got the Dogfood version of Youtube.

  • Jeff718

    Chrome Beta: http://googlechromereleases.blogspot.com/search/label/Chrome%20Beta%20for%20Android


    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 2014

    Chrome Beta for Android Update

    Chrome Beta for Android has been updated to 34.0.1847.62 and will be available in Google Playover the next few hours. This release contains stability improvements. A partial list of changes in this build is available in the SVN revision log. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. More information about Chrome for Android is available on the Chrome site.

    Jason Kersey
    Google Chrome

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    DL Show a go? I didn’t see anything on G+ or twitter so i’m assuming so.

    • Oh, let me do that. Show goes on!

  • Ayyy

    They need to update hangouts and make it not janky as balls

    • Pratik Holla

      And add a bonanza of features to boot….

    • Beavis

      What phone? It’s liquid smooth on my Moto X.

      • Tyler

        I don’t think its a phone issue he’s talking about. Its the overall design/intuitiveness. The app accomplishes what it’s supposed to just not as easy as it could. The only updates its received since the big addition of sms are bug fix updates. For example I added my mom to my circle so I could use hangouts messaging with her, but it doesn’t put her in the same thread as her sms messages like the other phone numbers on her contact list. I also shouldn’t have to switch between tabs on the same thread to view all the messages, they should have an “all” in the dropdown along with the other options. Setting up and finding people that use the app along with having their number should also be easier to do. I could keep going but to sum it up, it just doesn’t feel polished along with missing features found on the iPhone version(making calls). /endrant

      • Ayyy

        Verizon Moto X. It’s only liquid smooth for me until you text more than a couple sentences, then starts to lag like crazy. Stock 4.4.2, google keyboard, I mean come on. Adding someone to contacts and the name doesn’t display, you can no longer add a picture once you’ve started typing…just random annoying jank

        • LionStone

          Stock keyboard sucks buttermilk.

          • Chris

            SwiftKey > stock

          • LionStone

            Yep, got it!

          • Kevin


          • Chris

            whats so special about stock?
            UGLY interface. bad predictions. swift key offers so much more

          • creed

            Fleksy > stock + SwiftKey

      • michael arazan

        Video calls on hangouts over lte works pretty good, even connecting it to my bro on wifi, we both used it over GNex’s

    • Steve Yobs

      i dont use hangouts because sometimes when i type a friends name in for a new convo (sms) it never shows. however in the sms app it does…janky

    • Kevin

      anyone have trouble with MMS still? If I send a picture message to someone, it tries attaching it to every conversation once I open them.

  • Kevin

    I also got an update for Touchless Control.

    • kolyamba

      Did you any changes? I got update too, but I don’t see any changes…

      • Kevin

        Not that I know of.